• When:08-28-12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Ray Charles, Deep Dish, Runstopper, Slapshot, Thin Crust, Mall Cop, McGee, Countertop, Donkey Kong (LILO), Dora, Tiger Rag


Twelve men posted and voluntarily fed their lower extremities into the virtual wood chipper.


Warm Up

  • Fellowship jog to church parking lot
  • Run up and down stairs
  • Bunny hop up and down stairs x 2
  • Fingertip Merkins x 10
  • Slow Groiners x 10
  • Squats, Low and Slow, x 20
  • Bunny hop up and down stairs x 2
  • Fellowship jog to hill


The Thang

PART 1:  The Hill

  • Lunge walk up hill, run back down
  • Backwards lunge walk up hill, run back down
  • Side lunge walk up hill (left), run back down
  • Side lunge walk up hill (right), run back down
  • Peter Parker lunge walk up hill (right elbow to left knee, left elbow to right knee), run back down
  • Backward Peter Parker lunge walk up hill (Crowd Pleaser)
  • Mosey to school drop off lane for something entirely different:  lunge walk x 50 yards (arms overhead)
  • Plank, wait for stragglers
  • Mosey to Plates

PART 2:  The Plates, a Tire and Misc.

  • Plate/Tire Inch Worms x 30 yards
  • Hairburners back to start
  • Plate/Tire Inch Worms x 30 yards
  • Hairburners back to start
  • Plate/Tire Inch Worms x 30 yards
  • Hairburners back to start
  • Speed Skaters x 10 ea leg
  • Warrior 3 x 30 sec ea leg


  • Dolly x 25 (hold ’em)
  • Flutter x 25
  • Glute Bridge x 60 sec
  • Greatest American Hero x 30 sec.  (Repeat)
  • An under-the-radar Spartan training regimen focusing on legs today.  Hear that Google?  SPARTAN, SPARTAN, SPARTAN.  Send traffic here.  Now go sign up for the Spartan Beast and Sprint at www.f3nation.com
  • Skunk Works attracts the beef-eating, horse-necked Pax, with a few ectomorphs wandering in from time to time.  But with all the BRR training dominating the F3 New Cycle and Twitter chatter,  there was no choice but for the Skunk Pax to go after the legs and lungs today.  Put the grab bars in the loo, gents.
  • Any Qs looking to spice up a workout, YHC offers a nugget of wisdom:  do the same things, only backwards.  The anteriorally-developed Pax is only half the man he could be and leading with the six is a great way to confuse the muscles.
  • What’s a Plate Inch Worm, you ask?  Like a hairburner but suckier.  Plank with feet on a weight plate (ranging today from 45 lbs to 10lbs) or a tire if you are last in (looking at you Donkey Kong).  Next, pull knees to chest, dragging the plate/tire along the asphalt with your feet.  Repeat for 30 yards or so.  No sparks or smell of burnt hair but a full body smoker nonetheless.
  • Unfortunate timing for Devil’s Turn time trials coming this Thursday.  Foam roll, gents.
  • NEW FELLOWSHIP WORKOUT COMING THIS SUNDAY:  After tossing McGee’s “football” in the parking lot a few weeks ago, YHC’s Ultimate (Frisbee) cravings have been reawakened.  Details to follow on the website and through the Qs in the COTs this week.  Quick look:  3 pm at Olde Providence Elementary on Rea.  It will be a Pax-only game but shorties can play on adjacent fields and playgrounds.
  • New CLT South Workout, The Rock, to launch from Calvary (Rea and 51) on Saturday, Sept. 8.  This is our first step towards westward expansion into Ballantyne.  Start headlocking your friends in the S. CLT / Ballantyne area join us.


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11 years ago

Tiger Rag… great creativity. I wish I was there… sort of.

Mall Cop
11 years ago

Sweat more during this mornings workout than just about any over the past 3 months! I hope whoever is Qing Death Valley in tomorrows Gloom isn’t planning on working legs.

11 years ago

“Skunk Works?” More like “Skunk Legs.” Amirite?

Six bouts of hill lunge, hill lunge and more hill lunge followed by fifty yards of lunge: invigorating, no doubt, but a more appropriate name for this set of exercises would be “And This Is How It Feels When Your Quads Explode!” Yes, I was a “Straggler,” straggling to drag my destroyed legs up to the next session of suck.

Soooo…the “Inch Worm.” This went far beyond TBQ all the way into near complete paralysis, tits to toes. It’s funny how the asphalt feels when you fall over on it due to the sudden non-responsiveness of your lower half. And by funny I mean suck. And that was the first “Inch Worm.”

Although I am truly thankful that our compassionate Q interspersed the “Inch Worm” with the “Hair Burner” to wake the lower half back up. And by “Hair Burner” I mean “And This Is How It Feels When Your Hamstrings Explode!”

P.S. “I felt it in the butt.”

Reply to  Dora
11 years ago

I had to log in to give props to Dora for the killer avatar. Well played, sir, well played.

Reply to  Reboot
11 years ago


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