65 degrees and dark

  • When:08/16/12
  • QIC: The Shore (6 miles), 49er (4 miles)
  • The PAX: The Shore, Stone Cold, Ray Charles, Bratwurst, Joker, Jetski (FNG), 49er, Callaway, Mall Cop, Donkey Kong, Hops, The Oracle

65 degrees and dark

12 Pax set out for an early morning jog on the McAlpine Greenway.

The Thang:

6 miles for those who set out at 5:15. 4 miles for those leaving at 5:30. Or anywhere in between for those who felt like doing their own thang.


Bratwurst was kind enough to show up down south this morning and take it easy on us novices. Our comfortable pace brought some us in at a 7:30 pace.

It’s nice to see more pax showing up even if they are not completely comfortable with the running thang. Guys were scattered all over the greenway at different distances and paces. The more the merrier. And it all beats dreaming about your sub-spartan effort in the fartsac!

Then there are the regulars, along with your QIC’s, Ray Charles, Joker, Callaway, and Donkey Kong have made all the rounds so far. Strong work men.

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11 years ago

Today’s comfortable pace put a hurtin on me. The lead pack kicked it into high gear at the 3 mile turn. A few times I thought they were within striking distance, but I must have been hallucinating since I was +90 seconds off the finish time for Bratwurst and crew.

11 years ago

Next time out I’ll go the full 6 even if all the pax are home showering by the time I hit the finish line. Enjoyed it this morning.

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