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Freaking Cold Ignition Workout

5 PAX showed up for the first workout of the morning as there were 3 at this AO for the individuals not up for a run and the ones who felt they needed to sleep in after a Crazy night of football.

Stretch w/Disclaimer + DICCS

The Thang:

BISR to Track Circle around front of schools

Grab some curb – Scorpion Plank Jack in cadence x 20

Sling shot around circle w/ 25 Plank Jumps and Jacks x 6. With goal is 6 completing 6.

20 Merkins each light alternating who carries the ball to top of school.

25 Mountain Climbers then 25 Squats about half way each light alternating who carries the ball coming back.

Head to the lower parking lot for 3 corners w SlamBall in middle

12 slams in center each time – 25 Squats in corner – SSH middle waiting on ball

12 squat press in center each time – 10 Bomb Jacks in corner planking in middle waiting for ball.

BISR back to start with an audible at the top of the school since we were looking short of the 4 miles – long way back to parking lot arriving a minute late.  (there was some complaining) but 4.1 miles reached to avoid Q Fail.


Everyone survived, worked hard, only took half the workout to get warm.  Really good to see the Newells out there pushing it and Fuse making his Ignition debut.   He must of thought the running would be limited due to my lead.   Of coarse Hollywood killed it and followed back up with the 6 constantly.  He did feel it necessary to stick around for the 3rd workout with Bottlecap and more SlamBalls.

Missed announcements due to being late.

Ole MacDonald took us out.

Just another fun Floater Workout

Safety check – headlamps and reflective clothing?   CHECK

12 PAX gathered this morning for stroll around Waxhaw with some pit stops at a brewery, a laundromat and the beloved hill. (Original to Floater)

Mosey to Dreamchasers

Disclosures and Pre Items – Plank Stretch, 25 Merkins, skipping SSH, 20 PP, and 20 Moroccan Night Club

The Thang

Head North to Price Street w/ 20 Merkins and 10 plank Jack’s at each light (4 in Total)

Cut across Highway 16 to the laundry mat a top of Keith Jong Hill.

BURPEE Time – Circle up – 10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes (it sucked but everyone pushed through.

Run to bottom of hill 25 (make it 20) shoulder tap merkins at bottom, 25 squats at top, then repeat. – Mary at top waiting for 6. Thank you BC.

Circle up again (More Burpees) – 10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes. (moans and groans included)

More Hill Time – Run to bottom of hill for 25 Dry Docks  and then 25 Danny Hurley’s (deep squat jumps keeping legs in a squat position) then repeat. – Mary at top waiting for 6

Do we or don’t we Circle up for more Burpees – We don’t as I was unsure if I could do it again.

Head to the short wall – 20 Dips, 20 Derkins and 20 Speed Skaters as fast as you can X 3 – Hugging a tree waiting on everyone to Finish

With a few minutes left, we run the rectangular block around the church with 10 Bomb Jacks at each corner as time expires.


All in all, it was cold, it sucked, but absolutely everyone pushed themselves and the banter during the Burpeethon was only in humor.   I can say I am proud to work out with a bunch of great guys who are not afraid to push it while leaving everything on the pavement.  The motto of the day for myself was if I did not feel as if I was going to puke, then I was not going hard enough.  All PAX endured a heavy up and down workout that was daunting, fast, with inevitably sore muscles during the all the movements as the pain kicked in early. It is just impressive to see everyone’s push and drive in a workout that was not fun.  Thank you for that.

Again we had Bottlecap, Hollywood and Deadwood at the front.  Then the rest was really a group just slightly behind them and I would say not really the 6.   Everyone hung together.   Catnip is already becoming a regular. It was good to see Wedding Singer back from his maternity hiatus.   Hopefully he speaks to me again in the next few weeks.  


Impromptu is converging tomorrow with Cerberus at 6am.

#ClientDinner tonight at new time and location.  Bottlecap is leading from CMS at 530.  Beers on him to follow at Queens South (bring your wallet anyway)

Check Groupme for Service opportunity to fix a home to help a father make a better life for his kids.   Several PAX have already jumped in.  Reach out to BC for Detals

Bottlecap took us out.

