I got your frisbee right here.

I got your frisbee right here.

11 pax mustered in the mid-May gloom of Joust. Actually, it was 10 as Funky Cold didn’t show ’til later. Header, who apparently never does burpees and never has, and Chin Music did their customary pre-run. Header’s 2.1 is going for his driver’s license test today – Ductwork should have prayed for that. #cobains

Marge climbed out of his vehicle and told YHC this was his first Friday post in his 4’ish years of F3…welcome to Frisbee Free Friday. The AO was not completely unfamiliar to YHC though had not posted at Joust in 3-4 years. Great AO…won’t neglect it that long again.

Anyhoo, after a weak disclaimer, we mounted up for some jousting in the comfortable environs amid the forests of Sardis.

We ran to the track for a warm-up lap, then circled up at midfield for COP: IW’s, Slow Squats, Knee Up’s, Dancing Chilcutt’s

Line up on goal line and then run to 10, 20, 30, 40…. for H-R Merkins at each line for 100 yards (1, 2, 3, 4….). Repeato but with Jump Squats and then again with lunges. My memory of what we did is already fading, but I do remember Gummy asking if we were going to stay on the field the whole time. The Hop was starting to Drop.

The calculated, calm refusenik’ing of Header & Chin Music was impressive in many ways. No jump squats for Header as he claimed he wanted to do merkins to work on his pec’s. #chesticles

Mr. Brady was out front on the field a good bit, not sure if due to refuseniking, mediocre form/incomplete form, or sheer speed? He did not run in so had extra gas in the tank.

We then made our way to the stadium stairs and ran up and down all the rows a couple times with H-R merkins at top, Incline Merkins at bottom and more Jump Squats.

Marge said he would need help getting up from his desk later. #itsworking

We then moseyed over to the newest (I think) building on campus for some people’s chair with overhead press. We then remained in the chair while each of the pax did 5 burpees in front of the rest of us. The form was not as heinous as I anticipated. The newly unhibernated Slumdog showed some good form as he was first in line. Set the bar pretty high, but Header had no problem with the bar. He brazenly just did 10 average form merkins while the pax looked on. Picture someone in the high jump who runs up to the bar, stops, knocks the bar off with his hand and then just lays down on the Porta Pit.

Schmedium’s burpees are slower than YHC’s. Welcome to The Slow Motion Burpee Club my friend.

The pax then moseyed back to the launch lot and YHC retrieved a tractor tire from Ductwork’s truck.

In the adjacent parking lot, we paired up and each pair took turns flipping the tire about 50-60 yards while the rest of the pax did called exercises….well – Header, Schmedium and perhaps Funky Cold did their own called exercises…one of which included just sitting on their 6 and mumble chattering. At least Gummy admitted to our group, “This is not my best effort, Hops”. #HopDropAndRollOver

We finished with 10 6-count burpees IC…well, most of us did. You jokers where there, and know what you did or didn’t do.

The newly Respectful Smokey was getting after it as per the norm but seemed wistful and kept muttering something that sounded like, “Where are the damn frisbees?”

Funky Cold arrived 4 or 5 minutes late, and commented something about forgetting how far the run-in was from his home.

That’s it. Thanks to Ductwork for tapping me to Q and thanks also to him for taking us out with a strong prayer.

Gummy reminded everyone of the Beer Mile on June 7th…I think it’s the 7th. Ping him for more info on location, qualifications, entry fees, ABV specifications, etc.

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HorseheadPosted on2:20 pm - May 17, 2019

That’s how you do it folks. Weave the skin right into the thang and drop it like a frisbee.


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