Coupon and on and on and on…

  • When:01/07/2013
  • QIC: Dora
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong, Runstopper, Young Love, Zip-A-Dee, Big League Chew, Skinner, Cottontail, The Shore, Joker, O'Tannenbaum, Lobster Roll, Crab Cake, APK, Lex Luthor, Dora (QIC), Bulldog, Countertop, Thin Crust, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Short Sale, Salt Lick, Abacus, Cheese Curd, Sharkbait (FNG, neé Billy Fisher) Matt Roller (FNG), (+1 more)

Coupon and on and on and on…

26 of South Charlotte’s Finest once again returned to The Matrix’s icy gloom this morning for yet another dose of…


Mosey to furthest soccer pitch for COP in Cadence:
  • x20 SSH
  • x20 Imperial Walker
  • x25 Parker Peters
  • x25 Squats
  • Carolina Dry Dock/Merkin 11’s
  • Plankit

Mosey to Rock Pile and grab a rock you’d be proud to show your brother, unless you’re wearing a Ruck, in which case you just lost strap privileges.

Form two columns for a Coupon Indian Run, 2 laps around the entire field.

50 Yard modified Cackalacka Coupon Choo Choo

  • Pax form a tunnel in CDD position
  • Last pax low crawls through the “tunnel” pushing his coupon/ruck along ahead of him
  • 5 rock burpee penalty for the losers; 10 rock burpee reward for the winners

Partner up for:

  • 75 Yard Partner Carry with coupon
  • Flapjack and return
  • 30 Yard Partner Drag with coupon
  • Flapjack and return

Extended Coupon Mary, all excercises done with coupon held over the chest:

  • x20 Dolly
  • x10 Scissor Crunch Left, x10 Scissor Crunch Right
  • x20 Flutter Kick with hold
  • x20 Reverse LBC
  • x15 Slow Dolly with hold
  • x15 LBBC (Little Baby Bicycle Crunch)
  • x15 Slow Flutter with hold
  • Ab Stretch
  • Plankit

Mosey to rock pile, turn in your coupon.

Sprint to parking lot.



Great to be back with the Pax after an extended holiday absence! Unfortunately said absence made keeping up with my own workout more challenging then I expected. #useitorloseit

A CDD/Merkin 11’s Ladder *will* turn your shoulders to tapioca. I believe it was Bulldog (fka Wanker) I heard comment “that’s a good combination.” T-claps to all the Pax for muscling through this one. #yourewelcome

Part of the goal of this workout was to give us all a taste of what it’s like to have to drag around a cumbersome coupon and still perform. With more than two-thirds of the Pax dropping (throwing) their rock coupons on the ground at the end of the Indian Run and recovering hands-on-knees I’m confident we’ll have a few more of them joining for the next GORUCK. #goodlivin

The Cackalacka Coupon Choo Choo was ambitious and difficult to explain. But Q’s team still won by decision. I promise no more than one new exercise per post from now on. #overachiever

Welcome to our FNGs Sharkbait (first post, Lex Luthor’s EH) and Matt Roller (second post after Stonehenge — Tiger Rag *didn’t* scare them all away!). Sorry, Matt, but “Snake Eyes” has already been bestowed upon another Pax prior, so you’ll get an even better (or worse) name at your next post.

Note to self: bring Eucalyptus Oil next post for Runstopper. Or Pampers.

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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Another good day, way to mix it up! loved and hated the coupon

The Shore
The Shore
11 years ago

Great job Dora! Especially impressive that you pulled it off while wearing your own ruck. Always nice to give others a taste though.

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