An Actual Winter Gear Workout

10 admirable PAX showed up at Five Stones with temperatures in the 20s. We all got to work fast feeling warmed up after shedding the cold rocks.

Disclosures given moseying to the rock pile.

Plank stretch w/Peter Parkers

10 PP

15 Merkins

Additional Warmup – Grab a rock

20 Merkins each light to Mt Chiseled – 10 w/rock on one hand then Flap Jack.  X 3

20/15/10 Thrusters one side of Mt. Chiseled and Goblet Squats on the other.

Now everyone is warm and loose.

The Thang

9 stations plus a runner for time

1. Slamball on knees – side/side/middle/up/down

2. Plank Rows with bricks

3. Kettlebell figure 8 and around the waist

4. Straight arm LBCs with large brick

5. Sumo pull with bucket

6. Woman Makers with bricks

7. One arm plank battle rope

8. Squat press with bricks

9. One arm deadlift

10. 50 yard run burpee at end then back

We made it to 2 rounds quickly.  Gave PAX the option to hit Mt. Chiseled again. They unanimously selected another round of gear.  With the shorter run, the gear workout went by fast with everyone hitting it hard and moving very quickly.


You would think a gear themed AO established by the upper class well to do Briars and Crest would have legitimate gear. Not the case. After digging through all the weird PVC pipes and miniature women’s jazzercise weights, bricks would have to do. Definitely not revisiting partner pole pulls or even attempting to explain. Special thanks to Bottlecap to providing actual gear including dumbbells, kettlebells and slamballs.

Every PAX worked hard and pressed on through the brisk cold error. Once the cold rocks were put down and the Mt. Chiseled portion was completed, there was absolutely no Mumblechatter. And actually, the comical comments began to flow heavily. It was fun working out with a great group of guys even though two of them were wearing these large hideous blue ribbons on the middle of their chests. But those two still killed the workout.

And again, Chainsaw was the man. Way to tear it up young man. (Tupperware is 27% his age)

Gatorcub took us out.

November Impromptu AMRAP

19 PAX came out for fun little spin around the AMRAP course.   One, RECALC, even came out while on the IR to cheer on and help instruct the course, keep time and push everyone.  (Thank you Keith)


Warm-up lap to point out each exercise along the way


  • 20 SSH at First Stop
  • 10 Potato Pickers as the Third Stop
  • Planking with some Stretching at the next


AMRAP time The Thang:


The course is just under a half mile all the way around with 7 Stops listed below.


  1. 20 Derkins
  2. Bear Crawl (roughly 30 yards)
  3. 20 Dips at Bench
  4. 20 Donkey Kicks
  5. Rock Mosey – Rock over head carry about 40 Yards
  6. 20 Jumps Squats
  7. Burpee – 1 for each lap, 2 for second, etc




Pax August September October November
Banjo 4 4 Rain Out 3(IR)
Bottlecap 3.5 4.2 5
Breadbowl 3 3.1
Chicken Little 3.5
Damascus 4
Dana 3.1 3.4
Dancing Bear 4 4 4.3
Dasher 4.4 4.6
Deadwood 4
Deflated 4.1
Doughboy 3.5 4 4.3
Draper 3.1
Easy Button 4 4.1 4.4
Foley 3.4 3.5 4.0
Foundation 4.1 4.1
Fusebox 3.5 4
Halfback 5
Hollywood 4.5
Hooch 4 4.1
Jingles 3.5
Joy 3.4
Legalized 3
Maddog 4 4
Moneyball 4 4.4
Posse 3.4 3.5 3.3
Radar 2.5
Recalculating 4 0.0
Rockwell 3.5 4
Rubbermaid 4 4.1
Rudy 2.2
Southern Belle 4 3.6 4.1
Stub Hub 4.2
Wedding Singer 3 3.5
Xerox 3
Zinfandel 3.1 3.1



Weather was perfect and everyone pushed themselves.   It is a privilege to work out with a very impressive group of PAX.    Just amazing to see everyone continue moving even when their bodies were probably telling them to stop.  Almost every PAX improved on their most recent run at the course.  That is absolutely amazing.



  • EFFFies Party.
  • Open Door at Five Stones each Sunday morning – connect with BC for details.
  • COTS (Church on the Streets) is Sunday.


