The Progression of the Waffle – Awkward

The Progression of the Waffle – Awkward

Waking up as it is very cold and raining hard for a well thought out workout under the portico including the benches. Upon pulling up in the rain, can’t quite tell what I am looking at. WTF, Fuse is unloading gear in our area. Back to GroupMe, they decided to move Diesel to Cutty.

And then PAX began to arrive, some confused, some extremely annoyed. One OG angry, who continued to share his displeasure of the sequence of actions on GroupMe, the dude was not happy.

Rewind as to what just happened, did fellow PAX from other site reach out to ask for space, convergence or just some options, was that missed? The answer there was No. So Recalc provided some necessary site rules to our new visitors regarding parking, gear location, and some additional “advice”. And off we were, (the non stationary group) to find a new space to workout. Over to the back of the High School Portico to make it happen.

The Thang

20 SSH, 20 IW, Plank and Stretch the Cavs

Grab some Wall

20 Presses/20 Jabs/20 Heels up/Heels down x 4

5 Wall Plank Jacks plus 5 Mike Tysons x 4 hitting stairs between sets

Partner Up

150 Plank Extensions/LBCs/Flutters/Freddie Mercuries as Partner runs down and back under portico

250 Merkins with Partner running (killer)

Dasher killed us with American Hammer

Head to Back of Middle School

35 Dips then 5 Box jumps x 3

Times up, head to front of school for DICCs Pic and COT


4 annoyed PAX worked very hard with no complaints as there was very little non movement to the workout. Heart rates were kept up to where somehow 2.5 miles were covered in a very small area.

After much Diesel advertising that real men work out in the outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold. Talk of Vaginas. That was confusing, Fuse when is the last time you saw one. Only to swoop looking for shelter. (shaking my head) – for your shame…

Dasher killed it like normal pushing the PAX. Gerber outstrided us all like normal. Recalc blew off his Old Man steam pushing it very hard shedding the poncho for better dynamics. All 4 really pushed a somewhat unusual workout due to the inclement weather.


Gladiator tomorrow. All I can remember.

Recalc took us out. Please keep the family of his old friend who just passed away from cancer.

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