Death Valley

  • QIC: Countertop
  • The PAX: Countertop, APK, Dora, Callaway, Tiger Rag, Stone Cold, The Shore, Cowboy, Lost Weekend, Big Bear, Mall Cop, Hops, Monkey Joe, Thin Crust, Ice Hole, Escargot, Coal Miners Daughter, 49er, Harley

Death Valley

19 faithful launched from South Charlotte Middle School for this weeks version of Death Valley.


  • Easy run to track and circle up
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • Merkins x 15
  • Plank One minute
  • LBC x15

Field Work 50 yards

  • Run 50 yards / Bear Crawl 50 yards / 30 Spartan Race Burpees (Plank until all PAX finish)
  • Backward Run 50 yards / Backwards Walking Lunge 50 yards / 20 Spartan Race Burpees (Plank until all PAX finish)
  • Run 75 yards / High Crawl 25 yards / 20 Spartan Race Burpees  (Plank until all PAX finish)
  • Backward Run 50 yards / Crab Crawl 50 yards / 20 Spartan Race Burpees (Plank until all PAX finish)


  • Flutter x 15 (hold)
  • Dolly x 15
  • Flutter x 15 (hold)
  • Scissor Crunch x 15
  • Freddy Mercury x 10
  • Knee ups x 10

Run to baseball fields

Clock works (groups of 3, everyone gets a turn at each)

  • Clock merkins  (diamond x1 at  one o’clock position, wide x2 @ two o’clock position, regular x3 @ three o’clock position etc)
  • Squats (until Clock Merkins are done)
  • LBC (until Clock Merkins are done)

Naked Moleskin –

T-Claps to first time QIC Countertop. Well done!

Reminder that there are now two Saturday workout options in the Southland – Area 51 continues to launch at McKee Rd. Elementary and “The Rock” at Calvary Church.

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11 years ago

Moleskin Supplements:
1. Countertop introduced the DV Pax to the G Gordon Liddy nary 6 weeks ago. Not his first Q.

2. If we are going to stay at S. Charlotte Middle, we need to change the name from Death Valley to Black Hole. Can’t see the ground doing merkins. Dark, I say; dark.

3. Welcome to Escargot, a Black Hole FNG.

4. Trending: Young(ish) Republican Alex P. Keaton (“APK”) back in the Gloom. Kotters.

11 years ago

Good work Countertop.
Agree with name change to Black Hole.

…confused Escargot with Far Side this morning in the Black Hole gloom….similar hairdo’s

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