Wrap up and Prayer:


MoneyBall took us out.  Special prayer to a close friend of Dirty Bird who is going through something no one should have to endure.  Thank you.

Ignition – Washing blue pills down w/Coke while tossing a no-hitter against the Dodgers in Oregon?

Not sure if I even wanted to do this work out, I somehow graciously accepted the honor to Q.  Hollywood was so confident in my abilities to lead a 4+ plus mile hour long workout, he chose to prerun prior to the workout.  Huge confidence booster, then off we go.

The Thang

5 awesome and patient PAX went for a stroll around the back of the school to the track parking lot where disclosures were given while planking, some calf stretching, some peter parker stretching with potato pickers.

Faster pace mosey (than I am use to) around the High School lot to Champion Forest entrance.

10 Merkins each light to the stop sign. (Circling back for the 6- me) I am already dragging.

25 squats next running down to back entrance (near pool) with 10 plank jacks at each light. 25 squats at each stop sign again and repeat on way back.  Dragging more as the 4 PAX continue to kill it.

Head back to the Champion Forest main entrance with 10 lunge jumps at each light. (Circling back for me again) meanwhile Hollywood’s blinking light continue fade into the distance.

Off the lower practice field area using the concrete pathway (roughly 100 meters), 25 curl to press with heavy brick at bottom and 25 dips at the bench x 3 running between.   Next set included 20 squats with brick at bottom of path, with 20 Dirkins at top x 3.

Finally, what everyone was waiting for.  Oregon drill time. We did an altered version as there was only 5 of us but please see link for an explanation of the real deal.

Cones were placed 20 yards apart 80 yards down creating a 200-yard rectangle.  First 80 yards were to be ran at 50% speed, next 20 yards at 75% or race pace, then all out sprinting the next 80 yards, dog the next 20 yards.  Rinse and repeat for the next 7 minutes.  Grass was damp (soaking wet if you once played in the minors and a little slippery without holding a racket).  It was a little dark, but with the use of his handy new headlamp, Deadwood was able to guide everyone back to the safety of the high school parking lot and crisis was averted. Nonetheless, something new and everyone “got after it” and embraced the idea of Oregon drills.  Next time, we will shoot for 15 minutes.

Mosey back to Transporter’s shed, then stop at each light alternating 10 Dry Docks and 10 Mountain Climbers reaching the Flash PAX as the clock strikes a quarter after.


As with every workout, Hollywood and Bottlcap were the men among boys. And the rest of us were just happy to be in their presence until they would literally run out of our sight.

Deadwood (logging 25 plus miles a week and a minimum of 3 Qs each week) and Moneyball(nursing a dozen ailments including something about glow in the dark socks and throwing left handed) strolled through the workout with ease. Even occasionally dropping back to keep me company as I volunteered to be the 6 from the very beginning, and oddly there was only 5 of us.

Jingles (Flash Q) took care of roll call and announcements.   Goodfella took us out.

*Please refer to Flash BB for full list if announcements.

The Anti- AMRAP Workout – Hard and Wet (not what you are thinking)

10 PAX came out for a very wet AMRAP Friday.   With the inconsistency of the rain, it was decided a strenuous workout under the portico would be wise.  Awesome way to kick off the Friday work day. Or to Police GroupMe if you are Deadwood.

Mosey (by car) I swear to the front of the school.  Disclaimer given.

  • 25 SSH
  • 15 Potato Pickers
  • Plank with some Calf Stretching
  • 25 Single Count Merkins

The Thang:

  • Grab some Wall – 20 Presses, Jabs, Knee Ups – Run a Short Lap in the light rain and Back × 4 – Planking till 6 is in.
  • Grab some more Wall – 10 Wall Plank Jacks + 10 Mike Tyson – Run a Short Lap in the light rain and Back x 4 – BC led Mary til 6 was in.
  • Partner Up – 150 Dips, 150 Decline Merkins, 150 In/Outs, 100 Up/Down Merkins on the bench while partner is running the lap – Dasher led Mary til 6 was in
  • Back to Benches – 5 Bench Jump Burpees then 25 LBCs x 4 – Fun and Wet
  • Mary Time – 20 Freddie Mercuries, 20 Flutters, 20 American Hammer, 20 Heels to Heaven, A whole bunch of Protractor…, Finally 20 JLo’s led by BC ( Thanks to everyone for pitching in)



I was really quite impressed with absolutely everyone first showing up for what could have been a much wetter surprise.   There was limited mumblechatter, absolutely no complaining, everyone followed directions with no repeating of anything, and a little music.    I and most everyone seemed to have a good time and really put forth all their effort.

