Too hot and humid for fall

Too hot and humid for fall

6 men made it out for a very humid morning at F3Area51.

Mosey to field with track for COP
SSH, IW, LSS, MC, Cotton Pickers, Windmills

11’s across the field
Jump Squats and Merkins

Mosey to back trail and lunge walk
Run trail x 3 with Dips, Derkins, Incline merkins at the end

Mosey to back where the stumps used to be
Grab a spot on the picnic tables.
Step ups, one legged squats, calf raises
Rinse and Repeat

People’s chair + arms raises and arm presses

Mosey to rock pile, grab a lifting rock that can be transported
Curls at center
merkins, wide arm merk, diamond, hand release, CDD at each pole

Overhead press, tricep

Starfish #2
squats at center
Jump squats, Alter lunges, heels to heaven, flutter, dolly at each pole.

There was some more on the agenda, but mumble chatter and the starfish took its times. We returned the rock and then COT.

Crane relay 10/26 –
Balrog III 11/10 – watch out for announcements

As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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