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Shuffling Through the Hills of The Haw

The rain held off so 9 PAX joined me to run around the streets of Downtown Waxhaw and lay down some serious sweat puddles.

Warm up: Mosey to Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church on Jackson Street.  SSH x20 IC, Peter Parker x10 IC, Mountain Climber x15 IC , Plank Jack x20 IC, 30 second elbow plank hold, Mountain Climber x10 IC

The Thang:

to High Street–at every light pole, 3 Merkins, then 6, 9, etc., down to end of the street and back up to top-Total 84 Merkins

Repeat-this time with Jump Squats-total 84

Once completed, Plank work, Mary which consisted of LBCs, Heels to Heaven, Dolly, all x20 IC


Mosey across tracks-stop in parking lot where Heritage restaurant is-Merkins x5 IC, Wide Arm Merkins x5 IC, Stagger Merkins each arm forward x5 IC, diamond Merkins x5 IC


To S. Providence Street near road closed signs-Broad Jump burpees to every 2nd rock, Lunge walk every 2nd rock-Repeat until rocks ended-I believe each was completed 5 times

5 Squats IC, 10 Monkey Humpers IC, 15 Mary Catherines IC, 4 Monkey Humpers (car interrupted us as we were in the middle on the street)

Mosey towards Keith Jong Hill (otherwise known as Church Street)-stop at HMS Commercial HVAC lot-Plank Work, various 6 inches, 6 inch Plank Jacks x10 IC

To Bottom of the hill-Up to 1st cone and complete Carolina Dry Docks x10, then back to start

Next sequence-10 CDD, at next cone 20 squats, back to start

Next sequence-10 CDD, 20 squats, at third stop 30 LBCs, back to start

Final sequence-10 CDD, 20 squats, 20 LBCs, 40 plank jacks at Village Laundromat

Back to cars-Flutters x20 IC before time called


YHC went on a little reconnaissance mission prior to the start and was pleased that almost every side street doubled as a nice sized hill.  We didn’t run up all of them of course but there are many more to use at a later date for the faithful Floater regulars and for when I get another invite to Q.  Great group of guys as always.  It was quite a soaker out there due to the humidity but that didn’t stop the PAX from working hard.

Bottlecap-best fashion attire of the group. However couldn’t see due to fake glasses.      Moneyball-started a “grass sucks” chant during warm up.   Posse-happy that the form/wording police did not show today, was ready for payback   Recalculating-verified that his calorie watch is a sham #fakenews    Shake-N-Bake-new Waxhaw resident confirmed 8/10 locals are gluten free and can’t use his product on their chicken. #sad   Button-wondered aloud why there were two buttons at the workout, thought he had the button market cornered    Doughboy-Fortnite kill record is 3 🙁   His 2.0’s is 35     Fuse Box -despite PAX thoughts, stated that Schroeder is his favorite Peanuts character    Easy Button-glad he wasn’t named Hard Button #dirty

To recap:  The pace was fast. The six was never too far (unless that unnamed person was purposely slowing down).   Did not come close to my pre-workout threat of 4 miles.  No calorie records were broken today. No partner work.  Wearing an 100% cotton shirt was a bad idea.  Monkey Humpers in front on someone’s home did not get the cops called on us.  And as usual no train interruptions. Thanks again.


3rd F-Sunday morning Bible study at 7am. Five Stones Church-This week-John Chapter 12

June 8th:  F3 Pool party $40 per family-Lawson in Waxhaw



Cerberus…So Fancy, You Already Know

20 PAX in attendance for a warm and sweat filled morning with the wonderful sounds of mumblechatter.  5:30 came, off we went. No FNG’s but a lazy disclaimer was still provided.  PAX coming in on two wheels, hurry up cause we got places to go and no time to waste.

Warm Up:

Mosey to the back around Whole Foods and the $$Bootcamp$$ folks for some warm up:  All IC: SSH x15, Imperial Squakers x12, Mountain climbers x15, Merkins x15, Plank Jacks x15.

Mosey to Parking Deck.

The Thang:

–Parking Deck–

Merkins x15, up ramp running backwards, then plank jacks x15. Take stairs down to start, begin sequence again up 2 ramps with plank jacks x15 at top of every ramp and merkins x15 to begin, back down, etc to top of deck.

