Granny, is that you?

  • When:12/29/12
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Ninja Turtle, Mall Cop, Strange Brew, Stone Cold, Donkey Kong, Ice Hole, Smash, Hacker, Big League Chew, Bug Eater

Granny, is that you?

11 men assembled in the shadow of Calvary Church ready for battle.

 The Thang:

1 mile Jog to McAlpine elementary 

  1. Side Straddle Hops x25
  2. Merkens x25
  3. LBC x25
  4. Mountain  Climbers x25

Jog to Playground

  1. Plank Railing Traverse 
  2. Bear Crawl underneath


  1. Pull Up x10
  2. LBC x10
  3. Merken x 10
  4. Mountain Climbers x10 


1 mile Jog Back to The Rock

Bench Work

  1. Bench Jumps from 3/4 stance x20 
  2. Dips x20
  3. Decline Merken x20
  4. Step up  x10 each leg
  5. Balls to Wall Merken x5


Mall Cop takes over and bust out with a GRANNY workout!!!!



  • pax 1 in old fashion sit up position while pax 2 holds his feet. 
  • Pax 1 does sit up’s AMRAP (as many reps as possible) for 30 seconds, then holds in a 45 degree angle for 15 secs, look to the sky for 15 more secs, arms up over head 15 more, arms back down for 15 secs, then AMRAP for 30 more secs. Flapjack

Rest of Mary

  • All in cadence Flutter x 20, hold em 6″
  • Dolly x 20
  • LBC x 20
  • Rosalita x 20
  • Mason Twist x 10 

 Naked Moleskin: Granny showed up today, thanks to Mall Cop.  He brought some much needed pain to our 8 minutes of mary — he dug deep to bring the pain to our already smoked PAX.  Ninja Turtle, my 2.0, was training for the Holy Angels Wrestling tournament at Bojangles arena next weekend, so he brought the heat by pushing through the pull up’s like he was playing a game on his WII console. T- Claps to my boy, you did well today. Now go forward and prosper.

No doubt about it DK and Stone Cold were also on FIRE!  Up front as always during the mile jog to and from McAlpine elementary but of course doing it with a ruck.  No joke, you two are feakin’ #BADASS!  And I can’t forget about Bug Eater, dude said his legs were light and it showed on the jog back to the Rock, the steady climb home was no issue for him..#bugeatersmokedit. Stong Work by all!!


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11 years ago

Sounds like I missed a fun painfest. Happy New Years fellas.

Mall Cop
11 years ago

I thought everyone would enjoy meeting Mary’s Granny this morning! She’s a mean old lady, very demanding. Particularly when you follow up with all the regular Mary exercises.

A few announcements from this morning:

1) Tuesday 1/1/13 South Charlotte / Metro convergence at Freedom Park, meet up at 6:40, launch at 7:00. Headlock your friends as there will also be an FNG workout simultaneously. No Skunkworks on the 1st.

2) Check out the new F3/Fuel Healthy Eating / Cleanse Challenge that’s up on the website. Everyone who wants to get healthier, lose some weight, get leaner, faster, etc should strongly consider taking this challenge. If you are up for it post in the comments section of the page.

3). Next week The Rock will be supporting the launch of the new Sat South CLT workout for the launch of Stonehedge. Keep your eye out for our South CLT weekly Preblast email for instructions on where to park and what time we will launch. The Rock will be back for our normal workouts the following Sat 1/12/13.

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