40 is the new 30…Bring it!

  • When:08/21/12
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, 49er, Hops, Donkey Kong, Nibbler, Joker, Run Stopper, The Oracle, Mall Cop, Sparky, Uncle Leo, Countertop, Jamboree, Harley

40 is the new 30…Bring it!

The Shovel Flag was planted and 14 of my F3 brothers helped YHC celebrate my 40th b-day in style with some pain management!

The Thang:

Run with dumbbells to lower lot, some lunges to warm it up.

SSH x 40

Imperial Walker x 40

Spartan Merkin x 10

Wide-arm Merkin x 10

Diamond Merkin x 10

Jacob’s Ladder with dumbbells- Spartan Burpee at top with dumb bells, of course

Run back to CDS for Wall work

People’s Chair- 40 sec

Wall Plank- 40 sec

People’s Chair- 40 sec

Balls to Wall- 40 sec

Dumb Bell work-

Shoulder press x 10

Curls x 10

Tricep extension x 10

Rinse, repeat

Teamwork- 40 yard station DASH (Burpees while you wait on your teammates)

Station 1- Hairburners

Station 2- Hariburners (Yep, Why not?)

Station 3- Tire Pulls

Station 4- Sled Pull

Station 5- Tire Flips

Mason Twist with Dumbbell – (20ish count)

Nakedman Moleskin:

Gotta love the Nibbla, calling YHC out on the 40 theme after the SSH’s. 

Strong work on the hill, men….noticed Harley, Countertop, and Joker leading the way there.

Donkey Kong- totally vertical on Balls to the Walls, impressive!

Inaugural launch of Tiger Rag’s new toy, the SLED!  Crowd pleaser for sure….key, stay low.  Run Stopper killed it.

Hops turns the big 4-0 on Saturday, come help him celebrate at ARea 51.

Hope you boys enjoyed the variety today.

F3/Dads- this Sat at 0930-1030 -meet near the Train, bring the 2.0’s

Sept. 8th- Launch of  The Rock at Calvary..according to Run Stopper, “The Rock will break you”.  There some hill there that may be named Everest…come find out what it is all about.





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11 years ago

one of the toughest workouts I’ve endured in a while. Nice birthday present to yourself Stone Cold!
And how about the Oracle wearing just one glove…a la the late freakshow that was Michael Jackson – that was good humor.

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

I was happy Donkey Kong brought his Izzy Mandlbaum dumb bells today too so I wasn’t the only pax going old school. I just loved the 2 hairburners in a row, and I know we’ll be seeing TR’s sled on a regular basis.

Happy Birthday Stone Cold!

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