Aye, is that Really the ROCK?

  • When:02/09/2013
  • QIC: Mall Cop and Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Cowboy, Purple Haze, Card (FNG), Big League Chew, Young Love, Blue Cheese, Cheese Curd, Frost Bite, Haggis, Popcorn, Spackler, Bird Hole, Meatball (FNG), Scalper (FNG), Madador, Yankee, Big Hurt (FNG), Salt Lick, Baracus, Run Stopper, Mall Cop, Lost Weekend, Escargo, Floppy, Stage Coach

Aye, is that Really the ROCK?

26 men (4 FNGs) faced an uncertain start, but Mall Cop stepped up to issue an beatdown for the first half workout at the Rock!

QIC,  Mall Cop

  • Mirkens in cadence x30
  • Burpee ladder: Sprint hill, 1 burpee, sprint down repeat to 7 burpees

Bench work:  x3

  • 20 Jump ups or step up (if RUCK)
  • 20 Dips
  • 20 incline mirkens

Tiger-Rag Special:

  • 1 mirken, 4 shoulder raises
  • 2 mirkens, 8 shoulder raises
  • 3 mirkens, 12 shoulder raises
  • continue until reach 10 mirkens, 40 shoulder raises

Second half QIC, Run Stopper

Salt Lick did a quick run to gather the shovel Flag for the indian run. We had a nice 2 mile run down Hwy 51 to Elm, ran to The Greenway, across Rae up to entrance #4 at the Rock.  We were greeted with honks and hoots from drivers, felt VERY patriotic and gave the men much needed strength to push on!

Twice up and over the Rock.  Illustrated below in a series of photos which speak for themself:-) Good teamwork by all!

The Rock

The Rock #2

Rock #3

Formed three lines for a 100 meter sprint relay.  The winning team would be rewarded with 25 Burpees… the two non-winning teams would embrace the hurt by doing 50 Burpees. 

  Naked Moleskin:

Okay the guys were razzin’ me for my 3/4 length tights, but they did the job. Perhaps they will make an appearance again soon!

Joker and Mall Cop rematch on the spint…betting will be permitted.


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Mall Cop
11 years ago

Every once in a while a pax has an alarm clock malfunction, and sometimes that pax is a scheduled Q. But the show must go on and I love to Q! Escargot showed true class by coming on out anyway and we’re looking forward to your beat down next Sat E!

For full disclosure I opened us up with SSH x 45, and snuck in 2 peoples chair x 90 sec before the merkin arm-up ladder. Also Runstopper had us form 2 lines for planking tunnels and each pax had to push a fully weighted ruck through the tunnel. I was the unlucky one who got soaked by RS’s water nozzle as it popped off while pushing it through the tunnel.

Next time make sure to wear shorts over your wife’s capris tights or you’ll get a new nickname Run Stopper!

Also thanks to my relay team for giving me a large enough lead that I was able to hold off Joker while anchoring on the sprint relay! No way I would have beat him to the line otherwise!

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