Finishing the June merkin challenge

Finishing the June merkin challenge

4 PAX rolled in right as the clock struck 7 on a warm June morning. Picasso and Cold Cuts needed 330 merkins to finish the June merkin challenge – 10,000 merkins in June which is 330 or so a day. Surprised they are able to post or even lift their arms. Disclaimer given and we took off around the school.

SSH, IW, LSS, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker and Parker Peter
Mosey to trail

Run around the trail x 4 followed by Derkins, Incline Merkins, regular merkins, and CDD (apparently incline and derkins count).
Bear crawl up and lunge walk forward

Mosey to the back of the school and the picnic tables for leg work.
Jump ups, one legged squats, and donkey kicks
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to field and grab a rock
Line up for 7’s with the rock –
Set one – curls and merkins
Rock exercises
Set two – overhead press and jump squats (or merkins if you are so inclined)

Jack Webb with Rock (in reverse to get the merkin count up)
Return rock

Mosey to front playground for a circuit
Pull ups, dips, and merkins

Finish with Mary

Announcements –
Sandbox from Union County – doing great work in the community – check Slack channel
Great to see Abacus back from Yellowstone.
YHC didn’t realize the workout was mostly in the sun – sorry Cold Cuts and Picasso who had to walk home!

Always a pleasure to lead.

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