Plank work while we wait, various 6 inches, arm high work, topped off with 6 inch plank jacks IC x15


Mosey south to the artificial grass area. Grab some half wall.  Completed Derkins IC x20, Dips IC x20, then 20 jump/step ups. Then over to the street in between the overpriced and fancy boutique stores.

–Fancy Street–

8 light poles from start to end, jump squats to next light pole, 10 mountain climbers, run to next, 10 lbcs, all the way to end.   Mary until 6, Heels to heaven IC x20. Back to parking deck

–Partner Stair Work–

Partner up, as a team complete 200 donkey kicks, 100 mike Tysons, P1 runs up to top of staircase and back down while P2 does exercise.   Alf led the mary, LBC’s and Flutters IC x20. Back to fancy street.

–Fancy Street, part 2–

Bear crawl to light pole, then run to next, complete sequence to end.   Mary?

Just a couple of minutes left at this point.  Over to lot, suicides at each line and back to end.  Bratwurst led some American Hammers IC x30 to end the workout.



So it turns out YHC really sucks at giving out directions.   When my weinke was drawn up and memorized, I was good, no questions needed to be asked.   Yet today, the questions and many confused faces started rather early.    Look, just run up the dang ramp and figure it out  I’ll work on this for next time.       However, once we got going, it was all work.  Transporter was promised a lighter running day so the goal was to keep it shorter in distance than YHC usually does, at the same time keeping that heart rate up.  Plan achieved.   The PAX pushed themselves and never slowed down, I’m sure they were feeling it because I know I was.

Thanks for the invite.   It is always a welcome change to meet and work out with the PAX from other regions.   Great guys as expected.


FNG day at Cerberus next week, May 11 at 5:30. Bring a FNG or else…

June 8th-  Pool Party  8-10 PM Lawson Pool Waxhaw- Cost $40 to raise funds for Sandbox (promise no additional Shake downs)

Thanks Header for the prayer.

All Around the Watchtower

13 PAX took a leap of faith and made it out to Watchtower, not knowing who would actually be the Q.  I had made a deal with Posse yesterday to Q if he promised me no rain.  He pulled out his phone, apparently pretended to look at an app, and assured me no rain.  So of course there was rain.  However it did stop before start time but it was wet enough to where I scraped all plans to use any rocks or pass over any grass.  The PAX were appreciative. I even think I got a standing ovation when they learned I was the Q.   I think.   At least they were standing.  That’s how I remembered it anyway.


Mosey to Snack Bar in front of track, go slow over the frozen bridge-Imperial Squakers IC x15


Mosey to elementary school dropoff spot: Elbow planks while we wait.  Elbow Peter Parker x15. Various other stuff.  Did wall sits

Merkins IC x7 , Jump Squats IC x7, Plank Jacks IC x7 -Run Lap

Low Slow Squats IC x14, Wide Arm Merkins IC x14, Mountain Climbers IC x14 -Run Lap

Peter Parker Peter IC x21, Squats IC x21, Stagger Merkins IC x21 -Run 2 laps


Mosey to side parking lot-Plank work while we wait, then Maktar NDyiae IC x10

11’s in the parking lot: -Jump knee slaps on one end, Carolina Dry Docks on the other-Mary while we wait, Heels to Heaven, Dollies, Flutters IC x10-15

Mosey to Track area-Plank work, plus elbow plank jacks IC x20

Mosey back to Snack Bar-Partner work

P1 runs to some pillars about 40 seconds away one way, P2 does Mike Tysons-total 150 as a team

Diamond Merkins IC x 6-**Attempted but the PAX weren’t interested

Mosey on back to cars right on time.


We tracked almost 2 miles today, not a ton but we were constantly moving with a very fast Mosey throughout. It’s always good to make it to the old Watchtower site for some new terrain.  I was tempted at some point with the track being open but I ran out of time so we’ll save that for another day.  The goal was to keep any rest to a minimum and I think that was achieved.  Once again, a great group of guys today and some real solid work was put in.   Thanks to all who came out.


The Floater-begins Thursday at 5:30, Downtown Waxhaw under the water tower

Dromedary-The Grease Monkey on Q tomorrow at Marvin Ridge HS, 5:30

Deflated has Super Bowl Squares, buy a few if interested

Goodfella with the takeout


3rd AMRAPs the Charm

16 PAX were not afraid and showed up for Impromptu’s once a month AMRAP special, which has been hailed as the best AMRAP course ever assembled on the southwest side of Cuthbertson Middle School.     This is the third event on the new course after the old course was disbanded after an impressive 7 month run.

