F3/Death Valley — Just for Fun

  • When:06/20/2012
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: Callaway Joker Tiger Rag Harley Mall Cop Countertop McGee [Area 51 FNG] Jamboree Underwear [FNG] Puddin Pie [FNG] Uncle Leo [FNG] Sparkey Deep Dish Hops 49-er Quarter Pounder Run Stopper Monkey Joe Donkey Kong The Shore Lost Weekend

F3/Death Valley — Just for Fun

21 men gathered in the gloom for a Death Valley beatdown. 

The Thang

Warm up lap around to track

Circle of Pain

-SSH X50

-Merkins X40

-Squats X40

-Mini-Mary… Flutter / Dolly / LBC

-Imperial Walker X25

Indian Run

“Field Work”

-Bear Crawl with merkins


-Back Pedal


Jog to Bleachers

-Dips — 4 sets of 25

-Misc — Squats / People’s Chair


Run Back to Track


-1/8 mile sprint, with burpees

-1/8 mile sprint, with merkins

Circle Up… mini-Mary¬†


NakedMan Moleskin

-McGee made an appearance at Area 51… good to have him… we all felt very slow trying to keep up with his vapor trail

-Not much chatter in the PAX today, but we were suckin wind a lot

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11 years ago

Welcome back, Joker–nice Q on a healing leg. That was a proper Indian Run, too–none of that “keep it slow up front” hoo hah.

11 years ago

good show this morning Joker. a little beleaguered after a 10 day hiatus from the Pax….but glad to be back – I missed the pain

11 years ago

I didn’t know McGee knew where A51 was. He told me he thought the SC border started at Sharon Amity, but wasn’t sure because he’d never been that far south. Maybe he was lost. Does Bootsie know?

Reply to  Dredd
11 years ago

Occupying a residence in SoFo (South of 485) while the house in Cotswold is being renovated. Hence, the appearance at an A51 workout. Turns out that these guys bring the pain.

Reply to  McGee
11 years ago

Yeah they do. Watch out for Tiger Rag. He’s quiet but very dangerous.

Reply to  Dredd
11 years ago

Compared to Dredd, though, we are all tongueless. I’ve often marveled at the Three Lunged Mutant’s prolixity during workouts. The only time you don’t hear Dredd is when he’s steam shoveling to stay on Cindy’s six.

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