7 guys, 9 exercises

7 guys, 9 exercises

Meathead – tunes and tons (of iron)

Side straddle hops x 10
Imperial walkers x 10
Halos x 10
Around the world x 10
Figure eight x 10

Thang – Multiplier Ladders

Round 1
1 burpee, 2 squats & 3 Russian swings
2 burpee, 4 squats & 6 Russian swings
3 burpee, 6 squats & 9 Russian swings
10 burpees, 20 squats & 30 Russian swings

Round 2 – same format
1 American swing, 2 rows & 3 deadlifts
10 American swing, 20 rows & 30 deadlifts

Round 3 – same format
Sit-up and press, Russian twist and flutter press

Not a lot to report today. Quiet group focused on getting in the reps. It was nice to meet some new people – Homer and Plasma and others who I don’t bump into too often Soul Glow, Fletch and Gypsy. Moreover, it’s good to take break from the miles to focus on the gainz. Thanks for hosting me.

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VoodooPosted on7:44 pm - Apr 5, 2019

Nice Q, Wild Turkey! My hamstrings are definitely feeling it today. There was no mumblechatter because when we were able to breathe, we were cursing your name. I’m sorry you couldn’t hear it, I’ll try to speak up next time. Thanks for joining us. As always, it was great to have you at Meathead!

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