A Little Braver

A Little Braver

5 Dudes Pushed the mileage for The Brave and took some off road paths to get there.


Run to Wingman’s neighborhood
Head to the bottom of the first trail head

15 Windmill in cadence (IC)
15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
Warm-up over. We have an aggressive plan.

First Trail Head
Run to the top and 5 Burpees, run back down

Second Trail Head
Run to the top and 10 Merkins, run back down

Third Trail Head
Run to the top and 15 Dips, run back down an on to first trail section

Follow the utility trail to the next neighborhood where a guy has been gracious to build a bridge and cut a path straight up to Community House.
Run to the YMCA Angel Wings and do 25 Dips OYO
Move to Yard, Plank, take turns doing two tire flips (YHC almost failed. water logged tires and no grip) remain in plank until your turn.

Next Trail Section
Three trails between the traffic circles. We stayed on the far right trail which all empty in the gravel lot of the YMCA.

Mosey to the Soccer Field.
20 Leg Down Crunches. Concentrate on getting your lower back of the concrete.
Traditional Suicides across the field. No excercies.
20 Dolley IC

Mosey to Next Trail Behind the ball fields
Run the trails and exit near the ball field pavillion.
1 minute wall squat with instructions.

Run the four corners of the ball fields with increasing merkins in the center
5, 10, 15, 20
Grab some water
Back to the pavillion for 1 minute wall squat.

Run back the ballfield trail and follow a different path to the cell tower and out to Bryant Farms Rd.

15 crunch side lunge heel tappers per side.

12 Minutes to run ~1.5 miles back home. OYO.

Return to launch about 2 minutes over. SMOKED!

Thine Only Skine of Mole
Clock-Watching Time Check, 12 minutes and we haven’t left the neighborhood. Time to Roll.
Great time this morning. Love hitting trails that are right here in our own backyard.
Hope YHC wasn’t too slow as lead, but felt fast at the time. ROOT!
Cut short the plan to hit the switchback portion but better to be prepared.
Shorter on called exercises but fun to explore new territory.

Sweetwater won the suicides and crushed the last 1.5 and was far ahead.
Teddy was back to his normal self and left YHC to run the remainder on his own.
Tuck pre-ran to fill his shoes with water and left it all out there, but brought the water home.
Taco killed it thru the trails despite being the only one to find mud.

YHC with the take-out. #awkward #selfimprovement #challengeyourself.

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