More Running Than Usual

ByGullah Jun 12, 2017

7 men made the good decision to show up at Ascent on Saturday to better themselves. This is what we did: Run approx. .75 miles to the parking lo

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Sun’s out, time to bring the guns out

BySony Jun 3, 2017

With 8 brave souls lined up in the parking lot (and another late roller, you know who you are), YHC hatched a heavyweight plan to smoke the arms,

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Honoring the fallen at RockZero

ByProhibition May 27, 2017

36 men came together at RockZero to remember what Memorial Day is truly about: those men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms as Ameri


Getting ready for the summer with 15s

BySony May 22, 2017

YHC had the honor of leading 4 PAX in a 2nd F heavy workout at Ascent The Thang Quick Warm up with 15 SSH 15 Low Slow Squats 15 IW Mosey over

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Ascent – Episode 5/13 : Pineville’s ASCENT…or…Ciruit Work-it.

ByDumpster Fire May 15, 2017

7 PAX, including one FNG from Pineville, posted to Ascent on Saturday morning of May 13, 2017, for a good old timey beatdown. YHC had prepared fo


Three’s not much of a crowd

ByHigh Tide May 7, 2017

  3 pax assembled to get stronger than you.  How, you say? The Thang COP: Farmer Carry (heavy & medium bells) to corner of school

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Ascent Climbs The 0.0 Mountain

ByDrop Thrill Apr 24, 2017

Saturday dawned gorgeous and didn't even give a glimmer to the monsoon that would descend on the Carolinas Sunday.  it was a great morning to wo

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Great Saturday

BySony Apr 17, 2017

(Posted verbatim on behalf of Goon. I didn't proofread or spell-check...) The Thang: Dynamic stretching - loosening up the arms, should

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Kettlebells at the Ascent

BySony Apr 3, 2017

Perfect weather... and a lot of people are off at a race in town. So YHC has no idea what the count is going to look like, but 5 faithful PAX sho

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What rain?

BySony Mar 21, 2017

Three faithful showed up for an improvised workout that turned out better than expected. Forecast called for rain, and a light mist is falling a

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