Non-Contact Individual Partner Work

Non-Contact Individual Partner Work

YHC was honored to Q Stonehenge on the morning of the F3/FIA Local Impact 5K/10K.  As such I promised the 12 to 13 PAX relatively low mileage to spare those that were running the race immediately after the workout.  That still left half of the body to torment and burn out.  One FNG was present and seeing that it was Lex Luthor’s dad the name of Zod was basically already applied to him before YHC even got out of the car.  Is that our first inter-dimensional warlord name in SOB?  C’mon, there has to be others.  Anyhoo since we had a FNG a thorough disclaimer was made and we were off.

The Thing:

Slight mosey to another parking lot for COP that consisted of IW, hillbillies, Parker Peters, Peter Parkers, a yoga hamstring type stretch and Morrocan Night Clubs.

Next was a trip to the road that runs by the condos leading to the Ballantyne Village.  It was at this point that YHC realized that we were missing Zod.  Had he teleported to another dimension in search of more kryptonite?  Actually I think that the paternal instinct kicked in and he quickly realized that YHC had no clue what he was doing and adjusted accordingly.  The remaining Pax ran up the road stopping at every light for 4 burpees and finshing at Costigan Park.  Who knew the fountain that has plants in it instead of water has an actual name? Apparently Google Earth knows this.  Partner up.  P1 bear crawls down and back one of the four “spokes” of Costigan Park while P2 does incline merkins.  Flapjack.  Next round P1 still bear crawls but P2 does dips and flapjack.  The plan was for teams to move clockwise to each spoke so that it would be 4 rounds of alternating incline merkins and dips.  Billy Goat made the wise suggestion for each team to stay in their spoke for the 4 rounds thus minimizing sweat puddle mixation.  Good suggestion Goat!  Someone get that man a safety patrol badge.  Mary Kay also threw his 2 cents in about something but at this point, just white noise to YHC.

After this was completed mosey to Blackfinn.  Here we partnered back up and Tagalong peeled off to get his Impact Local run in.  Correct prioritization there.  P1 hits a people’s chair and does arm presses while P2 runs to benches by the Ballantyne Arch and does called exercises then flapjack.  Exercises consisted of 10 derkins, 10 step-ups (each leg) and 25 dips.  Once done repeato but substitute LBC’s for the people’s chair and arm presses.  Mosey to the Duckworth’s parking lot for our last non-contact individual partner drill.  P1 runs around and climbs Duckworth Wall while P2 does called exercise and flapjack.  First called exercise was 200 plank jacks total per team.  Repeato but with 200 flutters.

Headed back to launch when YHC realized there was just enough time for a fun burn out game of Abe Froman.  Froman is of course the Sausage King of Chicago and seeing as this drill originated in Chicago…hence the namesake.  All Pax get in a circle and plank facing the center.  Each Pax does 1 merkin individually around the circle as many times as it takes until there is 1 man standing.  Once a guy drops out he must do the number of burpees equal to the number of guys remaining in the circle.  Ultimately this became a two horse race with Buckeye and Chopper matching merkin for merkin.  Eventually Chopper performed what was the 60th merkin of the Abe Froman and called it making Buckeye the last man standing.  I think we were running out of time so Chopper being the punctual man that he is bowed out so that he kept us on schedule.  We finished on to launch and Chopper called 1 minute of Dolly to finish us up.


The Moleskin:

Nice work out there guys.  It is great to see the numbers at workouts continually increase as guys are getting back out.  And thanks for being mindful of the social distancing.  Lex and Cul-de-Sac are doing a great job at Stonehenge as two new site Q’s (and this is coming from a Davinci loyalist).  Great marketing and actively reaching out for various Q’s.  Airwolf may be relatively new to the F3 game but man is he quickly working to the front.  And he even invited YHC to hit him with some mumblechatter about his selection of wall jumping placement.  Glad to have you aboard.  The Abe Froman showdown between Buckeye and Chopper was epic and a crowd pleaser.  Teddy and Mary Kay, kudos to battling through injuries and pains and still posting.  Way to grind it out.  Olaf amazes me because he busts it but never looks tired.  The man could post and then roll into one of his stores and no one would notice that he just ran several miles and did who knows how many merkins, dips, etc.  Goat and Turkey you guys are animals.  No literally, your names are animals.  YHC appreciates that you bust your tails at the workouts but also help keep the Q’s mindful of details that we need to practice in these times, but are easy to forget as a Q with everything else going on.  Tagalong was there just long enough for people to point out that he still has a majestic beard and then poof, he was gone like a fart in the wind.

All joking aside I appreciate you guys following my lead this morning and am grateful for the ability to get out and interact with everyone.  With all of the working from home and quarantining, it is needed.

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