Time Trials, Take Two

  • When:09/27/12
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore, 49er, Bratwurst, Ray Charles, Stone Cold, PBQ, Joker, Donkey Kong, Mall Cop, Deep Dish,

Time Trials, Take Two

11 pax set out in the early morning gloom to set a ferocious pace and push for a new PR.

The Thang:

6, 4, 3 miles, or anywhere in between. We’ve still got pax working their way up the milage chart.


Today were our time trials, so all were expected to push themselves to a new PR. This did not work out for everyone. For one, only Donkey Kong and YHC made it to all the hill training this month. For another, being inexperienced, many (Joker) set out much too fast, burned out and couldn’t keep pace in the end. Better to go hard early, than never to go at all!

It was nice to have pax stretched out all over the course (due to the different paces). I for one flet like slowing/quitting at the 0, 3, and 5 mile marks, but each time came across a F3 brother whose words of encouragement kept me pushing my limits. Suffering is best done with friends.

Don’t forget our Charlotte South F3 family gathering on October 6th at 4pm. At YHC’s abode, 7345 Kennington Ct. Be there on time with the 2.0’s and their nicknames.

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11 years ago

Official stats:
9/27 – 4.01 mi., 42:30 = 10:36 min/mile pace.
8/30 – 3.99 mi., 42:22 = 10:37 min/mile pace.

Unofficial notes:
Had to take 2 phone calls and handle a bout of text messages from the family during the run. Easily lost a total of 60 seconds to those events.

Shooting for under 10:00 in four weeks…

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