Box of Pain

  • When:10/27/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag and Joker
  • The PAX: Callaway, Quarter Pounder, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Scooter Time, Far Side, Abacus, Ice Hole, Stage Coach, Short Sale, McGee, Chum, Header, APK, Dolphin, Biscuit, Countertop, Donkey Kong, O'Tannenbaum, Gekko... and one other, name yourself in the comments

Box of Pain

Five souls posted for an early dose of pain at 0630, then joined 17 others [at 0700] and the shovel flag for our regularly-scheduled programming.

————–Tiger Rag “Half”—————–

The early crew took turns wrestling the Python (YHC’s shiny new 2″ diameter x 50 ft rope) with various battle rope exercises:

  • Alternating whips x 30
  • Double arm whips x 30
  • Circle Whips x20
  • Fast alternating whips x30
  • Double arm whips x 30

The rest of the pax rotated through merkins, mountain climbers and flutter kicks until pax on rope completed reps. At completion of interval go to track for:

  • Little baby jog x 1 lap
  • 80% run x 1 lap
  • 80% run x 2 laps
  • All out sprint the straights, little baby jog on corners


Time’s up, mosey to join 0700 pax.


Warm Up

SSH x 30

Mountain Climbers x 25

Imperial Walkers x 20 or so

Squats X 20



Tag Team Hairburners:  split into four teams of 5 or 6.  1 Pax does hairburner while rest of team does:

  • 50 merkins
  • 50 jump squats
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 100 flutter kicks
  • 40 jumping split lunge
  • 20 pullups



  • Circle up with 5-6 man team and toss med ball to right x 5 revolutions
  • Toss med ball left x 5 revolutions
  • Flutter kick x 30 (hold ’em)
  • One legged flutter x 10L / x 10R  (hold ’em)


Hairburner Relays

  • Hairburner to McGee’s Beemer (40 yards or so?) and back. Rest of pax plank.
  • Plate inch worm relays (x 20 yards or so), one way.  Rest of pax plank.


Plank Bucket Brigade

Pick up 8 to 10 lb weight on your left and pass to pax on right.  When all 10 weights make it to end, flapjack and pass the other way.

First Round , regular plank

Second round, elbow plank

Maktar Jdiaye x 10


Tug of War in remembrance of the of Battle of the Network Superstars…but rope too short for 22 pax.  Bah!


——————-Joker’s “Half”————————————

800 Meter Race


Lunge walk X 25 yards – 20 merkins – lunge walk X 25 yards

Bear crawl

Crab crawl

LBC X 50

S–L–O–W Merkins X 20



  • Nice work by first week FNGs Chum and Dolphin coming out for the early session with APK and Header.  At 1.1 lbs/ft, the new 2″ x 50 ft rope is a monster.
  • Many Pax enjoyed their first Hairburners in the relays.  Always a good time.
  • Man down?  APK disappeared unannounced into the bush to feed the baby birds some banana smoothie.  Agitation of the rope followed by hairburners.  That’ll do it.
  • Earlier in the week, YHC [Joker] discussed with Tiger Rag the idea of “bringing Skunk Works to Area 51.”  Tiger Rag didn’t disappoint, smuggling some of his “box of pain” toys from Skunk Works.  Area 51 PAX will never again wonder, “what is a hair burner?”
  • Pretty Box Quarterback found his nemesis… the plate inchworm relay… or as PBQB calls is, “Devil on a Plate”.
  • Great to see Gekko [fka Coach] back in the gloom.

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Stone Cold
Stone Cold
11 years ago

Nice work, TR bringing the spice of Skunk Work life to the McKee Rd gang. Sounds like the new toy python took it’s toll, especially on APK. Of course, you mix anything strong with hairburners and you’ll usually see the merlot.

11 years ago

That was one tough workout Tiger Rag. And I had to leave at the Plank Brigade to make it to kids soccer. This little Dolphin almost drowned – need to work on upper body strength for sure. I was amazed at how much effort (from me) produced such little result (from Python). I never puked but was awfully close.

11 years ago

Friday said it well last week, “The workouts don’t get easier. You get stronger.” Keep posting. As luck would have it, we have another workout rolling around in the morning…

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