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I Don’t Give a F, I Actually Give Three

Hello fall! What are these things on my arms?… Oh, that’s right, sleeves. I forgot what they were like as this has been quite the extended year of staying at home and unforgiving heat and humidity. Not going to lie but I recycled a portion of a previous Weinke today mainly because I knew I could Q it better than last time and we needed to keep moving to stay warm. Yes, 50 degrees is cold for me… Anyway it didn’t take long for a nice crew of 10ish to appear out of the gloom and it was time. DiCCS were executed perfectly and we had a ton of safety gear present so we looked like a string of Christmas lights when we ran in a single line. You’re “encouragement” is working Mad Dog!


Mosey to front of high school after 1 full circle around lot

Imp Walkers Squawkers x 15 IC

Plank hold x 30sec

P parkers x10 IC

Mtn climbers x15 IC

Calf stretch

Chest / shoulder stretch on the ground – (You would have thought I asked the PAX to put their ankles behind their head and walk around on their hands…. Come on boys, work some yoga in your routine!)


Burpee Indian run to side entrance on Cuthbertson

Follow trail to Lawson entrance

Run down to T section stopping at each side st

Complete 5 burpees

10 BBs

15 Mtn Clmbr

Mosey down Great Rd to cul-de-sac – Time to smoke the “This is Ignition” Strava segment

AYG up “This is Ignition” segment ( Our group now holds the top 7 spots )

Mosey to 5 forks pool parking lot

220 Run to Lawson entrance.

2mi run – ea cul-de-sac and intersection Q picks the exercise x 20 reps ( upper, lower, abs )


  • At Paw Paw ln – alternating bear crawl x 20 Then walk lunge x 10 until top

Mosey back down hill to cont run
Several exercises were done and most PAX were called upon to contribute – roughly 12 stops I think

Follow trail back to Cuthbertson side entrance

Mosey back to middle school entrance where welcome sign is – 10 mins left so audible time

1 mile loop around Cutty campus for time – Now forever known as “The Glidah Mile” thanks to Gerber

Back to COT for Am Hams and words of wisdom


So there was a lot of stopping and starting today during our adventure but got in a variety of exercises, an ars kicking sprint and finally a longer gallop to finish things off. We had a fast group, faster than usual I think, because everyone really stayed together the whole time and pushed each other. There were several changes to the leader/s of the pack as we went along which is awesome. I remember when some of these “fast” guys started encouraging me to post at the longer distance / hour long workouts and now I get to be a co-site Q at one of them. Ignition. And how cute is it that the dude that EH’d me into joining F3 is the other site Q. Thanks Hollywood xoxoxo – I mentioned a couple things up top regarding F’s and seasons so I guess I should tie all that in somehow. Here goes; With about a minute left I opened up to the group that we are going through a change of seasons and by now I think most know that I have been as well. It has been an incredibly mixed ride of ups and downs, emotions, confusion and stress. But with all of that there has also been so many incredible and amazing other things that have been revealed on this journey of mine. One of the biggest and most important is I’ve been able to invest in the other two F’s of F3; the Fellowship and Faith components. I don’t think I can put into words the impact that tying all three together has made in my life in such a very short period of time. The bond and community that I have with many PAX today rivals those of immediate family and close friends I’ve had for 20 years… They’ve got my back. They pray for me – like for real pray, not just send the ūüôŹ emoji or post it in GM. They have offered me a room to stay if I need it. Coffee and an ear to listen. Encouragement. Accountability. And honestly just offering their time in a world where there never seems like there is enough to even get the most basic tasks accomplished that come with the defaults of life. I’m more engaged and connected with God than I have been in years. When you’re put into an environment where you know you just can’t do it alone you start to look for support ( hello 2nd and 3rd F’s ) and support is what I have found. I am more clear headed and in tune with the environment and world around me than maybe I have ever been before. And guess what, when that happens you start seeing even more amazing and beautiful things around you. Some, that have been there the whole time. I could go on but I’ll save some for my next BB. Here’s the bottom line; we have a FREE opportunity to take advantage of right now to help us grow in any area of our life. You just have to get uncomfortable enough to take the next step and act on the thought or emotion that you’ve been carrying around for however long. It’s there for a reason and so is F3. Grateful for each and every one of you. ‚úĆ


Last week of IPC – get your coupons and backs ready #murderbunnies

We still have over 90 spots to fill for the next blood drive in October. Remember when it was still like 8 weeks away?…

Welcome FNG “TikTok”.

