Run Skunk, Run

  • When:01/29/13
  • QIC: Stage Coach
  • The PAX: Harley, Hops, Yankee (SW FNG), Stone Cold (Ruck), Blue Cheese, Sprague, Big League Chew, Bananas, Skinner, Header, Run Stopper (Ruck), Bugeater (Ruck), Strange Brew (Ruck), Baracus, Lemon, Bulldog, Tiger Rag, Smash, Countertop, Monkey Joe, Crab Cake, Scot Rosenthal (FNG – Matlock), Ed Conger (FNG – Name TBD), Kyle Anderson (FNG – Good Hands), Michael Fargas (FNG – Dude), Stage Coach

Run Skunk, Run

26 Pax rolled out of the fartsack to get the day started right.  Even though they weren’t sure what awaited them, they ventured out into the gloom anyway.


  • Rack ’em, stack ’em and mosey to church entrance
  • Partner up (KB size matters) for KB farmer carry run/jog, 10 merkin chaser to buses and back


Circle up:

  • IW x 20
  • SSH x 20
  • Halo x 10 R/L
  • 2 hand swing x 20
  • Goblet squat and press x 10
  • KB staggered arm merkin 10 R/L
  • 1 hand swing x 10 R/L
  • Donkey kicks – 45 seconds

Lunge walk to field while passing KB thru legs

Find your partner again.  Flapjacks after each of the following:

  • PAX 1: 1 arm alternating swing, PAX 2: sprint down and back
  • PAX 1: KB overhead triceps extension, PAX 2: sprint down and back
  • PAX 1: KB curls, PAX 2: sprint down and back
  • PAX 1: KB Burpees, PAX 2: sprint down and back (that was so much fun, let’s rinse and repeat)
  • PAX 1: KB mountain climbers, PAX 2: bear crawl down/crab walk back
  • PAX 1: KB Around the world, PAX 2: sprint down and back (repeat for KB around the world in opposite direction)
  • PAX 1: KB figure 8, PAX 2: sprint down and back (repeat for figure 8 in opposite direction)
  • PAX 1: 1 arm KB ground bench press, PAX 2: sprint down and back (repeat for KB ground bench press with opposite arm)

Side dips x 20 R/L



  • It was terrific to see 4 FNG’s this morning.  Keep coming out guys
  • There were many unsavory comments heard when YHC called for the bear crawl/crab walk combo.  Well deserved. 
  • T-claps to all the Go Ruck PAX.  Run Stopper looked like the road runner after shedding the Ruck on the last sprint.


  • Keep the Shore and his family in your prayers as his father battles cancer
  • Death Valley on Wednesday – 49er on Q…says it will not be Ruck friendly
  • Devils Turn on Thursday – Ruck workout, prepare to get wet
  • Kevlar workout on Friday – Covenant Day, 5:30 (note that the time changed from the launch last week)

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11 years ago

great Q Stagecoach….O2 deprivation at its finest.

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