Slow Train Coming

  • When:11/29/12
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore, 49er, Ray Charles, Bratwurst, Stone Cold, Short Sale, Field of Dreams

Slow Train Coming

7 pax ventured out into the Cold Gloom for a straight 4 or 6 miles this morning

The Thang:

6 miles for some. 4 for others. About 5 for Ray Charles.


Today was supposed to be a time trial day, but I know at least YHC was too cold and stiff to completely push my limits. On the other hand, Ray Charles has consistantly been out pushing his limits. I’m sure he gets stronger every week!

Bratwurst has always been fast I suspect. 2:51 in the Marine Corp Marathon. That’s a 6:35 minute mile for 26 miles for those of you mentally challenged. And that’s fast for those of you that have never been out on the trail timing yourself.

All the animals out on the greenway must now be hibernating as they’ve all disappeared the last few weeks. We did all get to run under the freight train heading into Charlotte at about 5:45.

Next month at the Devil’s Turn we all get to play Santa and his Elves, GoRuck style. We’ll give you a taste of the challenge whether or not you had the guts to actually commit to the real thing.


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Stone Cold
Stone Cold
11 years ago

Eyes watering, snot dripping, toe numbing cold…but a good run, nonetheless. Can’t wait to do the GoRuck in Feb….oh boy!

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