Let’s Grow Today

Time for another Q. Swarm. I’ve been here and done this before but as I started planning a fresh new Weinke I discover I’ve been sucked into another “sub-group” of elite¬†athletes, idiots, over achievers / dreamers. IPC season is upon us so why not put together a relay team to take down the top time in less than 24hrs? I generally haven’t said “No” to much of anything presented to me from this group so why not. See how distracted I became? I’ve already forgotten where I was going while writing up this BB… Anyway, I arrived on site at¬†3:30am about 4:50am to what looked like a news channel preparing for a local broadcast or crime scene investigation. Think two super bright light rings focused on part of the parking lot with a group of by-standards gathering. This was to be my pre-run I suppose. Call me Tool time, long story short, we came, we saw, we destroyed the top time by nearly a full minute. I had burpees because I like them. I also had one of the 400m runs which I generally enjoy but this one took me back to ’99 on the Piedmont Panthers track team when there was a real timer and it “mattered” and you couldn’t let your team down so I ran it. I ran it as hard as I could and actually felt the brain and body start to shut down on that final stretch to the finish line…..

5.18am…¬†DiCCS let’s mosey.


.75 mosey around front of schools and around past stadium to first circle

Circle up – we were already warmed up so i selfishly took time to stop for a few minutes because i was still in la,la land from that 400

Dynamic warm up stretch
over head to toes walk out to plank
runners stretch arm to sky R, L
hill drops R, L alternating up to 20
maybe something else…

Mosey back to pick a rock for .25 boulder run

All x 10 reps

Corner 1 shoulders

Rock press

Dry docks

Corner 2 triceps

Curb dips

Rock OH extension

Corner 3 abs

Flutters 2 is 1

Rock curls

Corner 4 legs

Mtn climbers 2 is 1

Rock am hams

Complete laps until the rock travels back to start.

Mosey around and up to the picnic tables at back of high school for 3 rounds of
burpees x 5
BBs x 10
box jumps or step ups x 15
then AYG around Geeb Jungle

Recover then mosey to Transporter’s Shed, Rudy’s Outhouse etc
some type of evil suicide up and down the yellow brick rd
AYG up to first sidewalk on R then mosey back to start for 10 T plank push ups
rinse and repeat until Q calls audible to 10 shoulder taps back at the start and then up to COT

Still had a couple minutes left so i knew it was time for me to stop the madness and use them for me.


…..i don’t think I finally came back to reality from that opening 400 until we were running up and down the yellow brick rd. Not sure exactly where I went but I haven’t been there in a long time. I always like to throw some shout outs here but everything is such a blur please accept my apologies because I can’t seem to pull any together! I do know that everyone pushed really hard out there this morning and I’m seeing more PAX at Swarm, Ignition etc. that are taking those uncomfortable steps to break through into new territory and discover untapped potential. Don’t stop! We’ll do it together. It’s no secret I’ve been sharing a lot of thoughts and personal “stuff” with this group so we circled up back where most of us started the morning at the IPC relay start / finish. We took a knee and I let it go. 12 months have gone by already since I’ve made several changes in my life. Working on mental, physical, spiritual and relational challenges. IT’S. BEEN. HARD. But I’m growing. I’m seeing things come to the surface, beautiful things, positive things that I knew would eventually reveal themselves but just didn’t know what, when and how. I’m in a season of change, growth and discomfort. All in a good way. I won’t try to regurgitate everything here so just ask if you’d like to hear more or have a question about some of the things I’ve been doing that have helped provide guidance and support for me along the way. I’ll leave you with this though. Take a moment to lift your foot off the “gas pedal” of life and slow down enough or even stop to zoom out and see where you’re headed. We try to go 90 miles an hour all the time but what if you’re not heading in the right direction? Are you on a path to achieve your goals whatever they may be? Do you even have any written down? Look for areas where you can add margin to help in an area where you may be lacking. One of the best books and first books I read when embarking on my self improvement / personal development journey years ago is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy ( It really shows you how the smallest, almost unnoticeable, choices you make day in and day out can compound into massive results or a life of mundane, stagnant complacency. And we can choose what those are.


IPC is upon us. Looks like we’re going to continue the relay team formula just for kicks.

The Waxhaw region 1 year anniversary convergence celebration is on the calendar for Labor day. You have 3 guilt free flavors to choose from; bootcamp, 5k race and MASH. Doesn’t matter which one you pick, just pick one and show up at Cuthbertson!

YHC took us out.
Be intentional in all you do and say. Look for His guidance to ensure your words are kind and pure. Find the person you are meant to help or impact in a positive way.

