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With three (3) seperate workouts going down within a few miles of each other I knew that I wanted to get back to the basics of a traditional bootcamp style workout for Flash. Ignition tends to be 3.9999+ miles and Asylum can be a bone crusher. As a recap “A Bootcamp Style Workout” as defined by one WUC Pax has no more that 1/4mile running in between pain stations. On a side note – said Pax – elected to do the running focused workout; not Flash. I’m not calling anyone out -would never use names – Jesse.

Quick DCCS given – as always Posse was cell phone prepared.

Warm up: Mosey to front of Middle School

20 SSH/15 Merkins/3 Burpee OYO/15 Squats/15PlankJacks

Mosey to Alcove #1 for some 5, 10, 15, 20 (5 reps of 3 exercises then 10 reps of 3..) Derkins/steps ups/Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to Alcove#2 for some 5,10,15,20 = Donkey Kicks/Wall Press/WWII Sit ups.

Paula Abdul down the main path with lights

P1 does 2 burpees, while P2 takes off to run2 2 light poles, comes back to first to meet your partner for 5 Hand Slap Merkins. Progress down the path for all 7? – ending up at Trasporters shed – Oh by the way we have a guest – Deadwood doing the Butt Cheeck Clench.

Mosey up to overhang across from bus parking for some Bear Crawl and CrabWalks. BC a section, hot lap -crab walk the next section- hot lap—rinse and repeat until through all the sections. We gladly brought Deadwood into the fold as he made up the bear crawl sections on his own.

Alcove#3 Front of Middle School for more 5, 10,15…..this time (Mike Tyson’s/wall press and squats(?). At this point Ignition was pulling up – they could have joined in the Mike Tyson fun, but they elected for some dips.

We called their dips and then moseyed back to the COT for a total of 28 for Flash+Ignition – outstanding

Was glad to see some familiar faces back out at Flash. Everyone was working extremely hard; we didnt have much seperation- so recovery time was minimal.

Sprinkles was pushing the pace out front. I got to parnter with Glider – so glad he has been coming back out. Good to see Big Tuna and Chipotle again. I need to do some partner work with Dobule sTuffed… as he was pushing hard all morning. The Flashers of Posse, Doughboy, Tupperware, GatorCub, Jingles, old macdonald and Flash leader Rockwell. Maybe someday we’ll hit an Ignition together!!!!

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