Chasing Ghosts

  • When:11/15/12
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: The Shore, Dolphin, Ray Charles, The Drill, Donkey Kong

Chasing Ghosts

5 pax actually showed up to run in the cold and wet conditions.

The Thang:

4 or 6 miles with quarter mile sprints thrown in just for fun.

The Moleskin:

37 degrees and wet are not ideal conditions and most of us were surprised to see others show this morning for the run. Glad to have others out there with me though this morning. One thing is for sure, none of us would have been out there without each other. Strong work, men.

The conditions were actually handled well by all. Throw on a shell and what’s the difference? Makes one think you can actually handle a GoRuck Challenge in the middle of February as well. Just saying.

Donkey Kong was the only one to arrive at 5:30, and must have been a little late. He wrongly assummed others had left just before him and spent the first 2 miles speeding up to catch them. Only at the turn did he realize he was out there all alone, without a 5:30 Q, pushing just himself. Glad you perservered DK.

Thoughts and prayers go out across South Charlotte for our brothers, Run Stopper and Ninja Turtle who are in Oklahoma this morning consoling each other and their family after the sudden passing of Run Stopper’s mother. God bless.


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11 years ago

T-claps to all you guys.
Only had 3 guys post for the Yardstick…and that’s indoors!
Strong work men!

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