The Hotel Beatdown

The Hotel Beatdown

12 pax (including 4 Meatrunners and 1 Meat Rucker) made it to this week’s edition of Meathead for their beatdown.  YHC was home for a chance and had to beg the Q from Gerlado.  Geraldo graciously swapped, whether the pax liked it or not, and the date was set.  What follows is a loosely organized retelling of the event.

The Thang:

25 swings, 10 windmills, 25 swings, 20 IW, 25 swings, 10 halos each way, 25 swings

 Chest Press (3 sets of 5 each side) 20 swings to finish

Lawn Mower (3 sets of 5 each side) 20 swings to finish

Shoulder Press (3 sets of 5 each side) 20 swings to finish

Up-Right Row (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Squat (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Deadlift (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Curl (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Tricep extension (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Flutter Press, Leuganis, The Lean


This is based on YHC’s hotel workouts when on the road for work.  Same exercises, similar order, similar reps.  The minor detail not mentioned is the all these exercises were done in cadence with a slow “positive” action and a quick “negative” action.  Think the Low Slow Squat, 3 count down and a single count back to start.  Slow “positive” quick “negative”.

This one hurts.  It’s a long burn and for each exercise with minimal down time between sets.  This keeps the blood flowing and muscles working.  It also lets you squeeze in a full weight circuit in 45 minutes. For those keeping track today’s workout got you 260 swings.

Surprisingly, the mumble chatter was light today.  YHC will just assume the pax were saving their energy for the workout.

Our Meatrunners today: Fletch, Purell, Chin Music, and Bratwurst were regretting the decision to get those extra miles in somewhere around the second set of squats.

Bratwurst brought a friend, Snooki (spelling?) along.  YHC is hoping Snooki wasn’t scared off.

MAD, our solo Meat Rucker, needed an extra challenge and kept the ruck on for the workout.  Good showing out there!

Voodoo came in hot, but probably has serious jet-leg from his trip to visit the Blarney Stone.

Tulip was the silent killer.  Gotta keep an eye on the quiet ones, they’ll kick @$$ at the workout and ask for more.

Plasma is making a regular showing at Meathead.  Great to see you again, and can’t wait to see the vQ. Thanks for letting YHC lean on you during the post workout stretch.

Cooter was coming off IR.  YHC couldn’t tell from his form today.  Glad to see you again, brother! Stay healthy!

Bulldog was surprisingly low-key this morning.  Normally quick with the mumble-chatter.  YHC will assume he was in awe of the awesomeness of the Q.


Paper Jam started a new workout for those coming off IR called General Hospital.  Spread the word for pax that are nursing an injury and stay safe out there.  No other major announcements for today. 

Thanks to Cooter for the take-out.

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VoodooPosted on4:05 pm - Apr 11, 2019

Thanks for leading this morning, Hoover. That was a tough workout and I’m already feeling it. #cobains for the late arrival. Thankfully, I didn’t run over any of the pax!

It was great to have such a big group at Meathead. Snooki and Bratwurst were site FNGs (at least in recent memory). Thanks for coming out!

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