Queen, Queens, and Queen’s South

Queen, Queens, and Queen’s South

8 attended 2nd F – Monthly Social at Queen’s South last evening.  I missed the DCCS – so not sure if that ever took place. 80’s Bingo was played.  $2 Pizza Slices – CarbLoad ate the most..some transitioned from Bud Light to Guinness and seemed to enjoy it.

Centerfold gave an injury update: next doctor visit mid march – no weight bearing just yet.  Need F3 Volunteer for sponge baths for places he can’t reach yet.  Was good to see him in good spirits.  He’ll be on the Mash unit in no time.

Proper Burpee form was demonstrated – and archived by BottleCap.  NoSlurpees

We mostly talked about the 78 PAX that did not show….you know who you are


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