Here’s Snow in your Eye

  • When:02/16/13
  • QIC: Escargot, Hops
  • The PAX: MallCop, Hacker, Peach Fuzz (FNG Stephen Waite), Big League Chew, Matador, Baked Beans, Smash, Hermie, Harley (LIFO), Baracus, Stagecoach, Purple Haze, Escargot, Hops

Here’s Snow in your Eye

14 fearless pax took to The Rock with resolve and endured some snow-covered pain in the gloom.

The Thang:

Escargot’s Q:

Warm up lap around the parking lot

25 SSH

20 Merkins

20 Squats

 Jog to the playground partner up

10 partner assisted muscle ups

Plank until everyone finished

 Wheelbarrow to the medians

5 Burpees at each median

 20 Flutter kicks

25 LBCs

25 Rosalitas

 Short jog

Lunge Walk

Bear Crawl

Partner Sprint

Hops QIC:

Jog to bottom of foothills of NorthFace

10 Minutes of modified She-Hate-Me consisting of:

10 Rockhoppers

Run up the hill

10 Wide-arms

Run down the hill

Repeato for 10 minutes

Grab a rock and partner-up

Back-to-back with partner – People’s Chair with rock extended

People’s Chair

Manmakers w/Rock in Right arm x7, Left arm x7

Jog up hill & back to lot

Indian run

8.5 MoM

CCVs – Left side x 13, flapjack to right side x 13

Prairie Fire Mary (aka Leg Throws) w/partner x 30, flapjack


Greatest American Hero

Butterflies x 10

Mosey to COT


YHC wasn’t sure how many would post with the wintry weather and the Goruckers resting up for the big challenge.  Ultimately 14 showed with the late-arriving Harley who said he had no idea the weather was supposed to be wintry….excuse? #Epstein’sMother.  Escargot seems to be a natural QIC and will certainly be a success at the eventual launch of another SCLT site at Charlotte Catholic (stay tuned).  Escargot’s introduction of the partner muscle-up’s was met with some groans and mumblechattering – unsavory!  The wheelbarrows across the parking lots were no easy task either.  The modified SheHateMe was not a fan favorite of the pax.  Rockhoppers are more painful than they first appear –  aye!  Avoided NorthFace today, but we’ll hit that again soon men.

In the COT – FNG Peach Fuzz made the fateful mistake of telling the pax his college nickname…thus the nickname Peach Fuzz.  But T-claps to him for posting on a morning like this while in town for business.  Good luck and God’s blessings as you launch a site in the greater Atlanta area brother!  Come back and join us soon.


Continue to remember and pray for The Shore and his family at the passing of his father.  And lift up our Gorucking brothers as they embark tonight on a significant challenge.

Sign up for Spartan!  Pay for bus & vittles for MudRun – and order your raceshirts today = last day!

Serve well men.  “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13

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Mall Cop
11 years ago

Another quality workout at The Rock in the snowy gloom! The wheel barrow across the parking lot was unsavory as well as the modified #shehateme! The core is feeling great with all the Mary that we did! Aye!

Big League Chew
11 years ago

Second that, Mall Cop. Led to an afternoon visit to the fartsack. Still waiting on that link for M big league chew. AYE!

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