With such a small group, everyone’s work ethic was on display and I want to think each and everyone of you for absolutely killing it.

Dasher, BC and Deadwood kind of led the way through the light rain.   Dana and Wedding Singer have become Mr. Consistent hitting every workout in town and it is showing.  (Comment does not allow bathroom selfies on groupme)  Mad Dog and Doughboy pushed as always like there was no other choice.  I don’t know Honeycomb but have never seen him ever move that fast but maybe I was missing it.  The guy was crushing it.  Lastly, Chainsaw, my partner today, at an extremely spree 59 impressed the hell out of me.   Way to kill it like a 30 year old today stud today.   It was good partnering with you.


  • COTS (Church on the Streets) Sign Up happening. Please look on GroupMe.  (looks to be full though)
  • Commitment at Nesbit tomorrow morning.

Wrap up and Prayer:

 Thanks to Mad Dog taking us out this morning.

IGNITION/FLASH – Please Read, It Sucked for Everyone Involved

IGNITION – SandBags with Pole Work – Read More for Clarity

Thought we had an even dozen for Ignition but Chicken Little was only teasing us with his presence.  He was there to pre-run.  #Sandbagger.

Fast mosey to high school entrance.  Disclaimer given as we ventured up Moneyball Hill.

Circled up for a quick Christopher Columbus warmup:

14 SSH

9 Merkins

2 Burpees




Light pole work in Champions Forest

10 Merkins and 10 Bomb Jacks at each light pole


Mosey to Cemetary entrance with some T-Merkins along the way.  Walk dark path through Cemetery into Lawson.  More T-Merkins.  Mosey to Deermeadows where somebody left their garage open with gear (Thanks Transporter)


Everybody grab a Sandbag and run down to bottom of hill.  5 Sandbag burpees and run back to gear garage.  Grab Kettlebell or Metal pipe.  Run it up to top of Hill.  Shoulder presses.  Leave weights and run to bottom.

Triple Nickel-ish

5 sandbag burpees at bottom

Run up hill with Sandbag

10 Shoulder presses with KB/Pipe

Run back down with Sandbag

Rinse and repeat 5 times

Put gear back and mosey to Clubhouse playground.  Teams of 3 for pull-ups and dips.  P1 does pull-ups until failure.  P2 and P3 do dips until their turn.  Repeat.


Mosey back to Cuthbertson past Recalculating’s House (free post on GroupMe).  4 long sprints to finish it off.




We got in the required 4+ Miles.  Explored new territory.  Visited a cemetary.  Ran through VERY dark areas (bring head lamps to Ignition if you got them).  And ran up a HORRIBLE hill.

Great work by all.  Bomb jacks are not fun.  Dasher smoked the pole work (light poles – get your mind out of the gutter).  Sandbags sucked up hill. Hollywood and Halfback crushed it.  Good thing it was dark by the playground so nobody could see my soccer arms struggling on the pull-ups.  Nobody had to go back for the 6 since everybody busted it today.  Very impressive.


FLASH – We Did a Few Merkins

13 PAX to a mildly fast mosey to middle school entrance.  Disclaimer while planking up.

Circled up for Warm-Up:

Plank while stretching out Calves

25 Merkins

15 Imperial Walkers

15 PP




Hit the Light Poles in front of both schools to the Hill

10 Merkin with Cross Mountain Climbers at each Pole – Circle back to the 6


Triple Nickle at MoneyBall Hill

Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom (25/20/15/10/5) and 5 Bomb Jacks at the top (Boom) – Mary waiting for the 6


Mosey to the Amphitheatre for some bench work with a pit stop at the corner with 25 Double Count SSH in honor of Big10


Finish Mosey with another Triple Nickle

Dips at Amphitheatre (25/20/15/10/5) and 5 Inclined Bench Merkins at the School – Mary led by Southern Belle to wait for the 6


Mosey to steps behind the HS.