No Bears Allowed on the Grass

Well another day and another new AO I’ve never posted at before and a VQ all wrapped into one… Just another reminder I need to venture outside of my little Cuthbertson bubble to mix things up and meet some new PAX. And meet some new PAX I did! Overheard that we had a good showing so that added to the pressure. No worries as I had at least planned my tried and true “Build a Burpee” Recipe among other things. I had done extensive research at this AO in the past but it was the menu at Yama and flights over at the Ale House so this was a whole new perspective. I decided to keep the area of work pretty close together but still allow plenty of mileage. Time was up so DICCS were delivered whilst a garbage truck threw dumpsters around in the background but everyone new the plan and we were off.

.4 mi mosey up and around shopping center down to traffic circle in front of Wav apartments to circle up
Mobility stretch – I mean it just hurts so good….
Mtn climbers x 10 IC
Rock back merkins x 5 IC – always works the brain at this hour too
Squats x 20

1mi Build a Burpee – Start Traffic Circle – Finish last intersection (Prov Farm)
Merkins x 10 @ circle
In and outs x 10  @ 1st side st RT
Squat jumps x 10 @ 2nd side st LT
Burpees x 10 @ end past Prov Farm
Run back to start – (Or b-line straight to safety if your Transporter for what ended up being round 1 of last nights hot sauce…)
Rinse and repeat
Finish at circle
Ice9 led Mary until the six was in.

Mosey to Public Parking deck – .48 mi
Ab Sprints to the top
1st level – BBs x 20 sprint to lvl 2
Flutters x 20 IC sprint to lvl 3
Windshield wipers x 20 sprint to lvl 3 (Never done these before but they will be back I promise)
LBCs x 20 IC sprint to lvl Top
Fred Mercs x 20 IC
6in Plank jacks x 10 IC
Mosey back down to lvl 1

Mosey to Astro Turf to grab some wall
Dips x 20
Bear crawl Backwards run across turf then (was told word on the street is the turf has become a latrine for canine residents so we stayed on our feet)
Side lunge x 20 total
Backwards run across turf
Rinse and repeat
Switch to Derkins x 20
High knees across then
Steps ups / box jumps x 20
High knees back
Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to COT eat up the last 3ish minutes and clock 3 miles around the parking lot.
Gerber logged some extra credit with one more Mary but stopped our watches before 6:16…


Well once again I had a blast navigating uncharted territory and leading a great group of guys. We had a great mix of familiar faces and new ones too for me anyway. Everyone really wanted to push and stay at the front of the pack and Ice9 pulled his usual “no turn signal merge” sprinting up the desk to cause a 14 PAX pile up and wreck the rest of morning rush hour. Kidding but we were having a good time fighting for position up that deck the whole time. I also noticed a new combo move that I’ll call the Al Gore Burpee during our first segment. Recalc may want to review that one… Once we were almost back to COT I notice Transporter trotting up from across the way and wondered if my route just wasn’t what he was looking for to complete this workout? Turns out he went two extra rounds for some unplanned squats of his own. I’ve never been hung over from too much hot sauce…. In all seriousness I did want to use this platform to share some thoughts and pose a challenge for you. I encourage you to push yourself to stay just outside of your comfort zone. What does that mean? Well the way I look at it is to push yourself just enough where you have to take a step forward to keep yourself from falling. It doesn’t hurt, it’s not scary and you’re not remaining stagnant in one place. Be comfortably uncomfortable. Continue to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. When was the last time you intentionally checked in with your M or significant other just to see how they are doing or are feeling? Or just someone you’re close to? This month marks exactly 1 year when I started posting again. While I’ve been “Glidah” for at least 2 years ( thanks Hollywood ) it wasn’t until one of my buddies, who a lot of you know as Catfish now, called me up to see what I was doing to work out and stay in shape. At that time I told him, “Well nothing right now, but here’s what I used to do.” So with that we agreed to commit and post at least 3 times a week for a total of 21 posts. Since then I have developed a habit that pulls me now instead of me having to do the pushing. I feel better now than I have In damn near a decade and it’s because I decided to get a little uncomfortable. I showed up and did the work. I accepted an invitation to run and workout an extra 15 minutes with these “gazelles” as they were known. I continued to work, to push, and to do things that weren’t the easiest or always the most convenient. That compounded into other choices and areas of my life that I continue to work on today. I guess what I’m trying to say is this F3 thing is a big deal. Don’t take it for granted boys!


IPC is starting soon! The exercises are easy just make sure you can do 200 of each one….

The Waxhaw region 1 year anniversary convergence celebration is on the calendar for Labor day. You have 3 guilt free flavors to choose from; bootcamp, 5k race and MASH. Doesn’t matter which one you pick, just pick one and show up at Cuthbertson!

YHC took us out.
It is an honor and blessing to have an opportunity to impact someone in a positive way. If you have been, please pass it on.

