Ciabatta 30-30..It’s back!

  • When:09/04/2012
  • QIC: Stone cold
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Donkey Kong, Ocho Cinco, Slapshot, Mall Cop, The Shore, Monkey Joe, Bugeater, Ice Hole (FNG), Thin Crust, Harley, Renaldo, Jamboree, Runstopper, Sparky, Smash, Goose, Dora

Ciabatta 30-30..It’s back!

The shovel flag was planted at 0520 and 19 (yes 19) of the strong and faithful joined up for the resurrection of our old friend, the Ciabatta with dumbbells downpainment.

The Thang:

Jog with weights to bottom o’ hill

SSH x 25

Imp Walker x 20

Shore Shoulders (lead by The Shore, Thx) 2 x 15

Lunges up the hill with dumbbells

5 Dumbbell Burpees

Backward lunges up the the w/ Dbs

5 Db burpees

Jog to wall


Weighted squat x 30sec

People’s chair x 30 sec

Repeat 3 more times for total of 4 mins

Merkins x 30 sec

Mission Impossible hold for 30sec

Repeat x 3

Dumbbell curls x 30 sec

Static hold x 30 sec

Repeat x 3

Low flutter kick x 30 sec

Hold 6 inches x 30 sec

Repeat x 3

Skull Crushers (tricep ext) x 30 sec

Hold 90 degrees x 30 sec

Repeat x 3

Dumbbell toe touches x 30 sec

Toe touch hold x 30 sec

Repeat x 3 (alternating legs)

Db Overhead press x 30 sec

Hold em high x 30 sec

Repeat x 3

(whew, makes me tired just typing it)

Plank and count off



As creative as we are at Skunk Works, every now and then, we’ll have to recycle and bring back on of our ol favorites, The Ciabatta with dumbbells.  A crowd pleaser for sure!  Good work, fellas, on sticking with this one…it’s a tough one.

Our resident strong man, Run Stopper, post with no weights so he got the honors of being left with 20 lbers.  Strong brother!

Fire ant attack once again!  Can’t seem to stay away from “their hill.”

Always great to see what the brotherhood brings to the dumbbell workout…the M’s Jane Fonda weights are popular for some.  No gallon bleach jugs today though.

Good to see ya Sparky!  Also Ocho Cinco durng the week, very nice.

Something tells me you will not want to miss next week at Skunk Works.  Tiger Rag has somethng special in store for 9-11, AYE!

Devil’s Turn this week, bring a head lamp, we’re going trailblazing in the woods.

Charlotte South convergence at the launch of THE ROCK this coming Sat., Sept 8 at Calvary Church (corner of Rea Rd and Hw 51).  Come on out and bring a friend.

Also, Oct 6th starting at 4pm at The Shore’s house is a F3 Area 51 family social event.  Plan on being there, bring the M and kids.





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11 years ago

Ciabatta for breakfast elicited a chorus of grunts and groans from the faithful this morning. Hey, if they were easy, I guess they’d be called Mission Possibles. #cantfeelmyarms

11 years ago

Other Random Observations:
–Stone Cold pulls the Stop Short on the Shore for shoulders. He was just getting warmed up with the arm flappin’ when SC gonged him.

–Another Wisconsinite joined the PAX today–FNG Ice Hole (War Daddy, too). Nibbler and Dino, yous guys should get together.

–T-Claps to Skunk FNG Renaldo, despite rolling up at 0535. “You guys start early.” If by “early,” you mean on time then you are right. Might want to set the alarm back another 10 min.

–Discussion turned philosophical this morning: if there’s no rest in a Ciabatta, is it a Ciabatta?

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