Which Q do I choose?

  • When:02/20/13
  • QIC: Mall Cop, Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Zipadee, Joker, The Shore, Ice Hole, Turkey Leg, Bananas, 5 Hole, Run Stopper, Bulldog, Haggis, Good Hands, Baked Beans, Drago (DV FNG), Countertop, Calloway, Header, Abacus, Monkey Joe, Radar, Double D’s (LIFO), Stone Cold, Donkey Kong, Cole Miner’s Daughter, Smash, 49er, Hops, Brown, Bratwurst, Mall Cop, Stagecoach

Which Q do I choose?

30 Pax braved the cold weather for their daily down PAINment.  Mall Cop and Stagecoach served as dual QIC’s.        


  • Jog around the parking lot
  • SSH x 30
  • Seal Jacks x 30
  • Imperial Walker x 30

Split into two groups: group 1 – Mall Cop is your Q, group 2 – Stagecoach is your Q

Mall Cop:

Indian run from front parking lot down the left side of the baseball fields and around the back to the railings on the sidewalk:

  • Grab some rail for Outboard Supine Pull-ups x 15/Inboard Supine Pull-ups x 15
  • Repeato!

Mosey to the frozen metal bleachers:

  • Dips x 30
  • Squats x 30
  • Repeato!

Mosey to home plate on field 1 and split pax into 2 groups:

  • Baseball field suicides – Sprint to 1st base (or 3rd), back to home plate, sprint to right field fence (or left), back to home plate. 
  • Plank – Regular, Right Arm High, Left Arm High, Regular
  • Repeato!

Mosey to the Hill between baseball field 1 and parking lot for the remainder of the workout.  Partner-up for the following:

1)     Pax 1 runs the hill w/ Merkins at the top x 15 & run back down, Pax 2 AMRAP Flutter Kicks. Flapjack

2)     Pax 1 runs the hill w/ Carolina Dry Docks at top x 15 & run back down, Pax 2 AMRAP LBC. Flapjack

3)     Pax 1 runs the hill w/ Wide-Arm Merkins at the top x 15 & run back down, Pax 2 AMRAP Rosalita. Flapjack

4)     All Pax hook their feet under the outfield fence for GRANNY (she’s a mean old lady! Unsavory!) AMRAP sit-ups for 30 sec., hold in a 45 degree angle for 15 sec., still in a 45 degree angle raise arms over head next 15 sec., look to the sky and find a star for 15 sec., arms back in for 15 sec., and finish with AMRAP sit-ups for the last 30 sec.

5)     All Pax run Jacobs Ladder up the hill with increasing 1 up to 7 Burpees at the top.


Grab some wall for Peoples Chair x 60 sec.  Repeato!

Finish with more Mary: Wall Plank Mountain Climbers in cadence x 10, The Dolly x 20, Cumberland County Viaducts Left x 13, Right x 13.

50 yard sprint to the other group for COT



Jog, high knees, butt kicks, lunge walk and backwards lunge walk to concession area

  • People’s Chair x 45 sec
  • Wall planks x 30 sec
  • Wall mountain climbers x 15
  • Rinse and repeat

Little baby jog to the track

  • 1 Lap around track with 1-legged burpees x 5 in the corners


  • Donkey Kicks x 10
  • Karaoke across football field
  • Squat Jumps x 10
  • Karaoke back
  • Repeat for 10 minutes-ish

Next, split into 2 groups:

  • 1st group – Run 1 lap around track
  • 2nd group – 10 decline merkins (feet on fence), 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 LBC, 10 Wide Arm Merkins
  • Flapjacks
  • Repeato

Indian run back to parking lot

3 minutes of Mary:

  • Flutter
  • Dolly
  • Dying cockroach (crowd favorite)

Entire group came back together for COT


  • Awesome closing prayer from Monkey Joe.  Thanks, brother.
  • Great group this morning and great work by all
  • Not too much chatter during SC’s She-Hate-Me drill
  • Respect to the guys posting after the Go Ruck challenge this weekend.  I hardly recognize you all without the Ruck sacks.  I think you should start wearing them again just for fun!
  • Mall Cop was saved by what would have been a huge mutiny on his hands by the baseball field frozen tundra on top with water underneath, as he had all the GORUCK alum in his group.  He had planned on doing some bear crawl, low crawl, low crawl through plank tunnel on the field but thought better of it!  Not sure if it were the field conditions or the impending mutiny from the GORUCk crew that changed his mind!
  • We hope Joker heals up soon so he can stop modifying his workout and taking the easy way out!  We kid because we love Joker!  Get better soon brother!


  • Keep in your prayers:
    • Cottontail and his family as his 6 mo. old daughter battles pneumonia
    • Strange Brew after being injured in the Go Ruck
  • Mall Cop has a few more slots open to fill out a Blue Ridge Relay team
  • HDHH tonight – 6 pm at Vintner Wine Market at Arboretum
  • Small group focusing on 3rd F – Thursday, 6:30 at Panera Bread in Southpark
  • Devils Turn on Thursday – Running based and now focused on preparing for upcoming Spartan race and mud run
  • Kevlar workout on Friday – Covenant Day, 5:30

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11 years ago

good stuff today fellas…as for Joker getting healthy – his GI system/colon is certainly fully functioning – yikes – the COP was made more painful next to him #cropduster

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