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Altered Mini Murph – Pandemic Special

16 decided to brave the pandemic with a slight brisk feeling in the air.    As this was the actual first week day with no school happening in the state and an actual “state of emergency”, still 42 fearless PAX made it out this morning to get an early morning workout in.   Not fully thinking through how the Coronavirus could affect an outdoor workout, I could have really planned differently.   In an effort to have PAX prepare for the upcoming Murph challenge, I was not really thinking when suggesting everyone hit the pullup bar.   Depending on how long this all goes on, I will know better next time.

DICCs provided

The Thang

Head to the front of HS – Plank stretch, Merkins, JDs

Now mosey down to lower track entrance

Mini Murph – Total 11 – 400s between each lap 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats (apparently some modification around touching the pull up bar)  this is My Bad

Head to lower field only to AUDIBLE so to avoid touching a bench or large tire.

Back to the high school driveway doing 25 Carolina dry docks at each of the six lights.

Mary while waiting on the six.

Next hit the hill in front of high school. 15 merkins at bottom(diamond, wide and regular) with 5 burpees at the top.

Run back to the start.



Times just seem weird as I could have prepared much better as to how this pandemic could and did affect the workout. And for that, I apologize.

The normal men upfront continued their push to maintain that spot while the rest of us kept pace and worked really hard.

With such a big group this morning,  it just makes it too hard to call out this morning’s swoles who conquered.



Recalc discussed food collection effort, please hit him up or see GM.

GF discussed safety and thought as it relates to working out as it relates to our nation’s pandemic and just general rules to follow keeping everyone safe.

Schneider did a great job taking us out.

The 7 Cones of Keith Jong Hill

Everyone should love a challenge,  if you don’t. Skip Floater. I am unable to make Floater much except in the summer,  don’t love Floater.  It is just the lameass prelude to the best two workouts in the county that take place at Cutty. Best part of Floater,  it is rarely an easy workout with all hills our little town provides. But 16 men rocked it and kicked KJH butt.

DICCs, Disclosure, Head over to DC

SSH, MNC, IW,Plank Stretch,Merkins w/ some counting issues

The Thang

20 Monkey Humpers each light to Price St – 5 total

Head towards Laundromat and down to the stop sign for 10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes

Head down KJH for 7 cones of Keith Jong Hell
-7 Cones, 7 Exercises up KJH, and Sprint down

-Exercises: 10 Plank rotation Merkins, 10 PJs, 10 Speed Skaters, 10 Scorpion Dry Docks, 10 Smurf Jacks, 10 MCs, 10 Squat Jumps

Head to bottom of KJH for planking with some bird dog planks

Sprint up KJH to stop sign

Catch breath and sprint to church

A minute of mary while a car wanted to come through


It was a morning where you could shout out to each and every pax because everyone pushed hard. Form police were out on watch while Rudy managed to keep things in, except air. (Holy Moly)

The exercises got tough with PAX out in front changing periodically.   Rest of the PAX stayed together without there truly being a 6.  It was great to see everyone push it to the limit.

BC, EB, CL, Deflated and Swimmers seem to overall lead the way.  Scheider still seems to be improving becoming stronger and faster.  He is becoming an impressive OG, just needs to complain a whole lot more to reach Recalcs (prowess/curmudgeon) level.

It is truly amazing to see 0-69 out there doing his thing, early in the morning, just bettering himself.   Takes a HUGE amount of dedication, well done.

Was nice to finally meet the guy given the name Man Touch, was too scared to ask why he had the name so just left it as is.  Nice job pushing Man Touch.

Supporting cast of PAX all killed it this morning in a workout that seemed to go by quickly. Smithers, Doughboy, BoG, Foundation, Rudy and the Instructionally challenged Damascus grabbed KJH by the balls, twisted and then just killed the workout like everyone else.  DW would have been proud as there appeared to be not a single slacker.


Ultimate Frisbee at Swarm with Foundation and Amazing Race at Impromptu with Recalc

Dads camp coming soon.. (refer to GM)

Christ Closet Folding for Give Away in April  (refer to GM)

A Little Resistance Running at SWARM

Temperatures were good this morning as 7 PAX made their way out a little early to kickoff SWARM a good 16 to 17 minutes before IMPROMPTU takes off.   Although one of our smaller groups so far at SWARM, everyone was ready to push themselves to the max.    What a better way than introducing something new to help everyone work on their speed.

