How to Lose 1/3 of the PAX

How to Lose 1/3 of the PAX

How to lose 1/3rd of the PAX:  Step 1 – forget who is on Q. Step 2 – Rain. Step 3 – only do stretching for warm up (not a good sign) BTW – most PAX can’t touch their toes. Step 4 – Play a 9-hole course in the neighborhood. Step 5 – Run through a flood trail. Step 6 – finish off with 8-count body builders.

Warm UP: Side-Straddle-hops, Calf stretch, touch your toes, runners lunge and off we go running through the neighborhood.

First hole: 9 burpees

Second hole: 9 Alligator Merkins

Third hole: 9 Burpees+four mountain climbers per

Fourth hole: 9 Mike Tysons

Fifth hole: 9 Single leg lunges

Sixth hole: 18 Squats

Seventh hole: 18 Bobby Hurleys

Eight hole: 18 Supermans

Note: I might have the holes mixed up.

Then run on a trail that is flooded – isn’t there some driving guidance here that if you can’t see the road you shouldn’t be driving.  Well the same applies for the PAX in the dark – NOTED>

Ninth hole: 9 Eight Count body builders followed by some DELTA crunches.

Started with six – ended with 4.  But all were safely accounted for in the end.

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