Santas and Elves

  • When:12/06/12
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore (Ruck), The Drill (Brick), Ray Charles (Brick), 49er (Ruck), Stone Cold (Ruck), Donkey Kong (Ruck), Dora (Backback)

Santas and Elves

5 Santas and 2 Elves set out on a cheery December morning to carry presents through the woods, GoRuck style.

The Thang

The 5:15ers did 5 miles. American Flag. Rucks with bricks for those who felt like Santa Claus. Gift wrapped bricks for the elves.

The 5:30 North Polers did 3.5 miles similarly.


I don’t think The Drill or Ray Charles check their twitter account, as they did not know what they were getting into this morning. Alas, 4 pounds of brick and a slower pace are a small price to pay for some increased fellowship on the trail. Thanks for induldging us guys.

There is some power and pride in getting out there with weight in tow and the American Flag leading the way. We were a band of brothers out there this morning.

Thankfully, that third GoRuck team is now official, so Donkey Kong can join us with a real purpose. You will not be disappointed.

A strong effort by all this morning. Running in Formation,Pacing and Head Counting were all practiced out there. Feel free to come out and join us over the next few weeks. Go Ruck training is in full effect across F3 Nation. Come out and find out what all the fun is about (Ruck or Not).

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11 years ago

I saw what you did there, Shore.

11 years ago

Heh heh heh. Slipped that right in there dincha…

I gotta tell ya, that rucking was not easy for Dora, but I was stoked to be out there in formation with you brothers watching the colors lead the way. That was the coolest thing I’ve done in F3 yet…

Anyone who’s not in on this is missing out, bigtime. I can’t wait for February.

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