DICCs/Disclosure/Long Mosey to front of High school


SSH, IW, Plank, Stretching

2 lights forward/back w/10 Jump lunges there and 10 Shoulder Tap Merkins back.
Flap jack with 10 Plank Jacks there and 10 Bomb Jacks back
Final Flap Jack with 10 Squats here and 10 Dry Docks back.

Break into groups of 4
Station 1 – Parachute down and back
Station 2 – Curl to Press with Rock
Station 3 – Plates down and back
Station 4 – Suicide burpee each stop and sprint back to start
Station 5 – lying overhead reach using core
Rinse Repeat/Rinse Repeat

Hit the Amphitheatre for 35 Dips and 5 Bench Jumps x 3

Burpee Run Back


Very little to No complaining, just a bunch of dudes pushing it really really hard.   As usual Dasher, Hollywood, GoodFella and Legal Zoom lead the way as Dana, Deflated and Myself were in the six.   Everyone seem to think the resistance run with the parachute was different and challenging, but so were the hair burners.    Workout seemed to go by fast as everyone at the end looked gassed.


Christ Closet next week needs assistance (DM Ackbar for details)

Hooch took us out


Mini Murph Monday at Ignition

11 men ventured out this morning with temps in the 20s not knowing what was in store today. But this specific group of men that came to workout,  did not hesitate or complain even when it was time to start moving. I can not say enough as to how hard everyone worked. The only slight delay in this BB creation has created a storm of chaos.   Now the question is out there.  What is more important?  A tough quality workout or a simple BackBlast for credit?   There are some different opinions out there.   Anyway, here is Monday’s breakdown.




Long loop to HS lot w/karaokes, butt kickers
Head to the track

Quick stop – SSH, JDs, Calf Stretch

The Thang

Grab some bench for Derkin Buster – 10 Crab Derkins/20 Derkins ×2
Mini Murph – Total 10 – 400s between each lap 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats

Head to the rocks for a starburst/3 corners

25 curls, 25 presses hitting the 3 corners in between and 5 monkey humpers each corner

Long Indian Burpee run back to the start



Good group of guys that pushed hard in the cold. Limited complaining and just minor modifications happening.  Once on the track,  no one complained about the cold. Good to see Ice9 today going hard from start to finish.


Best part of the morning was watching Goodfella try to jump and grab the pullup bar to no avail.



Refer to Flash


Ice 9 took us out.

Just another Monday morning at Flash

16 PAX met Monday morning at Flash after running through the possible options.  A dude’s sack on your back with Damascus’s possible burpee marathon (11 attended) at Ignition,  someone else leading a slightly earlier at Ass Island or the regular Flash beatdown.  Of coarse the 16 chose wisely. So let’s see how much we can get in in a normal 45 to 48 minute workout.

With such a large campus,  where do we even begin. Do we head to the wet grass and hills? No, eventhough MB and his A… Beads were not in attendance.  Do we run over to the possible homicidal pajama guy cabin to get the heart rate up? No, save that for Ignition guys.

After lapping the campus prior to the workout,  only a couple slight audibles were necessary to avoid the possibility of rolling around and in the crazy amounts of goose crap everywhere.

DICCS – Mosey to front of School- SSH, PP, Merkins, Plank, Plank Stretch

The Thang

  • Mosey – SSH, PP, Merkins, Plank, Plank Stretch
  • Light poles – 10 merkins + 10 Mountain Climbers – front come get the 6
  • Grab some wall at Rudy’s shed – 20 Press, 20 jab x 2 IC
  • Partner up and head to the corner with a rock
  • 25 curl to press/25 swings/25 Sumo while partner runs up steps and back x3
  • Head to the slingshot. Half speed to the circle- full back while partner does 25 Squats with Rock/25 Derkins,  rinse repeat
  • Head back to start with little time to spare


FNG Prime pushed it to his max after his buddy Shake selected the biggest freaking rock on campus to use. Way to tough it out. Thank you Shake for bringing him out.

