Meat and Taters at Hydra

Meat and Taters at Hydra

21 PAX ignored the #Fartsack and made there way to the premier Area 51 Thursday and chattiest boot camp and here’s what went down.


We moseyed over to the bus lot for COP.

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 20


We headed off campus, making a left on Rea, then a left on Windyrush, then a right on Foxworth past Bedfordshire pausing at the bottom of the halfpipe. Partner up, Partner 1 runs to one side of the half-pipe and Partner 2 to the other side. Each partner performs 10 squats at the top of  their respective hill, then meet again in the middle for 10 merkins each. Repeato for 3 rounds total.

Rock work

With the half-pipe done and the pax pleased, we headed over to the church for some rock work, but stopping at each light post on the right for 5 squats. We completed 3 rounds of curls, presses, and tricep extensions, running to the goodwill bin and back in between each set. 

Bench Circuits

We moseyed back to campus, stopping at the benches, find a new partner, Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 runs to the basketball and back. 

  • Dips
  • Incline Merkins
  • Step ups


  • Flutter kicks x 20
  • Rosalita x 20
  • Dollies  x 20
  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Merkins x 10 OYO


  • Great effort by the PAX in these conditions, August is almost here and it sure feels like it. I’m already looking forward to fall.
  • After Cheese Curds Hawks Nest Q I was through with burpees, and made good on my promise of zero burpees with this Q. You’re welcome.
  • Cheese Curd was a no show have a HC at Hawks Nest. 
  • Bounce asked if we were going to get some running in, about 2.7 miles for the workout.
  • I was supposed to Q last week but had to switch out due to beach plans. Thanks to Pudding Pop for picking it up for me.
  • Sprockets crew that runs in seems to grow every week, its like he’s the pied piper or something. TCLAPS for the pre-run. Although Foghorn was absent, where’s he been? 
  • Proehl is not only young, but damn fast. I was paired with him on the half-pipe and not once did we meet in the middle. He kept getting closer each round and I thought for sure he was going to lap me if we did a fourth round.
  • When YHC called the half pipe and indicated we were to run to the light post and not the top of the hill Spackler uttered “What is this a moderate workout?”
  • Spackler has some new fitness tracker to keep track of his Tito’s recovery sleep.
  • The #Trifusenik was in full attendance and didn’t disappoint, Semi Gloss mailed it in during Mary.
  • Marge keeps us well informed on the latest from the COVID perspective.
  • Clover has new and vastly more green wheels, he’s reducing his carbon footprint daily.
  • With all that’s going on these days, it is great to get out and post, for 45 minutes each morning things seem normal. 
  • Thanks to Semi Gloss for the take out, thoughtful words about both sides coming together to get through these unusual times.
  • Thanks to Sprockets and Gummy for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumblechatter. 


  • Christmas Party? Golf?

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