Cornucopia of Toys, Pax, and Pain

  • When:11/20/12
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Bleu Cheese, Ice Hole, Far Side, Hops, Jamboree, Baby Boomer (War Daddy, 62), Harley, Donkey Kong, McGee, Young Love, Crab Cake, Wanker, Uncle (Skunk FNG), Joker, Header, Big League Chew, Thin Crust, Callaway (Bolshoi) [tights, Bolshoi Ballet Company], Dolphin, Baracus, Tiger Rag, Cheese Curd, Bug Eater, Short Sale, Stage Coach, Countertop (Bolshoi), Camacho

Cornucopia of Toys, Pax, and Pain

28  (new SW record) strong eager faithful posted in the gloom on this fine morning to explore the latest edition of the Skunk Works.

The Thang:

Jog to lower parking lot


Imperial Walker x 25

SSH x 25

Squat x 20

Squat Jack or Jack Squat, no Richard Simmons x 17

Merkin Jack x 10

Bear Crawl up the hill, Merkins x 10, Backward Bear Crawl down hill  X 3

Circuit Stations (3 men per rotating exercise every 45sec)

  1. Hairburners, Kettle bell goblet squat, Burpees
  2. Hairburners, KB goblet squat, Burpees
  3. Battle Ropes, KB one arm swings, merkins
  4. Seated tire pull, KB upright row, mountain climbers
  5. Box Jumps, KB high ups, KB figure 8
  6. Big Tire pull, KB 2 arm swings, burpees (?)
  7. Balanced Merkins, KB mason twist, med ball situps
  8. Sled pull,  KB something (?), merkins (?)
  9. Tire Flips, Sand Bag lunge, Sledge hammer swings

COT- Not yet!- Poke the Skunk–> Merkin Jacks x 10



Perhaps too many toys to play with this morning, tough to manage.  So many YHC can’t even remember.  SW management will work on that.

McGee poking the skunk.  You poke the skunk, he will lift the tail.

Introduction of a new thang we’ll call the Richard Simmons- looks funny, feels weird but it works!  Jazz hands optional.

Baby Boomer at 62 did a good job in my group.  #grandpastrong

Shout out to Uncle for making the trip from Metro. “Hope you enjoyed the trinkets.”

Strong post by TR this am after taking on Thunder Road Sat with a 4:10 first marathon time.  Very Strong and congrats!

Doruck—named Dora because he joined F3 to train for the GoRuck.  We got all the coupons you need at Skunk Works.

The Bolshoi Ballet Company:  Callaway, Countertop and …..??

Wanka! on tap for his first Q tomorrow at DV…be prepared.

Thanksgiving Day Convergence at AG at 7 am THU.

Black Friday Bowl:  F3/Dads 10 am at AG Friday.


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11 years ago

Is **that** how I got this nickname? #calledout #absencenoted #fartsacker

11 years ago

95-99% sure you’re going to end up as either Doruck or Ducksack.

Counter Top
11 years ago

Great workout today Stone Cold. Merkin Jack added to the Weinke of YHC for future use.

Today, tights were less about the cold and more about honoring TR’s affinity for all things spandex.

So from the Bolsoi Bolshoi Ballet Company, “Мы приветствуем вас”

11 years ago

Alright Countertop, because I’m pretty sure it’s funny, please translate.

Counter Top
11 years ago

simply… “we salute you”

11 years ago

Thanks fellas..real deal! I love the circuit blast action. I will be posting for more of that PAIN in the future. #TrinketFetish, and second F of course.

As soon as I saw the Joker, I was instantly reminded of a #CamNewton Weinkie he once posted with! aye.

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