Dol-FUN at Death Valley

  • When:12/05/12
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Header, Hops, Donkey Kong, Alpo, Strange Brew, 49er, Ice Hole, Short Sale, Monkey Joe, Harley, Bratwurst, Cheese Curd, Uncle Leo, The Shore, Stage Coach, Runstopper, Bugeater, Joker, Virgo ("First timer" Rory Huntly), Coal Miner's Daughter, World Wide Leader, Dora, Baracus, Haggis, Schnitzel, Crab Cake, Skinner, Pinstripes, Cowboy, Mall Cop, Boomer (War Daddy), Thin Crust, Camacho, Young Love, Wanker, Stone Cold, Tiger Rag, Dolphin

Dol-FUN at Death Valley

Aye! 38 Pax posted for Death Valley this AM. The April-esque weather was great to play in.

The Thang
Sprint to football field

Merkins x 10
Merkins x 10 (QIC counting snafu caused redo)
SSH x 25
LBC x 15
– Jog to track

Progressive 400s
4 x 400 with each lap faster than previous
Plank until everyone finished
– Jog to end zone

Redzone Suicide
Split into two groups
Group 1 does suicides
– End zone to 5 yard and back
– End zone to 10 yard and back
– End zone to 20 yard and back
Group 2 does the following until Group 1 finishes suicides
– Cycle 1 – mountain climbers
– Cycle 2 – dive bomb merkins
– Cycle 3 – spartan burpees
Each group switches after each cycle
– Jog to baseball field

Suicide Squeeze
Stay in two groups from Redzone
Group 1 first, Group 2 follows when G1 leaves 1B
Sprint Home to 1B – squats x 10
Side shuffle to 2B – merkins x 10
Side shuffle to 3B – SSH x 10
Jog to Home – burpees x 5
Home to foul pole suicide
Rinse and Repeat
– Jog to CF

Dolly x 15 with 5 slow count
LBC x 20
Dolly x 5 very slow count
Bicycle x 15
– Jog to base of hill

Jacob’s(?) Ladder
QIC uncertain of true definition of Jacobs Ladder hence the ?
Stay with groups from before
G1 runs hill repeats with increasing merkins at top
– resulting in 5 repeats and 15 merkins
G2 does LBCs until G1 finishes


– Great effort by the pax this AM. As a first time Q, I wanted to keep everyone moving and I think mission was accomplished. Tclaps to Tiger Rag for all his help
– Welcome to FNG Virgo, a headlock by Worldwide Leader. Hope you enjoyed it Virgo and will be back again.

– Please keep Callaway(Alex Browning) and family in your prayers on the loss of his mother. Details below:

Wednesday Dec 5 from 6-8PM
Hankins and Whittington Funeral Service
1111 East Blvd
Charlotte 28203

Memorial Service
Thursday Dec 6 at 2PM
Church at Charlotte
2500 Carmel Road
Charlotte 28226

– Several pax were donning rucks in preparation for GORUCK.
– 49er looked strong on the 1 mile run with his ruck. Tiger Rag noted that he might be a few bricks shy of a full load. Just sayin’….
– Thin Crust apparently didn’t get enough running during the workout as he was observed hitting the track for a bonus mile post workout. Nice work brother.

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11 years ago

What I learned today: When Dolphin says, “Follow Me”, get ready to fire out the blocks like a sprinter; when Dolphin says, “mosey to point X”, what he really means is “run to point X as fast as humanly possible”, etc. Well done today Dolphin. You brought a lot of energy.

Good to see Bratwurst in the gloom today… just toying with us on the one-mile race!

11 years ago

Bonus Observations:
1. #WombFish fired off the line Cindy-like into the gloom and was already into his 2nd set of merkins by the time the rest of the Pax arrived for the COP. Solid Q on maiden swim.

B. What’s in that bottle that he couldn’t be without for 45 minutes? #Grandpa’sCoughMedicine

iii. Some taper this morning: best wishes to @F3_Dolphin on the Ultra this weekend. #CSAUP.

The Shore
11 years ago

I will mention the organized chaos (though the first adjective is questionable) of Dolphin’s brand of cadence. Not sure what was more entertaining – trying to guess when we were done with a particular exercise as Dolphin was so jazzed up he was screaming his count in the first place, making it difficult to raise the volume on the final count. Or trying to follow his dolly count in the dark, where the rate of exercise varied immediately from lightning fast to so slow as to make several pax wonder aloud if we were still exercising. The enthusiasm was contagious though, and we all suffered while Dolphin played.

11 years ago

Just got my ruck last night and wanted to take it easy the first time out being that I am GORUCK “Virgo”. T-claps to The Shore, Stone Cold and Dora for wearing their rucks as well. Given the number of Death Valley GORUCK Virgos I’m sure we’ll see may other rucks that are a few bricks shy of a full load in the near future! Nice job today Dolphin.

Mall Cop
11 years ago

T-Claps Dolphin on your first Q today, you really brought it! Holy smokes, Dolphin was so jacked up to Q this morning I thought he was going to explode, especially right out of the gates where he sprinted the 1/4 mile to the track and football field. I think thats the fastest pace I’ve ever done Merkins in my life in the initial COP!

T-Claps to my Leatherneck team mate Thin Crust for heading back to the track for more work. I think you started a new weekday tradition for our Mud Run Team Brother!

It was also great to see 38 South CLT pax out this morning in the Gloom! Lots of chatter and great 2nd F today too.

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