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Asphalt only workout

5 PAX made it out while the rain almost held off so we made it an all asphalt workout. 7am hit, disclaimer given, and off to bus parking lot.

SSH, IW, Low Slow Squat, MC, Cotton Pickers
To the track
Merkin corners 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x around the track and then a lap and then plank for the six
Merkins, Wide Arm merkins, diamond merkins, Carolina Dry Docks

To the wall for a seat
Arm presses, then lunge walk it out
Chest presses, then bear crawl it out
Balls to the wall

Mosey to the rock pile for a lifting rock
Curls, presses, squats, calf raises
Run it out to parking lot
Triceps, rows, flutter press, curls

Mosey to the neighborhood for triple nickle which is 5x called exercise (LBCs) at the cul-de-sac, 5x called exercise at the top of the street (Jump Squats), and 5 runs in-between.

Mosey back to the school and to the overhang for Mary
Sit ups, Flutter, Back Scratcher, Dolly, Sit ups
Time called

Continue to keep ‘Bout Time and his family in your prayers. Great to see Rusted make it back out (he has a 3 month old). Madison has organized a CPR course (which is full), but which will be repeated – keep on the lookout. Check out the new Friday bootcamp @5:30 at Waverly (Viva Chicken).

As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.

The Frozen Tundra

In advance of the New Year, 3 PAX made it out to Area 51 in what now seems like warm weather.

Mosey to Lower parking lot
SSH, IW, LSS, Merkin, MC

Mosey to rock pile and grab an ice cube aka a rock and bring it to the center pole of the Frozen Tundra.

Round 1 – curls x 10 in center
Pole 1 merkins x 20
Pole 2 Wide arm merkins x 20
Pole 3 Diamond merkins x 20
Pole 4 hand release merkins x 20
Pole 5 CDD x 20
Overhead Press and Tricep extension

Round 2 – Goblet squats x 10 in center
Pole 1 Jump Squats x 20
Pole 2 Sister Mary Katherine x 20
Pole 3 Calf Raises x 20
Pole 4 Monkey humpers x 20
Pole 5 Heels to heaven x 20
Chest press with rock and flutter kick

Jack Web with rock and without the rock
Mosey back to the rock pile and return rock

1 mile run – rock pile to fire station to neighborhood to back of school

Peoples chair and arm presses
Lunge walk out

Circuit work
upper playground
Pulls ups, derkins, dips

Back of school
jump ups on table
one legged squats
donkey kicks

5 minutes of Mary

Announcements – Joe Davis Run next Saturday. A51/McKee is planning on being open.

Thanks for taking us out OT. Wishing everyone and their families a blessed 2018!


Posted on OT’s behalf…

Warm up–Mosey around the lot to ‘scoop’ up the late comers like LR, then down to the lower lot for Side Lunges equally both directions, SSH x 20, Plank Twists (a crowd favorite) x 15, IW x 20, MC x 20, Merkins x 10, MC x 10, LSS x 20, 10 Burpees

Field Work–Half of the group (5) runs down 100 yds and back while other half does called exercise: Squats, Blocks overhead, 10 Burpees,

Mary–Guest Q (The Squids) Various painful and impossible ab workouts, followed by 10 Burpees. (Thanks Squid–very nice!)

Mosey to Track for a lap followed by called exercise x 4: Plank walk in between, with 20 Burpees (We lost a man here–Joker had to bail but he did a Pre Run and announced his early departure).

Mosey to Bars: Toes to Bah 15-10-5 with a short mosey in between sets followed by 5 Burpees, AND 15-10-5 Pull ups, mosey in between and 5 Burpees

Finish with ‘Half Miler’ through the hood and Burpee STOPS sprinkled along the way. 40 Burpees, finish with LBCs.

A great time for all 10 Men!

Too much mumble chatter

4 PAX showed up on a brisk November morning to do some work before Turkey day. OT and Joker asked a few legal questions, the disclaimer was given, and we were off to the rock pile.

SSH, IW, LSS, Arm Circles

Everyone grab a running rock at the rock pile and mosey to the neighborhood with your rock. We stopped briefly at Cold Cuts’ house and saw he was home and pondered why he wasn’t posting.

7’s on the street – Karras Commons
At the bottom, curls with the rock and merkins at the top. Count was briefly lost, but regained.
Once complete, a set of curls and triceps extensions.

Mosey with the rock to the back of the school from the neighborhood. Briefly circle up for squats with the rock. Then to the small hill for another round of 7’s.
At the bottom of the hill, overhead press and jump squats at the top. Not much running here – about 10 feet, but a nice incline.
Mosey back to the rock pile and on our 6 for flutter presses. Some complaints here about having to lie in the grass.
Return the rocks at which point we pondered why the cinder blocks were taken/broken and the rock pile always remained.

