Dumb Bell Ciabatta

  • When:10/16/2012
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Ice hole, Slap shot, Joker, Run stopper, IHOP, Bugeater, Strange brew, Thin crust, Wanker, FNH, Tiger Rag, Stage coach, Hops, Renaldo, Mall cop, Short Sale, Harley

Dumb Bell Ciabatta

18 of the Faithful joined up in the cool morning gloom to get this week’s downPainment from the ever changing Skunk Works.

Shovel Flag was planted and we launched at 0530.

The Thang:

Jog down the hill

SSH x 25

Shore Shoulders x 15, 10, 10, 10 (circles- small, big, forward, back)

Groiners x 10

Jacob’s Ladder- up the hill with Dumb bell burpees at the top (1-5)

Plank-Merkin-Walk (or something like that) across the road while YHC ran to get the timer. (Thanks, TR)

Mosey to Tennis courts

Dumb Bell Ciabatta (30 sec each exercise for 4 mins)

Chest- DB Press, DB Flys, Merkins, Mission Impossible

Guns- Corkscrew Curls-alternate, Side Curls, Hammer Curls, Static Hold

Triceps- Skull Crushers, Overhead Tri Rise, Plank Kickbacks, Dips

Legs- Step Ups, Rear Lunges, Squats, Side Lunges

Overhead hold and presses on the walk back to Parking lot


Ok, another SW experiment here, trying to modify the normal ciabatta from previous workouts.  YHC probably should alter it some.  FYI, the always overly ambitious QIC, we only got to half of what was on the Weinke.  Ran out of time.

Also, tried a new Timer App on my iphone….need to practice more with it.  Thanks for your patiences.

Joker seems to attack Barking spiders early in the morning, especially during the warm up.

T-claps to all the South Charlotte Pax that did either the Mud Run or Spartan Beast this past weekend.  Congrats to you, Strong Brothers!  Lots of chatter about their experiences and showing off of the battle scars.  Neosporin- buy some.

Get your kettle bell from the F3 bulk order.  We’ll be using them in the future at SW.



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11 years ago

that was good stuff this a.m. Stone Cold. Look forward to more of the similar pain soon.
good to have a couple FNGs out this morning – Aye!

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