5 SitupHipups past top of stairs near the turn and 5 Smurf Jacks at the bottom.   Up Stairs front, back, side, flap jack both up and down.


Plank waiting on the 6 into Extra Merkin work just to enhance any burning.

5 Diamond Merkins in Cadence

5 Hands out Merkins in Cadence

5 Hands flipped at your waist Merkins in Cadence

5 Hands out past your head Merkins in Cadence


Mosey to Transporter’s Shed – Plank Jacks led by Posse

Back to home base hitting every light pole with 6 Plank Rotations




Everyone worked really hard and complained a normal level.   It was a workout that may hurt worse tomorrow than today.

It was good to see absolutely everyone push it including Posse after his detailed workout over the weekend that was OVERSHARED on Groupme.  Gerber and Southern Belle did an awesome job staying out in front, but behind Double Stuffed (awesome name) just shredding the course and all of us in the process.   Nice job DS.  The rest of the pack pushed through each and every exercise with no complaints.

Shout out to Jim (our FNG originally from St Louis) – hockey fan.   He pushed it really well on what was a hard workout for someone that does not do push ups every day.  Hope to see Jim Back.




Thank you from Dancing Bear on the donations of Shampoo and Soaps to Homeless in Union County.  Going really well and will continue to collect.

EASY BUTTON VQ tomorrow at Commitment

ZINFADEL VQ  Wednesday at Chiseled



Thank you BC for taking us out.

With No Cones, Had To Do Madonna Humpers

29 PAX including a FNG enjoyed a cool morning including a little running, a little lifting and a lot of Merkins.  Crazy to think the PAX did close to 5,000 Merkins this morning in some form or fashion.   Shout out to everyone who endured.

Mosey – Disclaimer

20 SSH, 15 PP, 20 Imp Walkers and 20 Merkins

The Thang/Workout

Partner up and mosey to Back of School to grab some bench.  Proceed to do 100 Madonna Humpers (that’s right) and some of you looked like virgins, 200 Dips, and 300 Dirkins while your partner runs to the Bus lot and back.  (There was complaining and obvious modifying)

Everyone dropped to do 25 Merkins to ensure the groups all hit their 300.  (Nice job)

Mosey to Transporter’s Shed –  Stop 10 Scorpion Plank Jacks in Cadence – (more modifications – 300 Dirkins may have been much.

Partner grabs a rock and head to the corner.   Next 150 Curls, 150 Shoulder Press and 150 Thrusters were done while partner run uphill to the stairs, up the stairs and down then alternate.

Mary was done waiting on the 6.

Mosey back to the shed to put rocks back, then 5 Carolina DryDocks at each light along the path back to home base.  NAILING the time perfectly to wrap up.


A very impressive group of guys endured  with some initial complaining to eventually eery silence as everyone powered through.   It is easy to be extremely proud of everyone as there was no loafing or hiding but every PAX getting after it.  You only get out what you put into it.   Did I mention it was a CONE FREE workout.  Had to be there.

Too too many people to name for shout outs, but the usual led the way for all of us.   Newbies and 6 continue to kill it and improve rapidly.   BriarCrest had another good showing- Minus Linus.  #ThatGuy

It was all fun today until we all realized we were just a bunch of “buttholes”.


Posse had a laundry list of announcements – don’t even remember them all.

Something like a convergence in Indian Land, some run at Marvin in the middle of the night thing in the fall…  Seemed like there was more.

Longhorn plugged his event this Saturday from 2 to 5 at Slate near uptown.  Proceeds go to Hayden’s Hope .

Sunday morning Open Door at Five Stones at 7am.

Reminder to sign up for COTs – Church on the Street next Sunday Morning (BC put the link on Groupme)

Sorry if i forgot anything.

Lastly, welcome Wrong Turn – Johnny Harwood after only living in Waxhaw for 8 weeks.  Hope we see a lot of you.  Johnny recently moved from New Mexico – thank you Posse for coming up with the Bugs Bunny Reference.


Thank you to DoughBoy for taking us out.