Rather unsurprisingly, it was really cold again. Also, the middle school leadership team must be aware of this once a month event as for the third month running, they closed down the school and allowed us to avoid the diesel exhaust fumes from the 20 buses that need a hour to warm up.


Run through AMRAP course to allow PAX to get the lay of the land. Along the way, completed SSH x10, Mountain Climbers X10, Merkins x10, Squats x10 and Burpees x 5.

THE THANG:  7 stations around a 1/2 mile circle.  As Many Reps (Laps) As Possible in 30 minutes:

  1. Derkins x 20
  2. Dips x 20
  3. Curl to Press x 20
  4. Bear Crawl x 30 yards
  5. Donkey Kicks x 20
  6. Bunny Hops x length of bball court
  7. Burpees x # of laps completed
















Maple Syrup




Gator Cub









Bear Crawl




Donkey Kicks





Bunny Hops


























Chunky Soup




Das Boot


No Regerts


Mad Dog




Cha Ching








Fuse Box










Great job by all today.  Many new faces as there were 8 new PAX to the course and all set PR’s.  Actually, everyone broke their previous records except for me as I’m pretty sure I peaked 6 months ago.  Really cool to see the improvements being made. Not a lot of mumblechatter today, just hard work.    Until next time.


Madison is looking for work-Expertise in all types of Sales. Please visit the Networking section of Slack or reach out if you know of something.

Official launch-The Floater, Thursday, 2/1-Waxhaw Water Tower , 5:30am

Outland-Sun Valley MS -Saturday 7am-Arsenal has his VQ

Commitment-Weddington HS -Saturday 6:30-Popeye on Q

Sign ups for Impromptu Qs needed-If you don’t sign up, you will be picked to Q.

Mad Dog with the takeout.


Stone Cold Crazy

10 brave souls joined me on this ridiculously cold morning. I am not sure why. Maybe they just enjoy the feeling of intense pain in their fingers , face and lungs.   Whatever the reason, they showed up to work hard so that’s what we ended up doing.

Warm Up:

Mosey to the front of the high school, peel back to pick up Jingles along the way. Disclaimer provided

All IC: SSH x 20, MC x 20, Plank jacks x 20, Bodybuilders x 8

The Thang:  Partner work

P1 Dips, P2 run around island, flapjack – Total 120 Dips

Mosey to side of school-5 Bodybuilders

P1 Mike Tysons, P2 run to street and back, flapjack- Total 80 Mike Tysons

Mosey to next inlet -5 Bodybuilders

P1 donkey kicks, P2 run to street and back, flapjack – Total 100 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to parking lot

P1 Supines, P2 run around parked car and back, flapjack- Total 100 supines

Mosey to other side of parking lot -20 Merkins IC

P1 Thrusters w/ lifting rock, P2 run around light pole, flapjack- Total 100 Thrusters

Mosey behind high school, plank work

P1 jump squats, P2 run around triangle of grass, flapjack – Total 100 jump squats

Mosey to stairs

P1 LBC’s, P2 run down stairs and back up, flapjack -Total 120 LBC’s

Wall sits with presses while we wait, total IC x15, then mosey back to cars

Stop for 20 Dips IC, then on to Launch right on time


The goal was to keep the PAX moving without much time to contemplate how cold they actually were.  I believe that was achieved.   Still felt as though we were running in slow motion (maybe it was just me).  Not much in the way of mumblechatter as it was just too cold to talk much in the 9 degree weather while trying to catch our breaths.   However, when I attempted to call out one last set up Derkins at the end of the workout, Foundation was quick to point out that we were short on time and needed to head back, saying something about having to get to work.    At the time I believed him so we headed back without completing the Derkins.  Was I tricked?  Did he really go to work today, or even work for that matter?  Maybe I need to go hang out in Lawson for some intel.

Ackbar rolling in looking like Deflated today, with a “Hey, this is Ackbar”. Dude, we knew it was you. #funny.  Not even sure I remember what Deflated actually looks like without the faceguard he’s been wearing since October.  Recalculating still rocking the shorts (although I think I did see him cold at one point, pulling a Doc and trying to warm up his fingers).    Foundation is getting faster by the day, Tuck is likely in the process of recruiting him to run somewhere.  Jingles getting a little prep work in before Joe Davis tomorrow.   Great Pumpkin worked hard today, never stopped.  Gator Cub regretted his decision to show up from minute #1, but kept trucking anyway.  At the rate they’re posting, Mad Dog and Halfback will be leaving everyone in the dust soon. I definitely see a Spartan Beast in their future.  Doughboy is happy now that basketball is in full swing so he can finally start wearing his Kentucky gear again.