Everyone pushed it really hard with minimal complaining and chatter.  Foundation wanted to talk about his nipples but no one would really bite. (on the conversation or his nipples)

When so many work so so hard each workout, it is becoming harder and harder to call out the studs of the morning. It has become one part that I enjoy when leading. It becomes a big happy, sweaty, funny group of men killing it, encouraging others, and finding fun in the pain and strain of the morning.  Makes me proud to be part of the group.

Thanks to Chicken Little and Rockwell for giving me the opportunity to lead.


Shout out to Coco Krisp attending in the area as he is from Raleigh.  Multiple Waxhaw posts in last week.

Convergence tomorrow at Bushwood led by Zin (dress code required)

Wednesday Convergence at CMS. Holiday hours.  Q TBD.

FNG KJ Davis stuck it out.   Lives Millbridge, two kids.  Works for Amazon.  First name shouted out was Prime and that is what we went with.



Chiseled- Coupons for Everyone

It has been a while since I had been to Chiseled let alone lead Chiseled.  None of the Diesel site Qs could make it. (Shaking my head) Who knows,  was it fear, laziness or the dread Fartsack Syndrome. One day that phrase will be in Urban Dictionary.  

14 super solid dudes did join on a chilly morning with little to no complaints.  I was extremely impressed by everyone and how hard they all pushed. Absolutely amazing group of guys.

Disclaimers given with mosey around Mt.Chiseled and back to the start.

15 SSH (kept it short for Big 10), 10 IW, 10 JD, stretching from plank position, a little extra back stretching (compliments of my M’s instruction).

The Thang

Pick your coupon of choice and let’s do this.

Time for some Coupon Fun/Four Corners

4 Coupon Corners x 2

  1. Man Makers 10, Squats 25
  2. Coupon Swings 25/Monkey Humpers
  3. Merkins 25/Merkins 25
  4. Curls 25, LBCs 25

Upon Completion we kept the brick work happening.

2 sets of exercises done, then run to the island and back.

25 Shoulder press / 25 LBCs with Brick – RUN
25 Sumos/ 25 Squats – RUN
25 Scorpion Dry Docks / 25 Dead Lifts – RUN
25 Dry Docks / 25 Thrusters repeat – RUN
25 Derkins/25 Plank Jacks repeat – RUN


Everyone pushed hard and did their best to stay warm.  It would be call out anyone because absolutely everyone did the entire workout and pushed hard.    I was impressed with the limited chatter and just everyone’s accepting the challenge of a tough workout.   I truly appreciate everyone’s push. 


Special Guest for Floater ( MoneyBall)

FNG – Schneider’s son. Posse got lost out there really wanting to name him after a rock. Posse’s name was almost changed to Nerd. But we moved on and went with Joe Dirt.


The Progression of the Waffle – Awkward

Waking up as it is very cold and raining hard for a well thought out workout under the portico including the benches. Upon pulling up in the rain, can’t quite tell what I am looking at. WTF, Fuse is unloading gear in our area. Back to GroupMe, they decided to move Diesel to Cutty.

And then PAX began to arrive, some confused, some extremely annoyed. One OG angry, who continued to share his displeasure of the sequence of actions on GroupMe, the dude was not happy.

Rewind as to what just happened, did fellow PAX from other site reach out to ask for space, convergence or just some options, was that missed? The answer there was No. So Recalc provided some necessary site rules to our new visitors regarding parking, gear location, and some additional “advice”. And off we were, (the non stationary group) to find a new space to workout. Over to the back of the High School Portico to make it happen.

The Thang

20 SSH, 20 IW, Plank and Stretch the Cavs

Grab some Wall

20 Presses/20 Jabs/20 Heels up/Heels down x 4

5 Wall Plank Jacks plus 5 Mike Tysons x 4 hitting stairs between sets

Partner Up

150 Plank Extensions/LBCs/Flutters/Freddie Mercuries as Partner runs down and back under portico

250 Merkins with Partner running (killer)

Dasher killed us with American Hammer

Head to Back of Middle School

35 Dips then 5 Box jumps x 3

Times up, head to front of school for DICCs Pic and COT


4 annoyed PAX worked very hard with no complaints as there was very little non movement to the workout. Heart rates were kept up to where somehow 2.5 miles were covered in a very small area.