A Light Jog Across the Rocking Lot

According to my notes this was my VQ at Flash! This AO has special meaning as this is where Glider, no it’s “Glidah” thanks to Schneider, was named and born about two years ago. However it was only about a year ago at this time that I started posting on the regular again. More on that journey some other time… Arrived early enough to wish the Ignition PAX good luck as they were going to need it with Tool Time popping his VQ cherry. I hate that I missed hills in Champion Forest I wasn’t there to support him but duty called to get the week started off with a nice humid kick in the under carriage for what ended up being 20 something PAX. DICCS were interrupted right about the second C which for me was CPR when a half naked Wolverine strolls up and distracted many on lookers… so if anyone needed resuscitating he was your guy for the morning. With that we were off.


Mosey out and around front of middle towards HS entrance drop off and circle up!
Mobility stretch – getting some good feedback here and seeing more of this in the warmups so glad it’s catching on. (You know you need to stretch more)
Peter Plank Jacks x 10 IC
Calf stretch
6in hold P Parker x 5 IC
Imperial Squawkers – x 10? IC



Mosey back out and around to bus road up to covered stairs for triangle ladder 7 to 1
HSPUs against wall x 7,6,5.. ( shldr taps mod 2 is 1 ) – So many great reactions when HSPUs came out of my mouth
Broad jump x 7,6,5.. – make sure to demo the dif b/n a “bunny hop” and broad jump
BBs x 7,6,5..
Gazelles catch up to the six and bring it in.
Schneider led us in Mary

Next Mosey  down past tennis courts and follow sidewalk the long most direct way around to grab a rock by Geeb Jungle. Pick a parking spot for your lane.
Rocking Lot – 6 Stops Mosey to ea stop w/ rock held over head
15 reps ea Q count
Going Down
1 Curls
2 Goblet squats
3 AmHams
4 Triceps
5 Toe Taps IC
6 V Ups
Coming Back
1 Shoulder Press
2 Goblet Side Lunge
3 LBCs
4 Front Shoulder Raise – Shoulders were getting smoked so I offered an upward row mod
Drop Rock AYG down and back!
Rocks back and mosey

Head back towards traffic circle and follow sidewalk to poop shed.
Burpee stops up the Yellow Brick Rd Segment
4 sidewalks TL 2 on RT 2 on L
1st x 5 reg burpees
2nd x 5 sgl leg burpees on RT
3rd x 5 sgl leg burpees on L
4th x 5 Mike T Burpees
Hard run back rinse and repeat – 1min left to bring in the six and time!


As of late I’ve been concocting higher mileage recipes when on Q but I really wanted to make sure we stayed busy throughout our entire 45mins of gloomy paradise today.¬† It’s funny how you do the workout in your head before the main event. That triangle ladder ended up being a lot more ambitious this morning which was a good thing. We had a pretty large group today (yet still compliant) which was great as it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to run around and do stupid things with a lot of these guys! With such a large group and making sure I didn’t forget anything throughout my weinke it’s hard to recite a lot of highlights but I did get a firm “NO” from Shake n bake at least once, Wolverine was staying right up there with me while nursing an annoying knee issue, I noticed Sugar Daddy cranking out some extreme derkins against the wall – he could have just turned a 180 and done the hand stand push ups, Rockwell and One Star seemed to lead most of the opening triangle ladder and Goodfella raced through and led the pack during the last burpee segment voicing his opinion about the single leg burpees the whole time as he should. Did you know it’s literally twice as hard to do a one legged burpee?! I really appreciate the nod from the site Q’s to lead today and the feedback at the end. Some of said feedback being only hand gestures so I’ll take that as a job well done.


Congrats to Tool Time for earning the “Brick of Pain” on what I’m sure was a bar setting VQ at Ignition.
September 5 – 12 Mayhem is leading a mission trip to Panama City FL to provide hurricane relief to local residents there. Rebuilding and construction. $400 all in – See him if interested.
Goodfella reminded us that our thoughts, prayers and intentional action really do help and make a difference! Be intentional to work and build your spiritual, mental and physical strength because you never know when it will be called upon as we navigate this life. Not if, but when.
Welcome FNG Jason Mitchell “Manziel”

YHC took us out.
“True success is giving and receiving love, having mental and physical health, enough wealth to provide you with options and the time to enjoy them all.”

The Only Thing Worse Than a Hill is TWO

Word must be getting around that I’m getting around since I had the privilege to pop another VQ cherry at THE Floater today… As many times as I’ve posted at this AO I still had to study the Google maps to make sure I knew where the heck I was going. Got the mileage figured out and enough “stuff” to keep us busy so was ready to rock. When I walked outside this morning I literally choked on the humidity… Holy July in the Carolinas. Arrived nice and early and already had a good group. DICCS proceeded with a final reminder to check your rear view before firing a loogie over your sholder so a PAX drafting behind you wouldn’t get sprayed… Seriously, it happens.


