Spilled merlot…before the workout?

Spilled merlot…before the workout?

Not feeling real great this morning. Had Lorax pulled up to send a text to see if he could cover, but decided against it. 8 dudes were ready for Anvil. 6 Bell Men with the Meathead crowd. Disclaimer given and off we went.


Mosey over to the activity center courtyard and circle up


IW x 20

SSH x 15

MC x 10

Peter Parker x 10

Low Slow Squat x 10

Merkin x 10

Mosey over to Entrance 2 Rock Pile. Grab a lifting rock.

Rock Set: 10 Curl/10 Tri Extensions/10 Thruster. Run big loop around the islands. Repeat x 2.

Hold rock over head. 10 count from each man other than QIC. Return rock.

Mosey back to activity center courtyard. People’s Chair for a few minutes.

Mosey over to the lot at Entrance 1.


Run to each of 3 islands down the lot. 6 x called exercise. Hit same islands and exercises on the way back. 6 x 6 for 36 reps for 6 rounds. Merkins, Squats, LBC, CDD, LBC, Choice of Merkins or Burpees.

Run over to the Hot Box. 3 rounds: 10 Step up/15 Dips/15 Derkins.

Mosey down the thoroughfare toward the launch lot. Finish up with some Mary: Flutter x 20/hold/Dolly x 15




Got a little sick on the stomach after getting up and ready. Tossed the merlot and headed out. Rolled the dice this morning. Did not feel great out there, but glad I made the right decision.


Spackler gave the course record at his club a scare on Sunday. Next time maybe.

Coronavirus snuck into the conversation. Scary stuff.

Snuka did not get new gloves.

Tagalong’s beard is awesome and does not appear to slow him down any.

Thunder Road and Snuka get the work done every time. Jet Fuel as well. Hadn’t seen him for a while, glad I did today.

Gerber and Lorax were out front with Spackler on most of the repeats. Fast guys. T-claps to Gerber for hitting up Area 51. F3 Waxhaw is booming. 16 workouts now. Good stuff.

Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout prayer. Get after it today men. Thanks to Lorax for the opportunity to lead at Anvil.


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1 year ago

Impressive to Q after hurling. I saw something similar a few weeks ago at a 15-year-old girls church league basketball game. The girl fought it for the first few trips down the court. The crowd was yelling at her to get off the court into the bathroom. She ran in there, took care of things (I assume), then got subbed back in the game at the next whistle. Champion. I haven’t blown chunks myself since 1996. Seriously. I was at Clemson and ate some leftover spaghetti sauce that turned out to be bad. I remember suffering through a Duke at Clemson basketball game (Clemson lost, IN OT!) and then getting back to my room and losing about 10 pounds over the next 24 hours. Ah memories.

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