The coyotes come looking for Chum

  • When:10/25/12
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore, 49er, Tiger Rag, Far Side, Chum (FNG), Stone Cold, Donkey Kong, Dora, Skinner

The coyotes come looking for Chum

9 pax assembled under the shovel flag to race the clock across 4 or 6 miles.

The Thang:

The last Thursday of the month is time trial day. It was straight out and back, as hard as you can go. You are merely racing your ghosts of time trials past.


FNG Chum spent Tuesday reading about F3 in the paper, Wednesday contemplating his existence and place in the F3 Universe, and Thursday actually doing something about it. Good to have you out friend.

The first of us assembled at 5:15, but left Chum behind to join the 5:30’ers. Well, we were not a half mile in when the coyotes started howling¬† from somewhere back toward the parking lot as if to celebrate a successful hunt. I must admit, after the run, I was relieved not to see a blood trail leading into the woods. Tiger Rag must have had similar thoughts, as he just commented, “Well, his car is still here.” Evidently, the sweet smell of Chum was enough to rile up the beasts, but not enough to attack. Thankfully, we did not have to name him Coyote Chow.

We’ve been going for 3 months now, and we already have many pax knocking off minutes from their PR’s. I know Tiger Rag was hunting me down this morning as if I were a raw steak. Dora is also working hard and blowing away his old times. Skinner was out to the Devil’s Turn for the first time this week, running hard, and Far Side is eclipsing all sorts of personal milestones. Strong work men. If you want your Times from today on record, post them in the comments.

Donkey Kong meanwhile limped home, perhaps suffering lingering effects from the Spartan Beast. The 4th F may stand for Free, DK, but the first R is for Rest, and the second, for Recovery!

Next week/month we begin our interval training. Feel free to show.

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11 years ago

First time trial, July 26: 6.07 mi. at 46:58 (7:44/mi)
Current time trial, 10-24: 6.07 mi at 42:09 (6:56/mi).
(I shall not envy my neighbors’ Sweet Six times…..)

Nice work today, Chum. I was partial to Wichita Lineman but apparently there are no Glen Campbell fans in the Pax.

Purple Crayon
Purple Crayon
11 years ago

That’s where you would be wrong TR.

Glen Campbell rocks.

Check out the wicked solo starting out at 1:48. Fingers like lightning!

11 years ago

Time Trial 01, 8/30 – 3.99 mi at 42:22 min (10:36 min/mi)
Time Trial 02, 9/27 – 4.01 mi at 42:30 min (10:35 min/mi)
Time Trial 03, 10/25 – 4.01 mi. at 37:23 min (9:19 min/mi) #hotdog

I was kinda partial to Sharkbait instead of Chum, but mostly to hear the ‘Ooh Haa Haas’ of the PAX in COT.

11 years ago

I definitely got a good laugh from the “Ooh Ha Ha’s”.

@Tiger Rag,
I think I’ll add that song to my sleep music playlist, but I’ll have to check on that later so I don’t fall asleep at the stick here.

Great run guys! looking forward to more!

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