No gloves necessary, that ain’t no old-time asphalt.

No gloves necessary, that ain’t no old-time asphalt.

Posted on behalf of Olympic silver medalist, BOG

10 PAX heeded the call of spring and braved YHC’s semi-virgin Q (VQ was Hydra also, but I was last minute sub).  Weather was spot on perfect at 64 degrees and

The Thang

Mosey around school to CoP for warm-up in newly paved, smooth parking lot

20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Mountain Climbers

20 LSS

10 Peter Parker and 10 Parker Peters

Native American Run down Summerlin to Abbotswood

7s up and down Abbotswood hill

Burpees and Sister Mary Catherines (Started as 11s, but YHC called audible)

Native American Run to Abbotswood /Windyrush corner

20 Speed Skaters (Should we call them Eric Heidens, Bonnie Blairs, Dan Jansens, or Apollo Anton Ohnos?)

20 Wide Arm Merkins

20 Jump Squats

Native American Run to Benches at OPE


15 Step Ups

15 Dips

15 Derkins

Run to Dumpster

Mosey to Launch

Bear Crawls/Crab Walks across newly smoothed out parking lot


15 LBCs

15 AmHammers

15 Freddy Mercury

And that was a wrap!


Look for F3 Beer at Stumptown Station in Matthews

Shovel Flag Lager and Side Straddle Hops by Suffolk Punch Brewery

Puddin Pop prayed us out, helping us all to be thankful for the Ultimate Sacrifice many of us celebrate this week.

The Chattah:

With Flutie Flakes visiting from NH, there was a lot to catch up on, including the proper spelling of annals.  Even though there was disbelief that ESPN had a 2 hour special on NFL schedule release, there was quite a bit of chatter about which games would be attended, consensus:  The Big Easy fo sho.  Lots of Bama Swagger about Triple Crowns, Heisman/Nattie etc so we will have to see how that works out.  Also, YHC learned quite a but more than I’d hoped to about ping pong and Thailand – had ta be there.  Truly enjoyable group everyone, thanks for the opportunity.

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Puddin PopPosted on2:55 pm - Apr 19, 2019

BOG – “The Chattah” was written with as much grace as one of your triple axles. Very nice summary of the highlights, without outing the PAX that uttered the words. I will use this in future backblasts of my own. Well done man.

And Gummy, your selfless actions continue to amaze us. For you to take the time to post a Backblast of a workout for which you did not attend, is a true act of kindness. Bless you.

HorseheadPosted on6:02 pm - Apr 19, 2019

I am eagerly awaiting the Gummy F3 biography.

Possible Titles:

– Life of Brian

– From Site Q to Site Q, my 17 year climb up the F3 ladder

– #Counts

– Side Straddle Hop – DEBUNKED

– Clark, I think that it would be best for everybody if they all just went home…before things get any worse. …

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