Until next time.  Thanks again.


Commitment tomorrow 6:30, Q is likely open. Contact Transporter if you want the Q

Gator Cub’s annual daddy/daughter dance in a couple of months.  Will send link via Slack.

Thanks Ackbar for the takeout


It Was a Good Day, Part 2

11 PAX made it out on a lovely Sat. morning so they could better justify their choice later on that day to make poor eating and drinking decisions.

Warm up:

Mosey with disclaimer towards practice field, stop along the way for SSH 25x IC, merkins 10 IC;

The Thang:

Pyramid to get the shoulders warmed up;  Maktar Ndiaye x5 IC, Peter Parkers x10 IC , Mountain Climbers x15 IC, plank jacks x20 IC, 25 second elbow plank hold;  then back down again

to field-

Bear Crawl 10 yards, 10 merkins, then sprint 10 yards, 10 squats. repeat through far side end zone.  Ends up being 60 merkins and 60 squats.  Mary while waiting for the six.

Maktar NDiaye x15 IC just because the PAX asked for it

At elementary school wall: 15 Mike Tysons, 5 burpees, run to end of lot and back; then 10 Mike Tysons, 5 burpees, run; then 5 Mike Tysons, 5 burpees, run,  More Mary while waiting

To playground: pair up     P1 run to wall and complete 10 donkey kicks, P2 does the following, then switch:  1-supines under swings,  2-swerkins

Each exercise was completed 3x;  Jump Squats while waiting for the 6

Mosey to benches-13 benches, alternate 10 dips, 10 derkins through all until finished; Mary while we wait

Mosey to the path near the baseball fields-at each lightpole up and back, 10 jump tuck knee slaps -total 70 -Pick up 6 or jump squats while waiting;

20 step up/jump ups at the flagpole

Mosey back to start, frog jump over bridge along the way

1 MOM, then Merkins x10 IC, wide arm merkins x10 IC, Diamond merkins x10 IC;



Fine group of guys as always.  Mumblechatter was good.   The recycled workout worked out well.   Grass wasn’t wet.  2.8 miles.   Elementary school rocks.  Still love the swings.  Track was closed, #lucky.  Not a Christmas themed workout.  No terrible West UC music on my watch. Transporter turned into Doc, aka form policia.  Coffeeteria was on point with good fellowship.  All in all a great morning.

Thanks to the PAX for sticking with it despite me being in the process of losing my voice.  Until next time.


Joe Davis Run 1/6




Missed, but not Forgotten

Fartsacker Posse hinted the night before that YHC may be venturing to Watchtower’s original stomping grounds for a little old school fun.

So to not disappoint the 6 PAX that showed up to better themselves, that is what we did.

Warm up:

Mosey with disclaimer to concession area:   SSH x 15, Merkins x 10 IC, Maktar Ndiayes x 10 IC, Plank Jacks x 15 IC, Mountain climbers x 20 IC, 25 sec elbow plank hold

The Thang:

to track- 1 lap, at each corner 10 hand release merkins, total 40 —  plank work while we wait

On way to elementary school: 20 jump ups at flag pole

At school wall: 5 donkey kicks, hold feet on wall for 5 seconds, 10 donkey kicks, hold for 10 seconds, etc. up to 20

To playground: pair up     P1 run to end of parking lot and back,  P2 does the following, then switch:  1-dual swing merkins  2-swerkins  3-pull ups under swings

Each exercise was completed 2x

Mary while waiting for the six-Heels to Heaven x 20 IC, Dolly x 20 IC, American Hammer x 20 IC

Mosey to some random hill-path near the baseball fields-at each lightpole up and back, 10 jump knee slappers (technical term) -total 70

10- 6 count burpees  before moving on.

Heading home-stop for pulse merkins 8 x IC, wide arm merkins x 10 IC, diamond merkins x 8 IC

20 jump ups back at concession stand

Jailbreak back to front, some more Mary?