Mosey Down N Main to Amazing Grace Ch

Circle up

Mobility stretch – I hope you’re starting to appreciate this moment to stretch things that normally aren’t..

Peter Plank Jacks x 10 IC – I’m really enjoying combination exercises to keep¬†the pax awkward and confused the exercises new and refreshing

Calf stretch

6in hold P Parker x 5 IC

Imperial Squawkers – x 5 IC

Stayed put for instruction



McDonald / N Main 4 Corners – build a burpee – I think this is becoming my signature move

Corner 1 – Merkins x 10

Corner 2 – In / outs x 10

Corner 3 – Squat jumps x 10

Corner 4 – Burpees x 10

Rinse / Repeat


Mosey to Another Bad Idea

7’s Hill climb –

6 Mike Tyson Burpee Btm / 1 Thruster Top

5, 2 until 1, 6

Quick Mary to bring in the 6


Mosey towards COT and grab some wall

Web Donkey kicks & BB’s

4 Donkeys at top – down hill & 1 burpee at ea side st

1 BB at bottom hill & 1 burpee at ea side st on the way up

Rinse repeat until time to 40 Donks / 10 BBs I’d had enough


Web if time to finish up – LBCs / Mike Ts Couldn’t remember the Mike Ts and went with V ups



Today went fast. When mapping this out the area seemed a lot larger and more spread out but once on site and crushing through this hill-fest I felt like we weren’t covering a whole lot of ground. We got the job done though. Everyone pushed hard, like really hard. Also stayed together and the 6 was never far behind. I enjoyed getting to catch up with Transporter as he pretty much ran on my left flank the entire time. He did a great job describing how glorious the weather was up north with zero humidity as we ran through hot sticky air… I really made sure to keep encouraging the group to keep the energy up and moral high. By the time 6:45 hit the group was trashed. I think I overheard a couple choice words and some “man that sucked” comments so I’ll consider that a win. As we closed out COT I didn’t have to rush so got to catch up with a few PAX I hadn’t seen in a while and meet some new brothers which is always awesome. Make sure to work on those combo moves boys. You’ll see them again sometime



Did a quick 100 PAX Challenge call out among the group and ended up reeling in a few hundred more. We’ve got this.

Q School / Site Q School coming up the next 2 weekends

Continued to pray for our brothers who need healing and recovery and celebrated seeing the same for others.

If I missed any please post a reminder in the appropriate channels.


God speed and good night!

Sure I’ll Q Dromedary. Where is it again?

You know, there’s a saying that you’re either growing or dying. Basically you’re either pushing yourself to be better and staying just outside of your comfort zone or remaining stagnant just going through the motions of life. Well what better way to grow and get a little uncomfortable than to take center stage and lead a group of your peers. Oh and why not make it a VQ at an AO you’ve never posted at before! I will say I did cruise around campus on my mtn bike the morning before to connect what I had mapped out in my brain from google maps. Did you know you can draw and measure distance on a PC in google maps? Well you can… Anyway I arrived extra early after a couple PAX were already on site and the cars just kept pulling in right up until time to mosey. DICCS were given while the last vehicle parked with an extra reminder for distance and safety.


.25(ish)mi mosey around the massive school parking lot and circled up

Mobility stretch – up & downward dog, hip stretch, twist (lots of groans so mission accomplished)

Peter Parkers IC x 10 i think

Rock back merkins hold EA position x 5 (i do these selfishly because I LOL inside watching PAX try to figure it out)


Mosey to mini track for 1mi Build a Burpee – 6 total laps (unless you’re Tool Time and then double it)
All exercises 6 down to 1 rep

Corner 1 – merkins

Corner 2 – in and outs

Corner 3 – squats (will remember to add the jump next time)

Corner 4 – burpees

Mary until 6 is in –

Mosey down the sidewalk to go around the back of the school off road down around edge of woods toward baseball fields

Hard left through the grass and edge of woods and stop at gravel access Rd.

