7 at 7 for 60

  • When:01/26/13
  • QIC: Hops, Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Hacker, Ice Hole (WD), Frostbite, Yankee (WB), Stone Cold (ruck), Hops

7 at 7 for 60

The shovel flagged was planted firmly through the icy ground, and 7 brave souls posted for another Saturday morning scaling of The Rock.


Hops Q –

Jog to baseball field for COP

SSH x 25 (all counts military)

IW x 26

Squat x 25


Wheelbarrow from left-field line to 2nd base; flapjack back to left field line

Decline Merkins w/feet on partner’s back while he planks; flapjack – 3 sets of 10 each

Plankorama – 3-4 minutes

Grab a rock

Jog to pavilion, alternating rock overhead w/left and right hand

People’s chair – holding rock straight out in front – 1 minute

People’s chair – overhead press with rock x 15

BTW x 3

Jog to field

South Cackalacky RR – 3 cycles

Man maker merkins – 10x R, 10x L

Mason Twist w/rock x 13

Bear crawl up the hill, 5 burpees at top, run down hill

Run up hill, 20 LBCs at top, bear crawl down


Stone Cold’s Q:

Sprint 50 yards – 10 merkins – Sprint 50 yds back

Sprint 50 yds – 10 squats – sprint 50 yds back

Sprint 50 yds – 10 jump squats – sprint 50 yds back

Bear crawl 50 yds – then plank

Australian Lunge-walk with Bear Crawl chasers (or something like that) – 5 minutes

MoM – several minutes:

Dolly x 25

The Un-Lance Armstrong (aka Bicycle with no cheating – knee-up position) x 15

LBC x 25

Rosalita x 25

Superman (w/chorus of 7 singing) , then into swim move or some such x 10 (it was painful)

Run to far end of field

Pickup rocks and run back to parking lot for COT


Small crowd with many of the normal pax at the Whitewater center for Convergence.

Frostbite, apparently guarding against the actual chance of frostbite, was sporting some huge arctic mittens.  Great effort by all the pax as we avoided the icy spots on the paths and parking lot.  YHC heard some grunts and disgruntled pax during the People’s Chair regimen.  The 50 yd sprints were unsavory in the cold air.

Normal schedule of events in Charlotte South this week.  Don’t forget 2nd edition of Kevlar Friday at 5:45am at CDS.  And Strange Brew with his 1st QIC effort at The Matrix Monday morning.  Look forward to hearing the accounts from all the pax who hit the Convergence.



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11 years ago

Nice job guys. Looks like a beast of a workout. Good seeing you guys at SBUX.

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