Full Moon and Friends

  • When:08/02/12
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore, Stone Cold, Ray Charles, 49er, Joker, Donkey Kong, Deep Dish

Full Moon and Friends

7 pax, 2 frogs, 2 rabbits, and one deer set off in the full moon to burn off some early morning steam.

The Thang:

2 pax ran the full 6, Ray Charles zig zagged his way to about 5, and 4 others posted at 5:30 to run 4.

The Moleskin:

It was a full moon this morning. Those left in the fartsac missed it.

Out on the greenway, the frogs are about the same size as the bunnies.

Stone Cold set the pace for the 6 milers this morning. 46 minutes something for a 7:45 pace. Not bad.

Joker lead the way for the 4 milers, practically sprinting his way to the finish. Strong work.

The way Ray Charles was all over the course this morning you’d think he was blind or something. About 5 miles later he found his way back to the start with the rest of the pax.

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Stone Cold
Stone Cold
11 years ago

Aye, great run in the moonlight with the wildlife! The Shore is too kind, it was he setting that pace…I was just trying to keep up.
Ray Charles had a nice headlamp, not sure why he couldn’t see…

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