After much Diesel advertising that real men work out in the outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold. Talk of Vaginas. That was confusing, Fuse when is the last time you saw one. Only to swoop looking for shelter. (shaking my head) – for your shame…

Dasher killed it like normal pushing the PAX. Gerber outstrided us all like normal. Recalc blew off his Old Man steam pushing it very hard shedding the poncho for better dynamics. All 4 really pushed a somewhat unusual workout due to the inclement weather.


Gladiator tomorrow. All I can remember.

Recalc took us out. Please keep the family of his old friend who just passed away from cancer.

Asylum Part 1 and Part 2 – Coupon Hell (sorry Akbar)

After being asked to lead about a month back I hesitated as I have never been to the site unless you count a meal at Chick-Fila or Hickory Tavern. Barely go to Target even. First thought was “Nah, I am good”, then realizing I was not attempting to step out of my comfort zone. So why not, with no clue what to necessarily do at said workout.

Only thought I had was this needs to be a hard workout, and this new IPC Coupon thing seems to do the trick. So I created a plan, put it on cardboard signs, only to have the workout appear at Impromptu led by Gerber. And it sucked horribly, so with a few tweaks, that is exactly what we are going to do.

First time leading was November 4th where we had 13 PAX total, but we did not get to finish the fun. So I volunteered to continue the workout just so no one was left feeling shorted at all today November 11th but with only 6 PAX. Actually gaining Goodfella and losing 8 FartSackers.

Disclaimers given during opening mosey of both workouts.

Very similar warmup. 25 SSH, 15 IW, 10 JD, with a little extra back stretching (compliments of my M’s instruction).

The Thang

On Nov 4th we started with an opening Mosey to the adjoining neighborhood from the medical facility lot.

Mosey to Blackwood. Partner up
10 MC one direction each light, 10 Car DD each light the other, 10 MT at intersection, 5 Hand slap merkins at intersection X 2

Mosey next to Target for some Coupon Fun/Four Corners

4 Coupon Corners x 2
1. Man Makers 10, Squats 25
2. Curls 25, LBCs 25
3. Merkins 25/Merkins 25
4. Coupon Swings 25/Monkey Humpers 25

But we were only able to make it half way through before running out of time. Absolutely everyone tore it up while having to carry that stupid Brick everywhere.

Today November 11th, smaller group we went straight to 4 Corners but in the slightly smaller Petsmart Lot due to lighting.

4 Coupon Corners x 2
1. Man Makers 10, Squats 25
2. Curls 25, LBCs 25
3. Merkins 25/Merkins 25
4. Coupon Swings 25/Monkey Humpers 25

Upon Completion we kept the brick work happening.

2 sets of exercises done, then run to end of lot and back.

25 Shoulder press / 25 LBCs with Brick – RUN
25 Sumos/ 25 Squats – RUN
25 Scorpion Dry Docks / 25 Dead Lifts – RUN
25 Dry Docks / 25 Thrusters repeat – RUN
25 Derkins/25 Plank Jacks repeat – RUN
Rinse/Repeat if you can (only GF did)


Both workouts, literally everyone pushed and killed it. Special shoutout to Swimmers, Posse, Fuse and Ackbar for making both workouts and enduring a tough workout that felt much longer than 45 minutes especially in the gloom and cold. Well done men.

Of Course everyone that showed both days did their thing without complaining.


Holiday party, Christ Closet giveaway Update, Gladiator is next week.

Goodfella took us out.

Ignition/Flash BackBlast Combo – it was MOIST

22 PAX made there way out this morning to an extremely hot and humid workout. 14 joined BottleCap for a little upper body improvement while 6 joint yours truly tackling the gradual yet killer hills of Champion Forest.


Mosey to shed back up to bus loop towards the hill

Hill – 15 Merkins (on/out/diamond) + 4 Burpees counting down

Head up hill to Champion Forest with 10 Plank Rotations at each light with 6 looping back

Head down 1/2 mile stretch of Dobson 25 Squats at end

Back up 1/2 mile loop of Waynewood and 25 Squats

Rinse Repeat

Back to entrance with 10 speed skaters each light

Mosey down to lower track entrance with 25 Dry Docks at each island

Run back to each track entrance doing 10 Bomb Jacks at each and then return.