25 PAX arrived ready to roll for a simple beat down even after feeling uncomfortable at the site of the BriarCrest “titillating” pre-run, welcome to #Impromptu.

Mosey to front of High School – Disclaimer provided. 

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Potato Pickers
  • Plank with Plank Stretch
  • 20 Merkins

The Thang:

 Mosey to High School Parking Lot for some Cone Work.

 With full intentions of 10x10x10 workout but was only able to get to 10x10x5.


  • 10 assorted Cones spread around the parking lot
  • 10 of a specific exercise to be done at each cone
  • Once a handful of PAX completed, bring everyone in for the next exercise and the attempt to keep everyone in constant motion
  • Exercise Order – Merkins, Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, Smurf Jacks and then Plank Jacks

 With time running down as everyone felt the need to remind me, we headed to the hill in front of school

  • 10 Sporpion Plank Jacks at bottom with feet on curb and 5 Bomb Jacks at top

Back to school finishing the workout right on time.



 Had a large group again as Cuthbertson AO continues to KILL it in attendance.   Sorry #Goodfella, maybe you will be able to get #BIG10 out to Dromedary to boost your numbers.

Great to see everyone working hard and pushing it in the dim light with severe Muggy conditions.  I initially had these smaller kids soccer cones, but felt they would be too hard to see for #Rubbermaid through his fogged up glasses.

Only minimal complaining and hard work by all.   It was also good to see #Longhorn back in action after his 7 month hiatus from the group.   Also good to see #CaptainPhillips back after over a year from being away.  Maybe we can coax him to stick around in the gloom and pump up the Lawson numbers.

Another strong turnout from PAX not living in Lawson, will not name those neighborhoods.

Thank you for everyone for letting me lead and continuing to tolerate whatever workout I come up with.


Wrap up and Prayer:

 Thank you to #MoneyBall for taking us out.

Muggy Merkin Marathon

14 PAX met near the water tower for an extremely simple beat down.  Keeping the running to a minimum, the complaining was still evident but good natured.

Warm-up near the Tack Exchange – Disclaimer and Introduction with apology to those who attended Doc’s Jack Webb beating. 

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Potato Pickers IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

The Thang:

  • Hit the next Block as we mosey to the school.
  • 5 T Merkins at Each Mailbox to get the blood flowing
  • Up to the Basketball courts near the school to Partner up.


Combine with your Partner – 100 Crab Cakes, 200 Scorpion Dry Docks, 300 LBCs, 400 Plank Jacks and 500 Merkins – while partner runs to other end of the court to complete 10 Squats

  •  Final Mosey to the start to wrap up, with Flutter pit stops.


 A very impressive and hard working group all around even as the Merkins got very sloppy towards the end with many teams not quite hitting the 500 but getting very close.  Several rounds of exercises were done til failure, and the partner was there to pick them up and switch off.

Shout out Doughboy, Maple Syrup, Rubbermaid and Big10 who endured the day after experiencing Doc’s own Jack Webb Hell yesterday.  But all of them still powered through with all they had.

My partner Shake ‘n’ Bake was the man as no Form police will ever catch him not up to snuff cranking out each exercise precisely.

Beckham, Paper Jam, Dana, and Fuse (towel in hand) put it all out there with minimal complaints and just a few jabs.   Nice job powering though.

Anvil, extremely impressed with Iron and Ore.  Nice job, always good to see the 2.0s participating while Ore was running around most of us like we were standing still

Banjo – Nice to meet you sir and good job enduring a tough workout.  Thank you for making Floater your first official workout as we look forward to seeing you again.

Lastly, absolute favorite part was in the middle of squats when Rubbermaid stopped, turned to me and told me that I suck.   At the moment, I agreed with him.


  • FNG Ben Carson – previously from the Mountains of WV, likes beer.  He is a Dude.  Accepted the name Banjo.  Hopefully he returns.
  • Sandlot Pallet project with Shop Dog – please connect with him if you are interested.
  • COTS (Church on the Streets) Sign Up happening. Please look on GroupMe.

Wrap up and Prayer:

 Doughboy took us out with a special mention of Austin (18-year-old, who recently suffered a heart attack) who needs our prayers.  Thank you, Anvil, for bringing this to our attention.