Happy Birthday, Hawks Nest.

Happy Birthday, Hawks Nest.

I think O’Tannenbaum might have been nearly 5 minutes early to the workout.  Amazing.  He said he got up in plenty of time, was bored and didn’t know what to do with all the extra time.  Other pax do pre-runs or something. But not OT, nor YHC.

Anyhoo, 14 other pax joined us, were quickly disclaimed with a mention of the 2nd birthday for Hawks Nest (actual date: 03/13/2018 – only reason I know that is Alf put it on the shovel flag).

Gloss was there a little early, doing his unseemly pre-workout stretching routine on the curb.  Not sure why he bothers as he doesn’t do any of the exercises.  Didn’t even realize he’d peeled off from the pax until we returned to the launch lot. #cobains

It was quieter without the banter coming from the other 2 members of Trifusenik.  Wish Doc McStuffins (original co-site Q) could’ve joined us.  Can’t wait to have him return to the gloom soon.

On to the Thang & Moleskinny:

We only went about 1.75 miles.  For those pax wanting more mileage, Fast Twitch launches at 0515 from the same lot.

We did a few burpees, some backwards bear crawls, some Walthar N’Djaiye’s, and other stuff.  Not YHC’s finest effort but tried to keep moving & working, no 10-counts (those should be outlawed, as should SSH’s and plankjack’s).

Here’s some skinny — Deep Dish was at the first DV at SCMS…pallets and all.   Deathvergence, Swan Song, Funeral, Final downpainment, etc is tomorrow for DV.  Come one.  Come all.  It will be……interesting.

Hawks Nest may be the newest A51 workout?  Except for the resuscitated Olympus.  When did WAMRAP start?  Regardless, it remains the finest A51 Tuesday bootcamp workout.

Hammer, Marge and Lewinsky greet each other with a “Go Tigers” exchange all the time.  #GAR

Good to have Ickey join us at the Nest.

IHOP’s ready to Q, he’ll be on the Q schedule momentarily.

Tried to canvas much of campus this morning except the track and football field.  Should have called something on the Q’Bert steps…next time.

Speaking of next time – Leprechaun is on Q next week on St. Patrick’s Day.  True Story.  You’re welcome.  Bring all your offensive Irish jokes.  Lep’s not Irish, by the way.


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