The Rock Launch – CLT South 1 Yr Anniversary

  • When:09/08/12
  • QIC: Hops, Run Stopper, Mall Cop
  • The PAX: Joker, McGee, Big Bear, Boss Tweed (War Daddy), Sparky, Cottontail, Burgundy, Lobster Roll, Smash, IHOP, Cowboy, Ocho Cinco, Lost Weekend, Mall Cop (QIC), Hops (QIC), Run Stopper (QIC), Ninja Turttle (War Baby - 14 Yrs Old & RS 2.0), Tiger Rag, Stone Cold, 49er, Floor Slapper, Farside, Donkey Kong, Dora, Quarter Pounder, Countertop, APK - Alex P. Keaton, Ice Hole, Ronaldo, Uncle Leo, Ray Charles, O'Tannenbaum, Slap Shot, Callaway, Z4, Monkey Joe, Punky Brewster, Curd (FNG #1 - Greg Ludke), In-N-Out (FNG #2 - Doug Burger), Funky Bunch (FNG #3), FNG #4 took off before we got to him for Name-arama in the COT (Shout out below if you EH'ed him)

The Rock Launch – CLT South 1 Yr Anniversary


41 Pax gathered in the gloom and 100% humidity around 2 shovel flags to celebrate the launch of The Rock and to celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of the first Charlotte South workout  at Area 51.


COP – The Warmup (Lead by Run Stopper)

Jog to the baseball field

All in Cadence  X = 4

SSH x 20

Merkins x 20

SSH x 20

LBC x 20

Burpees x 20 (crowd favorite for warmup)

Imperial Walkers x 20

Mt Climbers x 20

Pax count off by 3’s and break up into 3 groups to follow their designated QIC to rotate through all 3 stations.  Group 1 follow Run Stopper, Group 2 follow Hops, Group 3 follow Mall Cop. 


The Thang:

Station #1 Pavillion/Picnic Tables & Soccer Pitch

Step Ups x 20

Dips x 20

Peoples Chair

Rinse & Repeat all 3.

On field partner up for Partner Carry down, change partner for Partner Pull/Drag back.

Reverse partner and repeat for Partner Carry down field, change partner for Partner Pull/Drag back.

Partner Merkins x 20

Partner Leg Throws


Station #2 Sand Volley Ball Courts (Kitty Litter)

Suicide Sprint over first court and back, sprint to other side of court 2 and back.


Backwards Run suicide over first court and back, other side of court 2 and back.


Bear Crawl over first court and run back , Bear Crawl to other side of court 2 and back.


Wounded Bear Crawl / Scorpion accross both courts and back.


Forward Line Jump back and forth x 30

Sideways Line Jump back and forth x 30

Sideways Line Jump back and forth x 40


Station #3 North Face

Indian run 0.3 miles to the base of North Face.

Sprint to top of North Face, 5 Burpees, run down for 10 Carolina Dry Docks.

Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Backwards Run, Lunge Walk, Indian Run Back 0.3 miles.


Pax all back together for – COP for 8 mins of Mary (Lead by Hops)

Plank, Left Hand High, Right Hand High, Regular

High Slow Flutter x 20

Dolly x 20

LBC x 20

Cumberland County Viaduct left x20

Cumberland County Viaduct right x 20

Stretch Armstrong for 4 mins led by Tiger Rag called by an audible from Hops



Naked Moleskin

Awesome gathering of 41 Pax for a new Charlotte South workout record on this convergence launch of The Rock and the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Area 51!  Strong work by all Pax.  It took all YHC had to keep going at a fast pace and not smoke myself too much while leading my group. 

We hope that North Face delivered all much pain and lived up to its hype as the longest and steepest Jacobs Ladder Hill around.  That hill is no joke and we will be utilizing it in various ways during the weeks to come.  It is literally almost completly verticle at the top!  It sounds like several Pax in each group slid down the hill (not by design).  YHC was making my way down the hill just after McGee as his 5 Fingers monkey shoes came out from under him and he slid on his six for the last half of the hill.  We know you are fast but don’t make it even harder for us to keep up with you!

Your QICs today wanted to make this workout tuff, but Hops took it to another level by having us do Mary on the asphalt parking lot.  YHC is still trying to pull rocks out of my elbows and forearms!  Speaking of Mary – APK noted that Austin Powers was working out with us when he turned his head to see Joker sans shirt.  At least it wasn’t FB, another character from the movie!

T-Claps to our FNGs who came out for their first F3 experience.  It was great having you out and we look forward to making #downPAINments in the gloom with you again soon (Skunk Works Tues, Death Valley Wed., and Devil’s Turn Thurs) – Just Sayin!

Also T-Claps to Big Bear who made half the Pax in YHC’s group look like we were standing still while running North Face and on the Indian Runs.  Dude, you are comming on STRONG!  Keep up the good work.  Also T-Claps to Ray Charles who always finds a way to encourage all the pax on and will never leave a man behind.

Next Saturday both Charlotte South workouts will be going on simultaneously at 7:00 am, Area 51 at McKee Rd Elementary and The Rock at Calvary Church.

If you haven’t yet gotten your user name and sign-on please email Purple Crayon your Name, F3 Nickname, and that you workout in the Charlotte South Area at


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The Shore
11 years ago

Great job guys! Sorry I missed it. Sounds like you guys were making the most of a great facility. Can’t wait to join you next week.

11 years ago

41. An outrage! Cannot believe it’s only a year since Joker told the F3/AG PAX he wanted to launch A51. Great work Brothers.

11 years ago

Great launch guys! You’ve got a great site. T-claps to the QICs.

Ann & Hope
Ann & Hope
11 years ago

Congrats and great work, Brothers.

11 years ago

You know when the Qs have laminated, color-coded Weinkes, the site’s in good hands. Well done, gents.

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