Scouting Run – Wet Behind the Ears @ 40

  • When:08/25/12
  • QIC: Mall Cop, Run Stopper, Hops
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Ray Charles, Monkey Joe, Sparky, The Oracle, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Michael Axelson (FNG - now known as C. Everett Koop), Lost Weekend, Old Taunenbaum, Ninja Turtle, Mall Cop (QIC), Hops (QIC), Run Stopper (QIC)

Scouting Run – Wet Behind the Ears @ 40

13 Pax gathered in the Gloom for a downPAINment at The Rock for a final scouting trip, and to help Hops celebrate his 40th Birthday!

The Thang:

We’re not going to give a whole lot away in specifics of the workout as today was a dry run of just some of the pain for The Rock prior to our Sept. 8th Big Bang launch.  Well for most of us it was a dry run, but more on that in a minute.  We once again smoked ourselves running through only about 25% of the campus here at Calvary Church.  This is a great campus to hold an F3 workout and we are blessed the Leadership of the church has allowed us to hold our new Sat. morning Charlotte South boot camp here.  We once again tackled North Face, did a lot of running and pain stations, and had to get the sand out of our shoes!

Great job by all the Pax this morning including our FNG Michael Axelson (from here forth known as C. Everett Koop).  It does get easier, as I am surely living proof of that.  Looking forward to having you back out in the Gloom at all the Charlotte South Workouts! 

T-Claps to Ray Charles pushing through the workout with a tweaked groin.  One of us mentioned we were putting Icey Hot on our lower leg/calf while RC was talking about his #23 style dunk yesterday and slightly pulling his groin.  One mistaken Pax merged the 2 conversations and immediately grabed his crotch and buckled his knees at the thought of Icey Hot.  Slow down there brother, Ray Charles isn’t about to go there!  Also T-Claps to Ray Charles for his volunteer work with the Johnson C. Smith Football team.  He would like some support from the Pax throughout the football season at some of the games and practices to help support and mentor some of these young men as 95% of them have grown up without a father in the picture.  It would be a great way for us to use the 2nd F while serving our community.  You never no how you are going to affect another persons life!

And now to the final exercise of the day as one of us gets wet behind the ears.  We transversed the parking lot over towards a smaller hill next to the pond to get ready for the last exercise.  This time Run Stopper was taking the Q to lead us as he yelled out “Next Exercise is, The Bum Rush” as he tackles Hops and throws him into the pond!  It was one of the biggest surprises and was great fun.  Hops took it like a gentleman and was able to laugh it off with us as we all sang happy birthday.  Happy 40th brother!  After Mrs. Hops said your hair still smelled like pond algae after washing it 2 times I hope you showered off for a third!  If you’re on Twitter check out the video that Tiger Rag posted of the festivities.  If your not on Twitter then shame on you and join using your F3 nickname as your handle.  We will be pushing a good bit of information out via Twitter as well as the website.  Here is a link if you have a Twitter log-in:


F3 Dads was a blast as about 12 of us from Charlotte South headed to Freedom Park with the 2.0s after our downPAINment in the Gloom.  My kids can’t wait till next year to do it again.



Next week everyone will all be at Area 51 at McKee Rd Elementary.  Then the following week, Sept. 8th, will be the  Big Bang Charlotte South Convergence at The Rock.  We want every Area 51 Pax that has ever posted to be there to get smoked and have a great time!  Begin EH’ing your friends by letting them know this will be a great first F3 workout to start.  Beginning Saturday Sept. 15th both Charlotte South boot camp workouts will be held simultaneously at each respective site.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Spartan Sprint Race in March what are you waiting for?  Area 51 and The Rock need to represent!  Sign up by August 30th through the website to get in on the F3 discount.

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11 years ago

Aye Hops!! Welcome to Love.

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