Pre-Christmas feast: We Three Kings accompanying Smoked Pax

  • When:12/22/12
  • QIC: Far Side, Hops
  • The PAX: Dolphin, Ray Charles, Cottontail, Hacker, Shuffle (2.0), Lost Weekend, Supersonic (2.0 - War Baby), Skinner, Black Friday, Canned Corn (FNG - Wes Bradley), Crab Cake, Grouch, Knob, Baracus, Young Love, Bullseye (FNG - Matt Warren), Turkey Leg, O' Tannenbaum, Chelms, Cadillac, Oscar, Short Sale, Ocho Cinco, Joker, Abacus, Sickle (2.0), Ice Hole, Donkey Kong, Quarter Pounder, The Drill, Galloping Ghost (FNG - Tom Emmrich), Pretty Boy Quarterback (LIFO...sort of), Hops, Far Side

Pre-Christmas feast: We Three Kings accompanying Smoked Pax

The shovel flag was planted, and 34 brave souls enjoyed a feast of pain served by Far Side and Hops on a frozen December morn.

The Thang

Jog to soccer fields, avoiding the frozen puddles that were perfectly placed to potentially topple an unsuspecting Pax.


SSH x 30

Squat x 25

Merkin x 20

“Rock” Climber x 25 (Far Side unknowingly coined a new term for mountain climbers befitting of the locale)

IP x 20

LBC x 20

Single file run led by Ocho Cinco around perimeter of soccer fields; alternating Karaoke, Shuffles, Backward and regular runs to end zone of soccer field

Suicide Merkin Ladder:

25 yd run, 5 merkins, back to start

50 yd run, 10 merkins. back to start

75 yd run, 15 merkins, back to start

100 yd run, 20 merkins, back to start; plank when finished

Suicide Squat Ladder, same deal as above

25 yard run, 5 burpeees; repeat 4x, run 100 yds back to start; plank when finished

Bear crawl 50 yds, jog remaining 50 yds,  100 yard backward run to start; plank when finished

1/2 mile Eastward jog to NorthFace led by our regular 2.0’s – Sickle, Shuffle and Supersonic

We Three Kings:

3 man teams

#1 at top of North Face – diamond merkins

#2 scales NorthFace

#3 jump lunges while holding rock shoulder level or higher

Rotate stations 3 times

Jog to field in front of The Rock

Partner Up – Wheelbarrow 40 yds,  flapjack and repeat

Under the Bridge: partner 1 in plank while partner 2 jumps over legs & then goes under the plank 10x, flapjack

Leap frog 40 yds with partner, Crab walk 40 yds

‘Tis the Season –> MOM

CCV’s x 12 left side; x 12 right side

Dolly x 12

Bicycle x 12

LBC x 12

Mason twist x 12

Jog back to lot



Hats off to Chelms, Cadillac and other distinguished guests for joining us in the Southlands this morning.  Far Side gave thanks to Dolphin for pulling a 70 lb boulder out of the creekbed for We Three Kings.  T-claps for the 2.0’s – Shuffle, Supersonic & Sickle for some hard work and making us old guys feel even older.  Should have known it would be a bad idea to have Ocho Cinco lead a half-speed run around the fields before suicides – Obviously the term “half speed” is relative.

YHC is happy to report that despite the freezing launch-time temp – very few Bolshoi sightings amidst the pax.  We Three Kings got off to an iffy start as YHC was less than clear with the directives, but ultimately it was a good dose of pain for the pax.  Always satisfying to hear the reactions to NorthFace when a member of the pax scales it for the first time.  Thought one of CMPD’s finest had pulled one of the pax over in the parking lot, but glad to learn it was not one of F3 Nation.

Bullseye (FNG) who was visiting from Minnesota could be heard laughing at the pax complaining of the pre-launch cold.

“Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, ‘Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?  We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him…..On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped Him.”  Matthew 2: 1b, 2, 11a


The Matrix launches at 6:30am on Monday (Christmas Eve), 1 hour later than normal – QIC: Short Sale

No workouts in Charlotte South on Christmas Day; Normal schedule resumes on Wednesday, 12/26





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11 years ago

Great job Hops and Far Side. Good workout that kept the pax moving. At the coffeeteria, Far Side officially fired me from my position as rock getter. Aye!

Chelms aka Tatertot
11 years ago

Far Side failed the request for many Burpees. I had to work out an extra 30 minutes when I got home in order to fill my quota.

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