The PAX all brought it today.   We tracked about 2.7 miles, a good amount as we were constantly moving with a very fast Mosey throughout.   For most of us that post at Cuthbertson or Marvin Ridge, this is really the only facility where we can actually use playground equipment and have some fun trying some different exercises.  I think the PAX enjoyed the change of scenery.  Although there is much to do at the HS, adding some of the elements from the ES was a good change of pace.

Thanks for the honor to lead these men.


Thursday-plan is to meet at 5:30 at the Waxhaw Watertower.  New possible site to check out.

Friday-2 year anniversary of Impromptu.  Some pet Dr. from Meck is Q’ing

Christmas party-12/16, link has been provided. See Slack and Groupme to sign up

Thanks to Doughboy for taking us out in prayer



Communication Breakdown

20 PAX in attendance for what turned out to be a nice morning filled with the beautiful sounds of mumblechatter. Everyone was on time and at 5:30, away we went.

Warm Up:

Disclaimer provided, then Mosey to circle in HS, warm up: 5 burpees, 15 mountain climbers IC, 15 plank jacks IC, 15 low slow Merkins, 15 peter parkers IC, 5 burpees

The Thang:

–To staircase area:

Triple Nickel -5 donkey kicks at top of stains, 5 knee slappers at bottom, 5x each;  Mary and plank work waiting for six

to roundabout:

–In pairs- run around loop, on way back between cones, bear crawl or frog jumps before reaching partner; complete 200 jump squats and 200 merkins (modified to 120 because I felt like it and not because of the mumblechatter); Mary while waiting for six

Mosey to parking lot:

–10- 6 count burpees (for some at least); then 4 corners at lightpoles, at each 10 count speed skaters (each leg), run forwards and backwards; Mary while waiting for six

–On way back-stop and circle up-5 mountain climbers IC, 10 merkins, 15 Makhtar Ndiaye (for few), 20 plank jacks, 25 second elbow plank (maybe longer, wasn’t counting)

run back to start, 1.5 MOM to end


I figured it was a nice morning to go on a little stroll around campus, sweat a little and work off some of that Halloween candy we have taken from our 2.0’s.  Knowing that I was on Q should have led the PAX to have an idea of what to expect today.  However, for some reason the 20 that came out had other ideas (some were apparently looking forward to 0.0 man-touch Mondays) and I believe were planning a mutiny after realizing that every time I spoke, the word “running” seemed to come out of my mouth.    Unfortunately for them, I pretended not to hear the PAX (until I got told I was making up stuff on the fly, #yeah #sowhat #stillfun) and kept moving until the clock hit 6:15.     All were better because of it.

After today I’m shocked, dumfounded as to why Cool Runnings is on permanent hiatus. #nope  #rip


Strong work by all today.  It was good to see everyone pushing themselves out there this morning with the mileage we covered.  Sorry abut the elbows but when it gets close to 50, as a non-northerner I need long sleeves.  Welcome FNG Stub Hub.


Christmas Party 12/16/17:

Joe Davis Memorial Run 1/6/18 Register here:

Contact Bottlecap for basketball on 11/11/17

It wasn’t stated but former UC poster and now Meck’s very own Doc is on Q tomorrow.


The Choice is Yours

Sort of.  It’s part of the disclaimer (solid disclaimer given of course), but since the PAX wanted to work hard, no modifications were needed on this beautiful morning.  Truthfully, I was just listening to this song in the car and couldn’t come up with a creative title.

Also, Frack literally begged me to write this because there is nothing that gives him greater satisfaction then reading backblasts and reminiscing over his workouts.

Warm Up:

Mosey through the parking lot and to the refreshment area

IC: SSH x 20, Plank jacks x 20, Peter Parker x 20, Elbow Plank until tired, Merkins x 10

The Thang:

—On the football field:

Bear Crawl 10 yards, 10 merkins, then sprint 10 yards, 10 squats. repeat through far side end zone.  Ended up being 60 merkins and 60 squats.  Mary while waiting for the six.

—Move to the old Watchtower stomping grounds; wall sit with 50 air presses to catch our breath.

Next: 15 donkey kicks, 15 jump squats, run out to cones and back; Repeat with 10 each and then 5.  Mary while we wait.

—Run to the Elementary Playground

in threes; one partner does pull ups, one runs to end of parking lot and back and one does Watchtower Swerkins (push ups on swings) (Turtle!). Rotate until each partner does each exercise 3 times.