Mosey back with 10 Bomb Jacks at bus loop. Then long way around to front of school to ensure we are exactly a minute late for COTs


Jog to front of Middle School for warmups

Imperial Squawker x 10

Merkins x 5

SSH x 20

MC x 5

Plank Jack x 5

Diamond Merkins x 5

Mosey to side of middle school for Triple Nickel

Side portico – 6 count wall merkins x 5

Back of school – Bench plank walks x 5

Soccer field for 4 corner escalator (jog 4 corners, 40 Merkins, jog 3 corners, 30 merkins, etc)Jog up and down hill until 6 gets in

Double Hill 7sUp and down both hills

Burpees at top of one hill

Bomb jacks at top of other hill

Backwards run back to COT with 10 knee slaps at each light post


During Ignition, with a couple of PAX disappearing at different times to take care of business (one PAX in the woods) over 5 miles was covered and more for the leaders who had to circle back multiple times for the 6. Hollywood and Legalzoom were upfront the entire time making things look easy. Dasher as well – minus his potty break. Actually everyone deserves a mention as there was no breeze and it was muggy. Nice job Rubbermaid and Ringer for battling with no breaks. Cobbler was the man who was pushing through the pain. Nice job brother.

During Flash, as everyone pushed really hard through the ailments. Deflated should be mention for crushing the Triple Nickel, Gaylord for owning the Escalator(whatever that is), Easy Button was the man on the 7s, was awesome having Spike back and even better seeing Popeye on a weekday pushing hard.


No announcements but don’t forget Foundation’s 4th bash and Swimmer’s mention of the Prostrate Cancer Run.

BottleCap closed with Prayer.

Another Impromptu AMRAP Friday

It was muggy, hot and just a tough workout that 22 strong and driven PAX tackled this morning all to gauge how they are bettering themselves each and every month. With daily extremely tough workout options in WUC (to be named later), there has been some drastic improvements with PAX fitness along with the steady Eddie’s that are constantly tearing it up. aka. Hollywood, Dasher, Easy Button and now Zin, Chicken, Banjo pushing it to the max. Only one Vest made it out today, we are still determining if the Vest won or Deadwood as it looked like a tough fight. Well done Deadwood carrying around the extra weight.

It is the typical Impromptu AMRAP course that we plan on celebrating the last Friday of every month throughout the year.

.47 Mile loop around the back of the High School with a steep hill and a solid set of stairs.

Exercises include…

15 Mike Tysons

15 Derkins

15 Step-ups

15 Dips

A trip around the circle with a rock

A little Bear Crawl

15 Bobby Hurleys

and a Burpee at the end, 2 for the second loop, etc.

Pax Tally

Rudy 3- Tysons ( was moving and did not notice any Pit stops)

Deadwood 3 – Rocks (plus 80 lb Vest – Nice Job)

Hollywood 4 – Rocks (made us all look like we were standing still)

Easy Button 4 (made it look easy – like his button)

Dasher 4- Derkins (normal incredible pace – Nice work)

Ole McDonald 3- Tysons (way to push it)

Zinfandel 4 (our verbal time keeper made it look easy)

Chainsaw 3 (always pushing it – well done OG)

Banjo 4 (breezed through it with a little sweat)

Chicken Little 3 – Bobbies (took off leaving everyone in dust )

Breadbowl 3 – Derkins (way to push young man)

Fuse Box 3 – Derkins ( back at it after some time off – good job)

Crabgrass 2 – Bobbies ( way to push in your first AMRAP)

Doughboy 3 – Derkins (always gives his all, well done)

Schneider 3 – Mike Tysons (pushed it hard the entire time)

Knish 2 with Medical Pit Stop (rock grabbing his hand and sinking in was detrimental)

Recalc 3 – Derkins (way to push through the tweaked knee)

Damascus 4 – Tysons (way to tear it up – minus the vest)

Gator Cub 3 – Tysons (always giving it his all – well done)

Brutus 3 – Step Ups (looked good in first AMRAP – keep showing up)

GreenHornet 3 – (nice first run at the AMRAP – keep it up)

Hooch 3 – Rocks (only remember the first few minutes)


Wedding Singer has Committment Saturday

Swimmers Need for Speed Run for Prostrate Cancer – Link on Groupme

Ole’ Macdonald with Breakfast on his mind took us out.