The Gopher

  • When:02/27/13
  • QIC: 49er
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Far Side, Spackler, Cheese Curd, Runstopper, Tiger Rag, Bananas, Coal Miner's Daughter, Wolfman (FNG-Bill Segarra), Header, Radar, Zipadee, Abacus, Baked Beans, Salt Lick, Baracus, Crab Cake, Brown, Pinstripes, Loakey, Calloway, Harley, Monkey Joe, Double D's, Bulldog, Frostbite, Young Love, Good Hands, 49er

The Gopher


The pesky gopher reared its little fat head and tore through Death Valley for the first time today, and 30 brave men showed up for the beat down.  Full Disclosure: YHC stole this workout idea from Metro’s WIB.  Thanks to fellow GoRucker Spiller for mentioning the WIB’s- The Rented Mule was the toughest F3 workout he has ever completed.

The Thang:

Half mile loop around the South Charlotte Middle School athletic fields with 7 pain stations completed each lap:

     1) Bear crawl 50 yds across football field.

     2) 25 LBC’s–pain stations 1 & 2 were moved to the track after 1st lap due to the muddy field conditions, but I think the PAX enjoyed the cold wake up call when they got on their backs for the 1st round of  LBC’s.

     3) Run to end zone and complete 25 merkins.

     4) Run around track to opposite end zone and complete 25 merkins.

     5) Run to baseball field and complete 25 dips.

     6) Complete 25 up and over railing hops (over and back count as 1 completion).  Again YHC tried to over achieve on this one, and I believe most modified (including me) to around 20 to 15 completions after the 1st lap.

     7) Run up steps to concession stand and complete 15 burpees then run back to start line.

Repeato until 0615.


-Not much chatter today amongst the PAX.  The usual warm up was skipped in order to allow more time on the course.  The lack of conversation could  have also had to do with the fact every breath was needed for running, merkins, burpees…

-I believe the max laps completed was 4 1/2 but there was one freak out there who may have completed 5 full laps ( I think it was Bulldog…hard to tell in the dark because everyone looks the same in head lamps) but if it was someone else stand up and be recognized.

-BS was called immediately when YHC explained the 50 yd bear crawl on the muddy football field and after the 1st lap was changed to 50 yd lunge walk on the track.  We can all thank Tiger Rag for this course adjustment.

-Quick summary for the mathematically challenged.   4 laps= 2 mile run, 50 yd bear crawl, 150 yd lunge walk, 200 merkins, 100 dips, somewhere between 50 – 100 over the railing hops, and 60 burpees.  Time spent on the course: 40 mins.

-As with any first time event there are always lessons learned.  The Gopher will need a few tweaks here and there before his next appearance at DV.


-Q’s needed for Area 51 Saturday workout.  Contact Far Side.

-New workout coming to Charlotte Catholic High School.  Runstopper to provide more details.

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10 years ago

Thanks for the props but Far Side was the one leading the way this morning. The boy is a machine!
Enjoyed it and it was a tough one today. Looking forward to the “Rented Matlock” on Friday.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

The pressure is on Far Side. He has to carry my old arse in the mud run.

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