No Rest for the Weary/The Real Post after F*(^*(^(&%&(ing computer malfunction

  • When:10/17/12
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: The Shore, Calloway, Tiger Rag, Stone Cold, Hops, Mall Cop, Donkey Kong, Run Stopper, Countertop, Deep Dish, Thin Crust, Far Side, Smash, Coal Miners Daughter, Wanker, Crab Cake, Header, Short Sale

No Rest for the Weary/The Real Post after F*(^*(^(&%&(ing computer malfunction

18 pax set out on a cold morning to warm up.

The Thang:

Jog to field

Fence Hopping – around the track, over and back on the fence

Length of the Field running – Sommersaults every 5 yards, Jog back

Broad Jump every 5 yards, Jog back

Lunges down, Jog back

Spartan burpees every 5 yards, Jog back

Over to the Softball Diamond – First Base: Merkins, Second Base: Mountain Climbers, Third Base: Carolina Dry Dock, Home: LBC’s

First set – 10 each, Second set – 15

Wilderness trek to playground

Swing Jumps, Pull-Ups, Swing Jumps

Field – Sideways Bear Crawl/Tunnel Formation, Army Crawl through the Tunnel

Wilderness trek back (only slightly less lost on the way back)

Over to the Baseball Diamond – Right Field: Flutter Kicks, Center Field: Bicycle, Left Field: Mason Twist

FIrst set – 15 each, Second set – 20

Bear Crawl up Hill

30 Burpees


Naked Moleskin:

Continuous motion was the rule for the day. No wussy planks or count downs. Those who were too fast paid the price with many extra burpees until the rest could catch up.

I figure all present completed most of a Spartan Sprint, minus a few miles. Needless-to-Say, none of us have any excuse come March. Sign up online: by August 30.

The Bear Crawl Tunnel/Army Crawl follow through was taylor-made for Coal Miners Daughter, and least in theory. The headlamp effects and close proximity made this a real crowd pleaser.

Great fun out there this morning! Though breathing was difficult for some, let alone conversation, I hope all three F’s were still present in full force. Strong work by all!


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Stone Cold
11 years ago

Nice job this am, The Shore. Way to mix it up and give us a taste of a Spartan race. The wilderness trek was a little difficult in the darkness of the gloom…..#where’sthetrail. Did anyone hear the shoutout we got from our ol pal (the pay for play tomato trainer)? She was actually nice to us today. Interesting. Strong work today by all.

Mall Cop
11 years ago

The Shore had his smokeboots on this morning as this was a great beat down! Although there were some of us that initially thought he had gone crazy like the Mad Hatter as our warmup consisted of 30 yard runs followed by jumping a chain link fence about 10 times. It then became apparent The Shore was still in a dillusion that he was in the midst of his Spartan Beast run and wanted his friends along for the ride.

The tomatos on the soccer pitch were friendly today because they enjoyed the view of 18 buff guys doing bear crawls and forming a tunnel for low army crawls with our six’s pointed in their direction. Once again strong workout Shore! I enjoyed the creativity today.

Coal Miners Daughter
11 years ago

I appreciate the attempt to make me feel at home, but the tunnels us coal miners usually crawl through have different kinds of “bats” hanging over our heads than those we encountered this morning if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the tough workout but I would just as soon not crawl under a bunch of guys again for a while.

Coal Miners Daughter

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