To the field for a bit of variety (taken from Abacus) – each PAX throws a Frisbee and calls an exercise to the Frisbee. 2 rounds of this. Exercises include lunge walk, backwards jog, shuffle, high knees, and of course Squid always goes deep into the exercise playbook with gorilla crawls.

To the playground for a circuit between the front and back playgrounds.
Front – 10 pull ups, 20 derkins, 30 dips
Back – 10 jump ups, 20 one legged squats (10ea), 30 sit ups
Rinse and Repeat

2 minutes of Mary – Dolly and Heels to Heaven and time called.

Announcements – Area 51 party and Joe Davis Run.
Thanks to Squid for taking us out.

Foggy Starfish

21 PAX came out on time and not an hour earlier for an unseasonably warm and foggy Monday morning. Disclaimer given and mosey down to lower parking lot and circle up.

SSH, 1 burpee, IW, 2 burpees, LSS, 3 burpees, MC, 4 burpees, and Cotton picker, 5 burpees
Mosey to rock pile, grab a lifting and/or running rock and mosey to center of field

Starfish x 5
Round 1 – center pole – curls x 10 with Rock
Starfish – 1) merkins x 20, 2) wide arm merkins x 20, 3) diamond merkins x 20, 4) hand release merkins x 20m, and 5) CDD x 20
Plank for 6
Overhead Press with Rock and Tricep extensions with Rock

Round 2 – center pole – squats x 10 with Rock
Starfish – 1) Jump squats x 20, 2) Sister Mary Catherines x 20, 3) Calf raises x 20, 4) Monkey humpers x 20, and 5) Heels to Heaven x 20
Plank for 6
Chest press with rock and flutter kick

Jack Webb with Rock…only up to 5 and back down
Mosey back to the rock pile to return the coupons

Mosey back to school and split in two groups, size, speed, etc. did not matter for circuit work.
Group 1 – lower playground – 1) Jump ups x 10, 2) one legged squats x 10 ea leg, and 3) donkey kicks x 30
Groups 2 – upper playground – 1) Pull ups x 10, 2) derkins x 20, and 3) dips x 30
Each group switches and rinse and repeat

Back to parking lot for two minutes of Mary – LBCs and Dolly…Done

Announcements –
Poptart and M involved in Kids with Possabilities – event on 11/11/17 from 6-9 @ Howl at the Moon uptown. Dress up as your favorite 80’s character and see Poptart for questions on Slack.
Matrix – need Q for Monday after Thanksgiving – check with Poptart or Squid
New moderate running workout – soft launch this Thursday @ 5:15 at Socrates Academy – check with Madison

Great to see so many out this morning. Thanks to Poptart and Squid for the opportunity to lead. Hope everyone has a great week.

A modified Murph workout??

So, another successful fitness experience was enjoyed by all!

After a brief discussion about the meaning of time we moved down to the lower lot in unison and warmed up with SSH X 25, then a mosey to the forest and back for IW X 20 followed by a mosey to the forest and back.

Delegated Q to McGee for 6 minutes of Mary: Rosalita, Dos Rosalita (?), Box Cutter, LBCs, and some other cool stuff, then mosey to forest and up to playground for partner merkins and pull ups 5 sets of 10 quality.

Mosey to main field for block exercises–(Our blocks have been destroyed –need to replenish) partner does triceps while other does “speed skater training” VERY DISAPPOINTING” will have to work this in during another workout…

Back to the playground to finish up the remaining sets of Pull Ups and merkins with partner.

Back to main field for 100 yd runs while partner does curls with blocks X 3.

Begin the first set of squats 20, on the way to 200. Mosey to THE WALL for Wall sits, squats, BTW, with laps around track in between.

Return to start for cool down with Lunge Walk, Merkins, LBCs, Peter Parker x 15.

All total +2.5 miles running, 200 squats, 100 pull ups, 170 merkins, plus some other stuff…pretty good stats…a modified Murph workout??

No burpees and no more cinder blocks

5 PAX showed up despite being scared off last week by 200+ burpees courtesy of Lobsta Roll. Disclaimer given, clock struck 7, and we were off for a mosey over to the track and show karaoke on the track.

