Launch Of 38 Strong

  • When:3/8/2013
  • QIC: Escargot, RunStopper
  • The PAX: Dolphin, Haggis, Stagecoach, Mall Cop, Strangebrew, Lex Luther, The Shore, Young Love, flea, Lex Luther, Geraldo, Abacus, Ice T, Harley, Bulldog, Brown, Lost Weekend, Radar, Brown, Birdhole, Abba, Bananas, Swift – FNG, Wolfman, Cayote - FNG, Hops, Dora, Good Hands, Jamboree, Titan, Calloway, Groupon, header, Cheese Curd, Hokey Pokey - FNG,

Launch Of 38 Strong

The Thang:

Escargot Lead:

Jog to the east parking lot.

  • 25 SSHs
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Merkins

Jog to the front picnic tables.

  • 11s Dips and Decline Merkins

Jog to the rear of the school.

  • Peoples Chair 2x

Jog to the launch parking lot for some Mary

  • 25 Flutters- HOLD
  • 20 Dollies- HOLD
  • 20 LBCs

Hand off to RunStopper

Jog to lower workout field

  • Bear Crawls to goal post, rest of line air squats until person in front of you reaches 50 yard line then go.
    • air squats until all complete, Sprint Back
  • Wheel Barrows switch at 50 yard line, rest of line air squats until person in front of you reaches 50 yard line then go.
    •  air squats until all complete, Sprint Back
  • Partner Carry with same partner as before, air squats until all complete
    •  air squats until all complete, Sprint Back
  • Partner Drags with same partner as before, switch at 50 yard line, rest of line air squats until person in front of you reaches 50 yard line then go.
    •  air squats until all complete

Drop to Belly – belly crawls to mid field

Jack Webb – Up to 11 Mirkens / 44 Arm Raises

1 Mirken, 4 Arm (from Waist) Raises

2 Mirkens, 8 Arm (from Waist) Raises

3 Mirkens, 12 Arm (from Waist) Raises

4 Mirkens, 16 Arm (from Waist) Raises  Etc.,

Jog back to CCHS parking lot

Line up in 5 lines 

Relay Race Sprint to Light pole (100 yards), Sprint back-

Winning team 10 Burpees

Losing Teams 25 Burpess




Thanks to everyone who came out to support the luanch!  We will acquire the keys to the stadium for more pain soon.

I will speak for the Pax when I say, “things that happen at GORUCK should stay at GORUCK” (belly crawls).

Going to be looking for Qs to help out especially while Chelms is at Q school.  Email me if you are interested:


T-Claps to Geraldo who took a stuntman type fall on the sprints and rolled and got back up in stride!!! Abacus looked like he had just played a game of rugby at the end. Callaway was an absolute pansy on the belly crawls!!!

Assistant principle thought we were Seniors at CCHS pulling a crank, since there was no school today! To our relieve he did not call security or the POPO on us.

Run stopper was reliving the GORUCK Challenge, by channeling Cadre Dan to make everyone get on the ground and belly crawl, and when people were cheating… turnaround and start over! Truly epic #painment

Quote of the morning from RunStopper: ‘Jack called me this morning, before the workout and Runstopper said jack who? He said Jack Webb; NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES’.




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Mall Cop
11 years ago

T-Claps on a true BEATDOWN this morning for the launch of Centurion Run Stopper and Escargot! Charlotte Catholic HS is going to be a great AO in our Charlotte South aresenal and I can’t wait until we get our hands on the keys to the football field with those concrete stadium seats and stairs! Aye!

11 years ago

Funniest moment of the morning was when Runstopper face planted hokey-pokey during a demo. #Friendlywelcomewagon

11 years ago

Oh Lord it appears my #fartsack was more of a #smartsack after hearing about the GORUCK inspired latter half. I think it’s a little too soon for me as those memories are raw.

Congrats on a great launch.

11 years ago

Good work today, gents! Great to be out there with the S. Charlotte pax for the first time.

11 years ago

Friendly reminder, if Runstopper on Q don’t wear white t-shirt when posting. Great kick-off of Centurion w/ Escargot & Runstopper lat the point.

The Shore
The Shore
11 years ago

Quote of the Morning for me was when Runstopper was going on about his phone conversation with Jack Webb and someone from my side of the pax mumbles, “Don’t you have call waiting?!?” Next time. don’t pick up the phone Runstopper!

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