Out and back merkin Buffet

Start x 5 diamond

Light pole x 5 (players choice because i completely drew a blank)

Light pole x 5 wide

End x 5 reg

X 2 rounds

Mary until 6 is in –

Mosey back to COT – ab web 1 BB 4 flutters until time


Hot damn I had a great time at Dromedary this morning! My preparation paid off and I felt cool, calm and collected the whole time. So much, in fact, we ended up running nearly 3.5mi before time was up. Ooops… I swear Garmin told me we should end up around 2.5/.75 tops the day before. I guess that’s one way not to get invited back to Q. Dasher double check with Deadwood next time, would you?! I had tons of help and support throughout my weinke from Tool Time, Posse, Dasher, Premature, Fiji, Shop dog and others I’m sure I’m forgetting but you know who you are. 5:30am seems more like a dream at this point. We had 24 pax including 2 mashers and I saw many faces I hadn’t seen in a long time or finally got to connect a face with a name so that was awesome. Random fact but this is the second Wednesday in a row that I have been attacked by Carolina piss ants fire ants at the very end of the workout. Last week at Chiseled whilst doing shirtless burpees. Little spawn of satan nailed me twice right in the gut and then two separate attacks by bigger and angrier little SOBs on the lower calf and my right hand this morning. Still had my shirt on this time too if you’re thinking, “Serves you right Glidah… keep your clothes on already.” I can’t close out this BB without mentioning the local news caught wind that Goodfella was making an appearance for the first time in two weeks today and caught the whole thing on tape! Ok Fox news was doing a story¬† and Goodfella was there but the two were not related. Something about COVID… I don’t know. He still rocked it out the whole time like he wasn’t sleep deprived and hadn’t missed a single workout. He closed us out with a great reminder of how important it is to always work hard and prepare for the battles of life. Not if, but when. And not physically but spiritually; mentally. Without faith in something greater than yourself you can’t navigate the storms of life. It left yet another confirmation that this group is a big deal and not an accident. We support, we encourage, we give, we love, we serve and we care about others first before ourselves. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of something so incredibly awesome. Dromedary I will be back!


100 pax challenge – donate and get raffle tickets – win a pimped out recliner or take a store credit – Winning

Sign up for Q school if you haven’t already.

Pray for continued healing for Goodfella’s M, baby boy and family. God is good and has his arms wrapped around them tight.

There are more announcements that I am forgetting so please scroll to the bottom of the other BB’s that were posted earlier today because they probably remembered.

YHC took us out. Look to Him and remember to show others that He is at work in your life.

Let’s end the week with a Buzzzz…

It’s one thing to start the week leading a group of PAX to shake off the cobwebs from the weekend but a whole other ballgame to close out the week leading again and making sure whoever is left still gets their monies worth to kick start another weekend. I had the privilege of doing both this week and am proud to say I’m pretty sure everyone got their monies worth… DICCS given plus a nod to acknowledge the importance of hydrating during this time of year. Thanks Wolverine for the reminder.


Nice long mosey (.75) around the front of both campuses and finally circling up at the first traffic circle past the stadium.

Circle up
Pulse lunges x 15 ea
Rock back merkins hold ea position x 5
Calf stretch ea and something else…
Mosey back to pick a rock for .25 boulder run
All x 15 reps
Corner 1 shoulders
Rock press
Dry docks
Corner 2 triceps
Curb dips
Rock OH extension
Corner 3 abs
Flutters 2 is 1
Rock Am Hammers
Corner 4 legs
Speed skaters 2 is 1
Rock squats
Complete laps until the rock travels back to start.
Mosey to circle for 7s – Easy Button thank you for reminding me that 7 +1 does not equal 7…
6 burpees down to next circle for 1 squat
5¬† ¬†2…
1 burpee and 6 squats¬†¬† Audible… at 6:30 so we’d have enough time to have some fun off road.
Said goodbye to Tool Time but he had already logged his 4+ miles because he’s a machine that can’t be stopped right now… I’m open to suggestions.
Mosey to trail entrance for AMRAP
Complete 1 trail lap and then
3 burpees
5 Mike Tyson’s
10 big boys
15 speed skaters
Until time


Due to delayed marketing We had smaller numbers this morning but that’s ok. We had a nice group that pushed hard and took each stage of this mornings beat down with a smile on their face. It was dark so they were probably cursing me under their breath but I couldn’t tell sooooo I assume smiles… Really enjoyed taking the path less traveled on the trails this morning and encourage other Q’s to do the same. Waxhaw Spartan Race anyone?


100 Pax challenge – Let’s finish this up!

Please keep brother Deadwood in your prayers as he lost his grandmother this week.

Ignition “A Tour of Lawson; And my Home”

Back around for another Q at Ignition. I’d like to think I’m getting better at these longer distance workouts. I believe it was my first time leading this one that we crushed through the weinke and made it back to COT with like 15mins left so we ended up running mini laps around the parking lot and doing exercises on the benches. Well not today! Turns out if you just run, A LOT, you’ll use up every second, log plenty of miles and the group barely complains because they can’t talk! So with that DICCS were given with extra “S” since we went off site to the better North side of Lawson.