COP on field
SSH, IW, Low Slow Squat, Cotton Pickers, Mountain Climbers, and Plank Jack

Merkin corners on the track
5x, 10x, 15x, and 20x of called merkin at each corner of the track + a lap after with plank in-between
Called merkins = merkin, wide-arm merkin, diamond, hand-release

To wall for people’s chair + arm press
Lunge walk it out and then Balls to the wall walking back and forth

Mosey to trail
Trail lap (extra credit for Bucky for clean up!) + called exercise at the end – step ups and dips

Mosey to lower parking lot (with the boat). The stumps have been cut in half, making jump ups a whole lot easier
Lower body exercises – Jump ups, one legged squats, calf raises, tire jumps, and donkey kicks

Mosey to cinder blocks – unfortunately there are only 4 blocks left! So audile to rock pile.
Lifting rock – arm curls, overhead press, squat, and John Cusack

Mosey to front parking lot –
Pull ups, jump squats, Sister Mary Katherine’s

Back to parking lot for Mary
LBCs, Flutter, Russian Twist, Big Boy sit ups
Finish off with a sprint

As always, a pleasure to lead. Great to see regulars like Squid and my co-site Q Abacus as well as Bucky (newer to McKee) and Levi (a couple weeks in F3).

F3 golf – – supporting F3’s LEAP expansion
Speed for need – f3speedforneed – great opportunity last week at Isabella Santos and this week uptown for the Komen race

Boot camp tour of the AO

4 PAX decided to forgo BRR training this morning for a traditional boot camp at the original AO. Joker made it for the pre-run and Witch Doctor and OT came for the main event. Disclaimer given and we were off to the track for COP.

SSH, IW, LSS, MC, Cotton Pickers, and Arm Circles.

Mosey to the wall for PC and arm raises. Lunge walk it out and back to Balls to the Wall.

Mosey to the trail for a small trail run and exercise set. First round – dips, second round – derkins. Bear crawl back up the hill.

Mosey to the back playground for leg work. Step ups, one-legged squats, calf raises, and tire jumps. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to cinder blocks for some lifting. Curls, presses, triceps, squats, and arm rows. Lunge walk it out and then rinse and repeat.

Mosey across the field for Jack Webb. Then to the upper playground for pull ups, dips, and squats.

Finish it up with 5 minutes of Mary.

As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.  A small group and some good discussions in between (or during the exercises).

Keep OT and his family in your prayers as his nephew (in his mid-40s) just passed away from cancer.

Announcement – Speed for Need for SOB/Area 51 9/30 –
Sign up for the 5K and wear your F3 shirt.

Thanks for taking us out OT.

HOT & COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on behalf of O’Tannenbaum

Last week it was hot and humid, this week cold and blustery…But we had ten men dedicated to the cause at the original area 51!

Warm up: Mosey around the lot as we picked up DKong and the 3 muskateers, then around to the back of the school for SSH x 25 then run to picnic table for 20 merkins oyo and back, IW x 25 and run to disc golf hole for 20 merkins oyo and back, MC x 25 then run to backstop for 25 merkins oyo and back, squats x 25 then run to split rail for 20 declines oyo and back.

Next to playground 10 pull ups and plank for 2 mins with 10 naktar jye. Mosey to blocks only to discover some ruffians had smashed several, but we had enough. Enter stage right–Runstopper with a leg lock partner sit up x 25 with the block. Then return to playground for 10 pull ups and 2 minute plank and back to blocks in center of the field. After a memory of Tiger Rag story we launched into jack Webb with the blocks (impossible), then back to the playground for 10 pull ups and 2 minute plank. And back to get the blocks for a journey to the wall for a sit and some challenging block moves, then to the playground for 10 toe touches each leg and 10 toe ta bah. Return walk with Blocks near resting place for a Jack Webb finale.

Then a 1 mile fun run down to the lower field, through the woods, and into the neighborhood with stops for 10 merkins and 10 LBCs along the way. Return with a reverse burpee ladder starting at 10 and making our way back to the cars right before the rain started.

It was great to have Run stopper there, it has been a long time…

Floor Slapper’s Thang

Posted on behalf of Floor Slapper (shamefully representing a Duke team who needed a little floor slapping)

After a clear. On time kick off:
Warm up:
Parking lot jog to gather a dawdling joker Outer loop jog to circle up
20 SSH, 15 Mtn Climb, 15 Peter Park, 15 merkins, 20 squats

The Thang:
Soccer field : 11’s w jump squats/merkins

Track 4 corners: dolly, flutter, LBC, American ‘Trump’ twist

Playground: 12 pull ups, 20 dips, 20 step ups Jog bball hoop, then repeat

Entrance to Trail: dolly, flutter, dips, incline Trail run, repeat exercises

To the wall: people’s chair, donkey kicks, stump jumps, people’s chair

Playground: 12 pull ups, 20 derkins 20 squats

Run to lower field: backwards sprint, karaoke, butt kickers, high knees

Finish: plank wave for 2 min

It was an honor to take my turn leading this rag tag group.
Props to Iron Sheik for leading school trash clean up in the midst of the work out. Mostly a stalling maneuver, but cool anyway she has to be