–Continue mosey, stop at benches and complete 40 dips, 20 step ups.

–Mosey to entrance. Run up street, 5 jump tucks at each cone/streetlight, up and back. Total 60.

At overhang:

–Pyramid-5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 plank jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 25 sec elbow plank;  then back down

–Mosey to large bleachers; all the way across; total 10? aisles up and down

Mary/plank work while waiting for the six

Run to start; 2 MOM to end.


It was good to see everyone pushing themselves out there this morning.  The bleachers at the end were rough.  Not overly far with a little less than 3 miles, but we were constantly moving.

Somehow, Shampoodle broke free from the Lawson clown car to make it out solo.  I won’t tell BC and MB if you won’t.

Beltway escaped pulling an Orville in the first 15 min and recovered nicely, finishing strong.

Kilo working hard to make weight, sorry we didn’t lift really heavy things.  Fuse Box, as always, rocking the Linus towel like a boss and much improved from his FNG days.

Posse, Gatorcub, Big Tuna, solid as usual. Actually more than solid, these guys are all getting sneaky fast.

And Frack was leading the pack in every exercise, never complained once and stated that this was the best Q he has ever been to.


 Insane Inflatable 5k; 11/4/17; see Posse for details; other F3 events coming up as well, see Posse again for details

Gatorcub took us out


I Missed the Bus…

(The Skankin’ Pickle version of this song, not the Kriss Kross version)

21 PAX came out for a nice cool morning stroll at the Cuthbertson campus.  During the pre run with Dasher and Goodfella, I noticed that the track was open.  Since it is usually never open, my brain was working overtime to try and figure out what to do.  Much to Dasher’s chagrin, I went with the plan already drawn up and did not use the track.   Bottlecap does have to work on his tennis arms after all.

Warm Up:

Mosey through the parking lots, Disclaimer provided

All IC: SSH x 15, MC x 15, Plank jacks x 15, Merkins x15, 6 inch Plank jacks x 15

The Thang:

Mosey to the path that leads to Transporter’s Home Away from Home.

At each light, complete starfish. Begin with 3 and increase at each light by 3. Made it to 15 of each before completing some plank work before and after the 6 (plus 20 Makhtar Ndiaye)

at rock pile, grab a rock

Curls x15 IC, Rock presses x 15 IC, rock squats x15 IC.  Then run to designated area on path: Merkins x5 IC, jump squats x5 IC, burpees x5

Repeat 2 more times with rock work x 10IC and x5 IC and non rock work x10 IC and x15 IC

Rock flutters while waiting for the 6

Partner work-100 Thrusters total while partner runs to light pole and back

Place rock back, heels to heaven x25 IC and mosey to high school.  Stop along the way for some more plank work, which included arms and leg variations, plus 6 inch plank jacks x10IC

at high school, line up; At every parking line, 5 merkins, then back to start (25 total).  Dolly x15

4 minutes left, go as fast as you can back to the start. No time for more Mary.



Admittedly, I was 1-2 minutes late getting back at the end of the workout.   A lot of Mumblechatter about that for some reason #notaqfail #burnedanextra20calories.   Didn’t even have time to get my phone before the nameorama began.  Yet today for some reason (was it really the extra time), the 21 PAX that came out broke the record for quickest AO exit.  Literally 1 minute after Moneyball so graciously took us out in prayer, the sounds of tires squealing and engines roaring were gone and there stood 5 of us, confused by what just happened

I thought none of the PAX even work on Friday, judging by the GroupMe activity. Plus, 90% of you live across the street.

Therefore,  it must be those precious creatures we call our children and the rush to get them on the bus.   Aren’t the busses always late anyways?       But even if that was not the reason, it works with the post/song title so I’m keeping it as the excuse.   And hopefully nobody’s child really did miss the bus.

Once again, great work by the PAX today.  Very little separation and everyone was doing well at keeping up with the pace. Good to see Akbar show up again, keep coming out it will get easier.  To those that have recently started coming out regularly, keep working hard and if not already, you will soon notice a definite difference in your fitness level.

Since I went off of memory, it looks as though I missed one of the PAX in attendance.  #youknowwhoyouare


Ole MacDonald has his grass fed, organic, free range, healthy, strong, Grade A++ rated, and well cared for chicken eggs for sale

Susan Komen Race -10/7/17 -sign up links sent out via GroupMe, Slack, Facebook, etc.