Nice long mosey all the way to Five Forks pool parking lot and what is becoming another poop shed aka Glidah’s personal residence… More on that later.

(2 new exercises were presented during warm up which reveled many levels of coordination among the PAX)

SSH’s¬† What?! No SSH’s?

Boxer Lunges x 10 IC ( 1,2,3 punches while holding lunge position. Jump and switch legs as you hit the 4 count)

Rock back Merkins aka “Murder Merkins” via Was that Nails? – x 10 IC (1 down to six inches, 2 rock back to elbow plank, 3 back to six inches, push back up on count 4)

Mobility stretch


We’ve got a nice .5+ mile loop with 4 corners and two hills so utilized that for;

Build a Burpee Laps

Corner 1 – 10 merkins

Corner 2 – 10 In and Outs

Corner 3 – 10 Squats

Corner 4 – 10 Burpees

Rinse and repeat x 2 rounds Had the time so one more round opposite direction with same corners only this time got an extra bonus round of abs while we waited for Chastain to¬†test the limits of Lennar’s plumbing system utilize the Rushing homestead lavatory. Thank you for following CDC protocol and leaving the half bath nicer than you found it.

Mosey back to Transporters shed and prep for a burpee mile.

Start – Australian burpee x 5

Half way up – Burpee x 5

End – Knee slap burpee x 5

Got in 3/4 worth and time!


I really enjoyed leading today. I didn’t realize our mileage until COT when Deflated confidently told me that was terrible and I guess all of that while 76 degrees, 176% humidity out and 5ish miles is pretty terrible so mission accomplished. I ended up¬†getting cut off several times running with Ice 9 a lot of the morning and heard him dry heaving a couple times before it was all over so I’m checking that off as a win. And I’m still waiting to see at what point and what it will take for Tool Time to actually show signs of fatigue. You’re a machine dude! Keep it up and thanks for dragging my ass through the finish line at Swarm last Friday… Also big shout out to one of our newest brothers Mater! I believe this was his second time posting and logged about 5 miles and probably did 70+ burpees and was standing on his own will at COT! Awesome job! Big thanks to Goodfella for sticking with him and all the encouragement. Was glad to see Deadwood out this morning as well. I haven’t had any good sh*t talking in a while so that third burpee round was for you my friend : ) Just kidding not really. Always a good time with this group and look forward to the next one.


100 Pax challenge still needs funding. Approaching the $8k mark. 

Bring toiletry donations to Ackbar

YHC took us out and asked that we be mindful of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Show others that He is at work in your life. Look for opportunities to share that with others.

Today’s Chiseled Brought to You by Weinke Block

So I looked at my calendar this week just in time to see I was the pilot for Chiseled. Awesome! Went to work on the ‘ol weinke and nothing… You’ve been there right? Weinke block? I guess there are many blocks but stay with me here… I was struggling to come up with some great material to please the masses for a Wednesday morning beat down and it just wasn’t coming together. Maybe it was still trying to work around what’s left of our quarantine guidelines because I do genuinely enjoy a smaller group. Anyway, I reached out to my fellow Chiseled board members late night and received nothing but humorous .gifs in return making fun of my lack of preparation. So here’s where we ended up —> Grab the old cardboard signs from your VQ and use those with coupons and / or rocks at different locations on site. Rinse and repeat with a run in between and voila!


Cardboard placed at each spot on site and waiting for launch. In my head I’m leading 10 – 15 and here we are at 20 bodies. Not going to work with my weinke so made the executive decision with Fuse box to take half the group. I’m not even sure what he did but his group clocked in more mileage than mine so we’ll assume it was good. Mosey started with our coupons heading towards the Five Stones entrance but dropped them off half way to do some Toy Soldiers ( thanks Tool Time for the reminder and you already know the names of the exercises better than most ). Moseyed to pick back up coupons and on to far back parking lot to pick a spot and complete warm up: SSH x 10 IC Imp Wlk x 10 IC Merkins x 15 Super long awkward calf stretch x ea leg – include Damascus one liners and signature groaning noises First cardboard round of pain: All with coupon Coupon swing x 20 Man makers x 10 LBCs x 20 Thrusters x 10 In between each exercise hold coupon over head and execute a walking lunge to other side of lot Hot lap around Mt. Chiseled after completing last exercise Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds – We changed the lunge in between each exercise to bear crawls and maybe something else but I can’t remember Moseyed with coupon to location 2 – Mt. Chiseled parking lot Squats w coupon x 20 Traveling merkin on coupon x 20 Jumping lunge no coupon x 20 M. Tysons no coupon x 20 Maybe this is where we did the bear crawls but we also ran backward across the lot and crab walked back in between each exercise. It was all very sucky… Bear crawl up steep side of Mt. Chiseled and mosey down the other side then bear crawl back up and mosey down after last exercise. Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds. Had about 90 seconds to mosey back to COT with coupons in hand.


