Happy birthday, Chuck!

Happy birthday, Chuck!

“Rules are made for people not willing to make up their own” – Chuck Yeager.

28 brave souls (including YHC) made the decision to weather the 65+ degree morning that was void of rain.  I mean really, this was a perfect spring morning.  We celebrated Chuck Yeager’s 97th birthday by not mentioning his birthday or performing any celebration.  Instead 28 men got down to work with the mumble-chatter.


The Thang:

Mosey behind the school and across the street to the church parking lot.  (apparently, I was too quick out of the gate as someone called from the back that the pax were being left behind.  Since when did this become a moderate workout?)

IW x 25

Mt Climbers x 20

Peter Parker x 20

Parker Peter x20

Sharon Towers x 20ish

Grab a lifting rock, set it to the side (lots of confusion here).  Remember where you put it.

Run left out of the church parking lot and go to the intersection of Edenbridge and Windyrush.  20 merkins and 20 squats OYO.  Run back to the church parking lot.  Grab your rock for 20 curls, 20 presses, 20 tricep extensions with the rock.  Rinse and repeat until the Q calls it quits.

Run back to the school parking lot.  Circle up for Mary, then call time and run back to the launch point.



Surprised that we had 28.  When YHC first pulled in there was a small group milling around and talking among themselves, at about 90 seconds to the start 2 groups of pre-runners came in like a flash mob of teenagers in a department store.  Mumble-chatter ensued.

The plan for this workout was simple.  First, no burpees.  I don’t need to give the trifusenik any reason to lead by example.  Second, expect the worst and third K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple & Stupid.  So, I designed the weinke like a WAMRAP workout.  Do a simple circuit as many times as time allows.  The goal was to keep the pax in the same area but let them work at their own pace (fast guys out front, etc.).  There is no controlling a group this size or this chaotic.  It’s like being in charge of a room full of kindergartners, just keep the chaos contained and run the clock out.  Pretty sure everyone got at least three rounds in before time was called.  YHC’s total mileage was 2.86 for those keeping score.

Didn’t get to hear too much of the mumble chatter but Gummy started belly-aching after the third round that he’d had enough of the workout and my exquisite leadership skills.  To which I promptly replied that he recruited me for the Q, and if he wanted to remove me it would basically be a presidential impeachment.  It doesn’t actually mean anything, unless your physically removed from your post.  Since no one was willing (or able) to physically move me, I was acquitted by the pax in a “show” trial with no witnesses or evidence presented.  You can catch the highlights on the nightly news.

All joking aside, thanks to Gummy and Sprockets for the chance to lead.  It wasn’t the unruly mob they market to the masses.  And for for my second Hydra appearance and first Hydra Q, I think we did alright.

But it is nice to hold the unofficial Hydra record for the most pax at a workout (according to Sprockets).



Beer mile April 24th.  See the Slack channel for trash talk.

Runstopper has the Hydra Q next week.

YHC had the take-out.

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1 year ago

The Hoover impeachment vote (conducted behind your hairy back) was 17-11, which unfortunately did not constitute the super-majority necessary for removal.

Solid Q, my friend. (AMRAP-style is a crafty veteran Q approach to turning the brain off and ensuring a full workout). Well done. Come back anytime. HIPAA owes you one.

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