Great Saturday

BySony Apr 17, 2017

(Posted verbatim on behalf of Goon. I didn't proofread or spell-check...) The Thang: Dynamic stretching - loosening up the arms, should

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Kettlebells at the Ascent

BySony Apr 3, 2017

Perfect weather... and a lot of people are off at a race in town. So YHC has no idea what the count is going to look like, but 5 faithful PAX sho

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What rain?

BySony Mar 21, 2017

Three faithful showed up for an improvised workout that turned out better than expected. Forecast called for rain, and a light mist is falling a

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Ain’t Got Time to Nap…

ByJetFuel Mar 11, 2017

With Snowmageddon quickly approaching the greater Charlotte metro area, 8 brave PAX decided to clock in for some solid work before hitting their

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Dora the Explorer Visits Again

ByGullah Mar 6, 2017

8 men posted in the chilly gloom of Ascent to get their Saturday going. Pick a Partner, grab a kettlebell or two and mosey to the small field. C

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A shoulder workout masquerading as a running workout

ByCostanza_colabell Feb 26, 2017

Posted on behalf of Costanza The PAX were ready to see what the VQ had created for all to enjoy this fine morning. After the disclaimer was giv

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She queens… and vacuums.

ByGummy Feb 18, 2017

Ascent was the site of my VQ a few years ago - that was Hopper's FNG post, so I bullied him (via text message) into joining me in a reunion tour.

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A couple of old friends stop by Ascent

ByPele Feb 12, 2017

Posted on behalf of Pele... At 7 am, 6 pax had gathered with VSF planted the Disclaimer was given then we were off to do some work. Mosey to o


The “backblast”s backblast

BySony Feb 5, 2017

In a cool 20-something degree morning, the kettlebells came out to play at Ascent/Olympus/Soon-to-be-renamed AO... While the urge to get back in

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It’s too cold, coffee run instead???

BySony Jan 28, 2017

6:59, 26 degrees, and just the 3 Qs and Costanza on hand, the urge to dip out and warm up with some coffee early was strong today. Look at the wa

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