I hate not being prepared but we got ‘er done and it seemed like most everyone was sucking wind so I’m going with a WIN on this one. Sometimes thinking on the fly and just going with it is better than being over prepared. We were able to make quick decisions based on the size of the group with this AO and it worked. Glad to see so many familiar faces and pax I haven’t been able to interact with in real life for so long. Catfish was so excited I was on Q this morning he called me at 5:25 wondering where everyone was at so I reminder him of our current “summer” schedule. Tool Time is still a “new guy” but I see him post everywhere, keeps up with Wolverine and Gerber during Waxhaw Express runs and leads the pack carrying a coupon while reminding me of the next exercise during my own Q… Oh, and he’s already on the Chiseled calendar for his VQ. Glad to have you on board and excited to see what you’ll do next! Shout out to all the other “newer” pax that are becoming regulars. I haven’t had a chance to speak with several yet but look forward to it now that we’re up and running again. As usual the morning was mostly a blur but I remember there wasn’t a whole lot of chatter going on and a lot of hard work. Our groups mileage was overall pretty low (under 2mi) but we made up for it wrestling those coupons the entire time. I had the privilege to take us out and Gerber screwed up the family photo but it’s the thought that counts.


Happy F3 1yr anniversary to Speed bump! Being Gerber’s 2.0 has it’s advantages. I wish he would have put an odometer on him to see how far the kid has run / biked the past year. I guess we can check Gerber’s Strava account because I’m sure it’s pretty close… We’re about half way on our 100 pax challenge to get to $10k and support our local organizations. Looking forward to see how this continues to develope and grow. Don’t forget to reach out to employers to see if they’ll match a donation etc. Q source this Friday 7am at Cuthbertson Middle – bring a chair and coffee cup Remember, there’s a reason when you think about someone suddenly or that one thing is on your heart. Act on it, reach out, do something.

Chiseled Part II – So This is How You Do It

Felt so good to be back at the official Chiseled AO this morning. Rudy was officially on Q and had put together a fine recipe that would more than get the job done today. I was ready to run around and follow orders or divide and lead another group. Ended up being Q2 today so after DICCS (including CDC compliant additions) were given we moseyed, warmed up and then went our separate ways for pain delivery. Moseyed toward the front of campus and U-turn back toward the back parking lot near Mt Chiseled. Big spread out circle for warm up which is already posted so won’t be redundant here…


Being the second Q I had a chance to sprinkle in some personal modifications so we went ahead and went over partners and the logistics of the workout. I wanted us to get good and warmed up so went with a quick series 7 of 1 LS Squat on one end then run down and 6 burpees on the other. Rinse and repeat until 6 LS Squats and 1 burpee. Mission accomplished. 

Next up 200 bobby hurlys and 200 merkins shared with your partner. P1 runs down to end of parking lot and back then switch. To soften the blow of death by merkins (or maybe made it worse…) we modified each time from wide, normal and diamond. Everyone pushed hard and had plenty of time for the next round.

On to 100 big boys and 100 flutters shared with partner. We modified the run on this one to a lap around the sidewalk / island near the church office and then a bear crawl from the last lamp post to the stairs. Also got the job done. With a couple minutes left we finished up with pax choice abs. D.U.N


I gotta say the opening mosey, warm up and split to groups went smooth like we’ve been doing this a while and it’s the new normal. I enjoyed leading this crew and Rudy’s workout was simple but kept us moving and was hard! Shout out to Easy Button for jumping in at the end to finish off our abs. Dude, take care of that calf injury. Ponzi made his second appearance this week and hung with the group the whole time. How long have you been dormant again?… AND not to mention half way in his commute to the AO he realized he was still wearing his slippers, turned around to go home and grab shoes and still made it. No looking back now dude! Sledge-o-matic I’m pretty sure I referred to you as 0-69 this morning so I apologize… but you were hustling and wanted to make it be known so it’s the thought that counts I guess. Just more proof that all systems have not come on line yet at that hour which is why I think we’re able to do this every single week. We literally don’t realize what we’re doing most of the time! Shop Dawg, must have hit the pre workout juice hard before he got there because he was rocking the whole time. Damascus kept up a leaders pace and helped encourage the group. Always appreciated. Brutus, great to finally catch up for a moment in real life! Didn’t get to with Posse or Centerfold but I know they were there and did things until the end. Great job! COT got a little messy with two small groups but other than that a stellar COVID friendly Chiseled beat down.¬†


See Rudy’s post! Until next time….¬†